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  1. All due respect, but you are a total dumb as and I’m immensely happy you are not in charge of this team. What are you like 15?
  2. Dude is just unreal! I have to constantly pinch myself so I know it’s not just a dream. My goodness I am so happy to be a Buffalo Bills fan!!!!
  3. It’s my fault actually. I live in East TN snd I’ve been slipping Goodell a fresh $5 bill to get the Titans in our schedule. I know it’s getting a little out of hand now. 😊
  4. I'm in TN so if our Bills do get the Rams on the big opener, then TN at home next Monday, I'm like a kid before Christmas!
  5. I do believe @RocCityRoller might be a true empath. What amazing insight to share with us. As a person living with bipolar disorder 1 myself, I can identify with lots of these knuckleheads in so many ways but it’s a truly amazing gift to be able to express difficult and complicated things in this way. I really appreciate these thoughts.
  6. I think us non-data-nerds can thank you for even extrapolating this far. I’m sure Beane’s head started hurting from all the over thinking and he just pulled the trigger to save on aspirin later on
  7. We can always just turn this into yet another “Can we talk about Edmunds?” thread.😄 In all honesty though it’s getting pretty hilarious as it is.
  8. I hadn’t realized Levi only clocked a 4.63 forty time. Elam ran like 4.39 or something. Big difference against speed like KC had. I liked Elam’s first 24 hours vid. Not flashy but he’s a good dude and genuine. Great culture fit. Overall big picture you can pretty much see how much he can improve with good coaching to gain the consistency he has the potential to achieve.
  9. These are the kinds of thoughts I have when I've had 2 too many beers on any given evening in the off-season. Except the "Calling it now!" part. Don't know why but that phrase just irks the crap out of me. No offense OP. I'm in total agreement with you.
  10. Probably right. But why do we even need to go here in our conversations? I mean, things are going so friggin’ nicely right now why mess with the mojo? Lest we all forget all-too-recent history of our beloved Bills organization. In other words, why stir stuff up just for the sake of stirring stuff up? You all might benefit from adding this song to your playlists. Certainly helps me chill and keep things in perspective. And if you know me, you will definitely agree that I can use all of that I can get:
  11. Gunner you should seriously be getting paid for all this great work you do all the time. The Pegulas should seriously consider throwing something your way.💰 (even inspired me to go find a money bag emoji and I am not exactly a big emoji type person 😁)
  12. Look....without a meaningful discussion of the Edmunds situation, IMO no thread is to be labeled "interesting."
  13. But...but...are we finally ready to talk about Edmunds? I mean, come on! Why is no one talking about him? 😜
  14. A rare Beane miss. Oh wait, is this the latest Edmunds thread?
  15. I know this is old stuff, but I mean, could it really get any better than this? At New England? The dude is a STUD! And we got him!!!!! And we LOVE HIM!!!!!!
  16. I personally think Cleveland has a very big chance of moving to Toledo. But don't quote me on that. And Miami to Ft. Lauderdale? Could happen. But if I'm a Colts fan, I'm probably losing sleep over the possibility of the moving to the gleaming metropolis of Gary, IN. Now that they have Matty Ice though, maybe not so much worry. But what do I know?
  17. This is very interesting intel. Thanks for sharing. And think about how Josh would have probably turned out by now had he gone to the Jests or the Browns. I can't imagine he would have turned out quite the same without all the incredible support from the Bills organization. But all this talk about our Joshie not being a Buffalo Bill (hypothetically) just makes me so sad. 😪
  18. He went to high school across town from mine in the exciting metropolis that is Manassas, VA. The fact that he went to Stonewall High, where many of my friends went, actually gives me some hope. My school in the city wasn't exactly a powerhouse for football players at any level that I'm aware of. That's all I have.
  19. I don't think that's quite accurate. A while back I read that he made over $130 million over his career. I'm not going to research that right now though. Maybe someone else can.
  20. How much did Sam Bradford make over his career? He was as even more average, IMO, than Cousins. But just as brittle as our boy Rob Johnson.
  21. Who were the huge Williams’ DT’s we had many moons ago?
  22. Excellent points and excellent question. I have reached out but apparently said birdie is not available for comment at this time. Suspiciously convenient if you ask me.
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