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  1. Be quiet now. Eat nachos and think about your children.
  2. And almost every interception is the best catch that DB ever made. Glad you idiots weren't here for Kelly's first couple years.
  3. Don't celebrate when we win. This post shows why Buffalo fans are overrated.
  4. Aye, Henry is the type of back that used to gash us. Need to shut him down and make mariota throw on third and long. He will make mistakes.
  5. have absolutely not lost faith. he had a bad game against a great defense that made some exceptional plays. i also think he wins this game if he doesn't get killed by a cheap shot.
  6. The kid will win. You also just watched a hall of game qb have a miserable day. Yes, bad game. I see a future winner though and I wish he was out there in the fourth quarter.
  7. I think we needed ten timeouts for this game. Definitely outschemed in key situations.
  8. Well I know who I'd rather have on the field playing qb with two minutes to go and down by a TD. Barkely isn't bad, but he isn't a baller. Allen had a rough game. So did Tom bloody Brady.
  9. I want all the #######s who think the bills are awful and Allen is trash to refrain from future celebrations when we win. A good part of the Bills fanbase deserves to watch Joe Dufek misfire on throws to OJ Simpson playing tight end for all eternity.
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