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  1. Duke Williams is not going to be in the Hall of Fame.
  2. So instead of keeping an TE who has played in the league for years, you want to to take a WR in his late 20s who has done nothing in the league and turn him into a developmental TE?
  3. Cutting Long would be crazy. If you can get a draft pick for Russell Bodine, who was realistically at best the 30th best starting Center. Then Long, who shown moments of being semi capable would definitely get one. Or Wyatt Teller, who had basically done nothing and got a draft pick in return. Long will easily get you a 6th. Possibly higher to a desperate team So who is getting cut instead? You're going to have to cut some notable players, the roster is too deep
  4. Duke Williams wouldn't be a high profile cut. He's one of the obvious ones. A bottom of the roster WR, who doesn't play special teams, has achieved very little in the NFL and who had multiple players drafted at his position.
  5. Which just compounds the issue. He might get Gordon money, 2 years 16 million. McCaffrey is being paid as a WR
  6. And he won't get it. His injury record speaks for itself and unlike McCaffrey he doesn't double up as receiver, so doesn't have that inherent value if he drops off as an RB, and his value is spread across 2 spots because he has a wider role. The last half decade is littered with RBs not justifying big pay days. If he wants to play that game, he'll go the same way as another talented but injury prone RB, Devonta Freeman.
  7. Moss will have more TDs Singletary will have more yards
  8. Running backs are 4 to 5 year commodities now. How many big 2nd contract RBs are currently making the deal worth it for the team? Zeke? Mcaffrey might as he is basically a WR anyway. Cook should get on with it and realise has no leverage
  9. To what position? The front office is loaded.
  10. His accuracy is very good under 50. Plus his low trajectory of kicks is better for Buffalo than Bass who hits them very high exposing them to more wind
  11. I'm sure you posted something very interesting, but I couldn't be bothered to read it. Your absurd over reaction to the initial post meant your follow up was hardly going to be a must read.
  12. The point? A video was posted and a critique provided. If all you wanted is undiluted irrational praise, you might need to look elsewhere.
  13. Exactly. People are completely over reacting to a few videos which are either being run at half speed, or where the QB / WR timing is way off.
  14. Based on that video, no it doesn't. You repeatedly see the receiver dramatically slowing to be able to catch it. Just because it's caught, doesn't mean it looks good. That looks like what you'd expect with Allen and Davies, very raw early in the off season and timing is way off.
  15. Yep. They were all over Conklin apparently , and instead got a rotational backup from Seattle
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