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  1. Peterman looked better against the Chargers. At least he knew where he wished the ball to go.
  2. Well, then you'll feel better. Doctor? Do you concur?
  3. You stay the course. You trust the process. You believe in that young man! Until it only gets worse
  4. Something about Clowney strikes me as unreliable. I'd rather keep our tackle and have a hungry shaq on the line. I get that a peak, motivated Clowneycan wreak havoc, but we don't need another year of shite O-line play. That being said, none of us actually know Clowney's makeup. Maybe he is a baller that wants to play in Buffalo.
  5. And,as often as possible, score more points than the other team. This is the key to victory.
  6. I remember channel 5 for some reason . Was there not a channel 5? 1970s and early 80s
  7. Young and Montana are closer. Fouts was like Marino before Marino.
  8. There is a moral to the story. Everybody leaves in the end.
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