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  1. I remember channel 5 for some reason . Was there not a channel 5? 1970s and early 80s
  2. Young and Montana are closer. Fouts was like Marino before Marino.
  3. There is a moral to the story. Everybody leaves in the end.
  4. But I reckon he thinks he is just that awesome, that much of an anomaly, that supremely special that he doesn't have to show. And it gets his name in the news. He digs that.
  5. The question is whether Ko Simpson and John mccargo are available. It's time to get the band back together.
  6. I started to feel old when Derek jeter retired. This doesn't help. Ha
  7. I'd like to mention the name "quindarius thagard" in conversations for years to come. Good luck, young man!
  8. And the cures and rehab centers will be run by the companies that started the epidemic. It's like Through a Scanner Darkly
  9. Absolutely. He had some bad picks, a few floaters. But anyone who watched the post injury Allen and isn't optimistic just doesn't know a quality qb with incredible upside when they see one.
  10. Sent a check to a buddy in Vegas. Very primitive. Ha Sent a check to a friend in Vegas.
  11. I get you. Just excited about this bet and the Bills. Apologies. I stopped betting on games many years ago after losing a bunch of money while I was at law school. A colleague of mine ruined his career gambling. It is probably the worst of all addictions because it goes straight to your bank account without passing go.
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