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  1. Is Tyree any better than a free agent? If it got really bad, wouldnt you be better off just picking up a Landry Jones or A.N.Other as a free agent?
  2. Both, although I don't think Allen will get close to the numbers he was putting up in the final quarter of last season
  3. So far, it looks like Tyree Jackson is only standing out in a bad way. Whilst it's a great local story I struggle to see them putting him on the PS, with multiple WRs and O line who seem to actually have a better chance of moving from the PS I just wonder if they let him go.
  4. No one is giving a 4th or even 6th for the likes of McCloud or Phillips. Neither has done anything at all, in McCloud's he's looked terrible when he's played. Both are the wrong side of the expected 53 cut. This isn't Madden. There aren't multiple rounds any more. It's a single cut to 53
  5. I can't see any of those being cut, never mind 3.
  6. In a standard league I don't see value is Beasley as the yardage won't be there. Full PPR maybe
  7. So who gets the same grade as Lee, who did nothing and then got traded for basically nothing Do these journos actually read this stuff before they publish it
  8. Good is stretching it. He looked competent. I wouldn't want him starting every game
  9. He just repeats his points over and over again. We know he liked Winovich, he said it basically every episode for 2 months.
  10. Can we have a rest from mocks for 5 minutes?
  11. I think its become a bit repetitive now. It's watchable but the formula is the same every time. The Michigan series was the best.
  12. Guys like Ford are readily available as free agents. If they want one they can easily find one
  13. Probably. He wasn't terrible, but he no chance of winning a roster spot so why keep him
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