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  1. Christ on a crutch. That's too much. Tell that story to other old guys at the bar if you have to, don't put that shite out into the world. 24 year old kid dead. Tragedy. End of.
  2. Taiwan 12U, 15U, and 18U baseball teams still rock. No funny stuff about birth certificates these days. Also I reckon the protein deficiency between Taiwan and the US in 1970s made up for the age gap. Final note, Taiwan Jones needs to have "Taiwan", not "Jones", on the back of his jersey this year. The whole island will buy bills jerseys.
  3. Yes, ha. Still have my license, but haven't practiced in years. As I recall, the state has no duty to present exculpatory evidence. All depends on that DA.
  4. Number 1: can finally buy a Jersey with my name on it. Number 2: Miller will draw 10x more holding calls than Jerry Hughes. Ha Great signing
  5. My first game. Ten years old. Had to jump up on metal bench seat to see Bell going down the field. Then froze for three hours. Ha
  6. I do not like American football, or the other one really. Both randomized by referees. Both watered down. I grew up with the Bills. Remember every game from 1982 on, with some prodding. Every Sunday, no matter what was going on, my grandfather, my dad, and I watched the game together. Through the wee boy times to the turbulent teenager times, we had that even if all was not well personally. The Bills are probably the last thing in the world over which I have no control that I allow to manipulate me emotionally. And my season ends when they're done. Not going to lie, part of me wanted them to leave before the fracking overlord bought them. It would have meant closure on a sad book and freedom. Today I am glad I get to watch Josh Allen play. Like Kelly, elway, and cam (the running, only the running!) combined. But my season is definitely over. Don't care until the draft when I'll be back looking for any news available. Anyone else Bills or nothing?
  7. I disagree. This disaster took 13 slow football seconds to unfold. Nauseating. The music city miracle was like getting one of those needles in the head that cows get when they're slaughtered.
  8. I think that was better because it was one play. Less emotional jerking about
  9. Despite missing him repeatedly, the bills are laying hits on mahomes. Would be nice if that turned into something
  10. Honestly the kind of call that takes wind out of the team. Weak
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