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  1. I remember him taking on half the raiders bench in a fight in a game we were down 24-3, came back to tie, and then lost. Was at stadium, during one of the lost years. 85? The guy had heart. And it is bull#### that I had to scroll so far down to find this thread. Bit of respect, por favor
  2. Drafting Mike Williams was smart and safe
  3. So long as he isn't being advised by LaVar Arrington we might be good
  4. Hot lead on a cold night! Pistol packing punks!
  5. Aye, all the cryptic tweeting nonsense reminded me of an attention seeking teen.
  6. I sell a ***** ton of wings in my restaurant here in Taiwan. I keep a stash of bleu cheese for myself, but use a Japanese Caesar on the side (kewpie) which is much better than ranch. Tried going the traditional route many years ago, but Taiwanese think, generally, that bleu cheese tastes like vomit.
  7. It's a chicken and egg thing. I can't think of any qb the bills definitely ruined, but we have had a lot of bad qbs. Were they just bad or did we make them bad? Hard to say.
  8. Akebono as well. Will have to accept frequent head slap penalties, but he will eat space.
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