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  1. Hey fam, before I go through the process of posting the ticket on stubhub or something, I am in a group of nine Bills fans going on Saturday and one dude bailed last minute. So I have one extra on the 50 yard line of the upper level, Bills side, about halfway up. Tickets have gone down since I bought them but I paid $200. If you feel like sitting with some great Bills fans and wanna help me out, I'd take $150 (what the same ticket is going for on stubhub, after fees right now). Send me a message if interested. Thanks!
  2. How big of a reason is THEIR F***ING INSANE DEFENSE?!?!?
  3. It's not ANY of the reason the Steelers unloaded Antonio Brown. Ugh I come on here for a break from politics on Twitter and this is even dumber.
  4. San Francisco, LA Rams, Seattle, Kansas City, LA Chargers...
  5. Not really. Duck Hodges, James Conner (product of OL, obviously), a hobbled JuJu, James Washington (nice vertical threat), Vance McDonald (I guess). Do you want me to name 20 teams with a better collection of skill position players? I could start with the Bills.
  6. Their defense is absolutely loaded with talent and their offensive line is one of the very best in the league. Outside of the offensive skill positions, they have as good a roster as any team in football.
  7. As a Wyoming fan, he did beat Boise State and San Diego State at home, both of whom were ranked at the time, in 2016. He also narrowly lost to San Diego State in the MWC Championship Game. Not the NFL, obviously, but they were big games- I was at all three of them!
  8. From a football standpoint, yes. But it's a moot point because this regime has already made it clear he's not part of what they're trying to build.
  9. Colin Kaepernick is probably better than Matt Barkley and would be an upgrade at backup QB for most teams, if not at starter. This should be obvious. As a staunch liberal and defender of his however, the negative energy in the stands at a home Bills game would not be worth it for me if they were to sign him. It would bring out so much ugliness and infighting amongst Bills fans that it would be depressing to even be there. So I am OK with them not expressing any interest. That's simply not true.
  10. It’s the type of team where if they were playing in Buffalo, I’d almost expect the Bills to win but at their place, I feel like the Bills will get blown out.
  11. Not sure what this has to do with what I said but ok.
  12. People still don’t realize that the majority of opposing teams’ fans at Bills home games are Canadians who have randomly picked a team to root for.
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