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  1. My Newcastle supporter friend from South shields has just become the world's greatest apologist for the Saudi royal family. Ha
  2. This makes viewing in Taiwan much better! Those 1 a.m. to 4 a.m. and then 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. games are rough on the marriage. And the kids. Ha
  3. Age discrimination just needs a rational basis. Legally, that is a pretty easy hurdle.
  4. I was just about to post something similar. Seemed like the dolphins were never penalized back then. And, yes, Shula was on the competition committee. I got around to liking him after we started to dominate. Would have felt bad for him if any other team in the division thwarted him. Ha
  5. He looks and sounds like a giant millennial Jim Kelly.
  6. Was at this game, half the stadium was settling into seats when bell broke that off. Cold cold day. First game I went to. My grandfather failed to sneak in a can of orange Pringles. I was ten.
  7. Here in Taiwan, the baseball season has been delayed a bit but should start relatively soon. The newer cases here have been caught at the airport or during mandatory quarantine. There have been a few cases they can't account for and a couple people have broken quarantine, but so far so good. You guys are way behind in every way. Big hope is that it passes seasonally, but there isn't much evidence for that. I scout for the royals and only the most optimistic of the optimists think MLB can start anytime before June. Likely in front of empty stadiums.
  8. The odds of him catching a game winning touchdown against us have been drastically reduced.
  9. Was watching movie as part of a period of grieving for Max von Sydow. He was also in Conan the Barbarian, easily Arnold Schwarzenegger's finest film, though you can make an argument for predator or the terminator.
  10. After rewatching Flash Gordon (NY Jets QB) last night, I would have to say Josh Allen is the only current NFL QB who may have been able to pull off what Flash did.
  11. Indeed, I look to Frank gore as the main problem with our running game.
  12. O.J. Simpson was found not guilty by jury of his peers for the murder of his wife and her waiter buddy, and was later railroaded by an unfair Nevada justice system and sentenced unfairly as first time criminal offender.
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