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  1. metzelaars_lives

    Do Ravens have an advantage Week 1, reporting to camp early

    No, of course not.
  2. metzelaars_lives

    Worst Buffalo Bills player of all time

    It's unbelievable that some people can be such fans of a football team that they take valuable time out of their day to spend time on a website dedicated just to that football team and be so utterly clueless about that football team.
  3. metzelaars_lives

    Worst Buffalo Bills player of all time

    He wasn't very good but he is not in the conversation for the worst player to wear a Bills jersey in the 58 year history of the franchise.
  4. metzelaars_lives

    Worst Buffalo Bills player of all time

    ? No. He was serviceable.
  5. metzelaars_lives

    Worst Buffalo Bills player of all time

    JP Losman took every snap in 2006 and wasn't even that bad. He led a s****y team to a 7-9 record and gave Lee Evans Pro Bowl numbers. Does the name Bruce Mathison mean anything to you? No I don't at all. Made bad plays on the ball sometimes but utilized his speed to get in good position. That coupled with the fact that he was a dynamic punt returner for a long time- he was a good ball player. Jim Schwartz snatched him right up and he started all season for the Eagles the year after he left the Bills. What does that tell you?
  6. metzelaars_lives

    Worst Buffalo Bills player of all time

    Leodis McKelvin was an above average starting NFL player during his tenure with the Bills, especially if you take into account that he was a dynamic returner. The Bills have been in existence for 58 years. You really think Leodis McKelvin is one of the four worst players to ever wear a Bills uniform? Think before you give answers, people. Justin Rogers was bad, I'll give you that one.
  7. metzelaars_lives

    Worst Buffalo Bills player of all time

    Yes. I knew this thread would invite a lot of ill-informed responses (Jeff Wright? Mark Kelso? Percy Harvin? EJ Manuel?). You gotta think of a guy who shouldn't have been on an NFL practice squad. Even John McCargo made a few plays. Anyway I'm not scrolling through every page but in my life as a person old enough to be a Bills fan and form memories (1985 - present), Chris Watson is probably the best answer you could give. He was a liability and was targeted every time he was on the field. Great call.
  8. metzelaars_lives

    WR: Possible Demariyus Thomas or Emmanuel Sanders release / trade?

    If a FA is interested in making a team and seeing the field, we are probably the most attractive option in the entire NFL. Dude you act like there are all these FA’s sitting around in July, just waiting to pick the team they want to play for. If a guy still isn’t on a team, it’s because no one wants them.
  9. metzelaars_lives

    Poll: Sorry but someone has to...T.O back in Buffalo?

    No, nobody had to.
  10. metzelaars_lives

    Josh Allen story

    I actually agree with you on your second point. Nothing annoys me more than people who are so over the top certain as to whether or not a guy's gonna be good or not. As I've pointed out multiple times, literally half the posters on this website were all "BWAHAHAHAHAHA the Panthers are so stupid" when they took Cam Newton. Yet no one is ever held accountable. They just do the same thing about the next guy the next year, even though all they know about the guy is a five minute highlight tape on youtube over some s****y rap music (seriously, why is it always the worst rap music?) As far as your first point, dude, EJ Manuel is a guy who was projected to go (and should have gone) in the third round in THE WORST DRAFT IN NFL HISTORY. And it was also the worst draft for quarterbacks in NFL history. Josh Allen is a guy who had been in the conversation for the #1 pick in an above average QB draft class (at least at the time of the draft) for a year and a half. The Manuel-Allen comparison is just tired and lazy. Doesn't mean Allen is gonna be good. He could be worse than Manuel. But Allen is a WAY, WAY more hyped and highly touted prospect coming into the NFL.
  11. metzelaars_lives

    Josh Allen, Harrison Phillips crash Buffalo wedding

    They appear to be the only two in the photo to be able to pull that off.
  12. metzelaars_lives

    Most clutch play in Buffalo Bills history

    How about Marv Levy going for it on fourth down when they were down (I think) 35-24 in that game. Really dude? And it was definitely Peerless Price.
  13. metzelaars_lives

    WGR radio.com

    How many posts before someone chimes in with the super fresh "I hate WGR, why would anyone listen to that crap anyway *jerk off motion* *fart noise*" take?
  14. metzelaars_lives

    Howard Simon Tries To Do 1 Pull Up For Charity

    I would never accept any sort of payout without posting video proof. Especially not from Omar Little. If you were trying to catch a fat guy making something up out of the clear blue sky, you have failed. If your goal was for me to realize that my 14th and 15th pull ups may not have been as clean as I thought, upon video review, you have succeeded haha.
  15. metzelaars_lives

    Incognito ok at home, thanks Buffalo

    Yeah would be super cool to run into this guy at a bar.