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  1. Honestly, the pathetic negativity whenever we're down by a field goal is emblematic of the worst aspects of WNY.
  2. Love these game day threads. Reminds me why I left Buffalo. Ha.
  3. Hope it's a collar bone. Well, relative to a more serious injury. Scary play.
  4. The last time a punter got this much attention was when?
  5. As an attorney, he deserves all constitutional protections to which he is entitled and i would be surprised if anything comes of this criminally. As a bills fan, he is a ***** punter. Bye bye.
  6. If Marv Levy can be in a Buffalo Bills super bowl parade, I will cry in front of my children. Again. I'll also cry if we win the bloody super bowl.
  7. People forget that the Comeback was blacked out! Had to go to casa de pizza or whatever it's called, the place on elmwood. They sold tickets through the grapevine or else it was a knock three times and ask for Luigi sort of deal. Ha
  8. Alcoa! Awesome mate. Loved those clips. Always at two minute warning, if memory serves
  9. Christ on a crutch. That's too much. Tell that story to other old guys at the bar if you have to, don't put that shite out into the world. 24 year old kid dead. Tragedy. End of.
  10. Taiwan 12U, 15U, and 18U baseball teams still rock. No funny stuff about birth certificates these days. Also I reckon the protein deficiency between Taiwan and the US in 1970s made up for the age gap. Final note, Taiwan Jones needs to have "Taiwan", not "Jones", on the back of his jersey this year. The whole island will buy bills jerseys.
  11. Yes, ha. Still have my license, but haven't practiced in years. As I recall, the state has no duty to present exculpatory evidence. All depends on that DA.
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