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  1. But were you pounding on the seat and yelling "defense?"
  2. Well in the first half against Cincinnati, he played as well as you can play the position.
  3. Hyde is a no-brainer. People don't seem to be aware that McKenzie has a rather glaring fumbling problem. I would trust him on kickoffs but punts, no way. Also, it appears you are completely unaware how semi-colons work.
  4. Correct. Only he won’t even put up big numbers there, he’ll just be ok. But he’ll definitely behave himself. That’s, more specifically, how it works.
  5. As an actual, literal Twitter addict, I concur. If you are curious about joining, don’t.
  6. Professional wrestling maybe. You’re telling me that former soccer players, lacrosse players and gymnasts (!?!) are suffering from CTE at the same rate as former football players??
  7. You do not cut a second year receiver that had a rookie season like Robert Foster. It would be almost without precedent. The fact that he was a UDFA is irrelevant at this point. If he was drafted in the third round last year, you’d be like, wow that dude had a great rookie season for a third rounder. Now imagine cutting that player after one season. He would be scooped up and on another team’s active roster within a matter of minutes. Stop with this nonsense.
  8. You might want to try looking at Matt Ryan's football reference page sometime.
  9. What the hell is the matter with you people
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