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  1. A player who keeps fumbling it, is not good insurance. He's the opposite. In an emergency, you want a guy who'll be safe and not ruin your game with turnovers.
  2. I was at the game in London. McCloud was a disaster waiting to happen every time he was on the field and the crowd sensed it. He can stay a long long way away from Buffalo. He adds nothing and his inability to catch makes him an utter liability
  3. So many old narratives in 1 post.... The team is deliberately cutting the air yards to reduce risk for Josh Allen. Metcalf is 1 dimensional, John Brown gives you everything Metcalf does as a deep threat with a lot more. The world has moved from the silly, only OTs early thing. Guards and Centers can change lines, and fortunately teams are recognising that
  4. No. Metcalf has shown he cut run fast and straight. That's it. He has looked every bit the mid round deep threat WR. Ford is just getting messed around. He is an NFL Guard. They seem to be persisting with this Tackle idea, which is pointless as he clearly isn't one
  5. Perry is a running back in name only. He's barely had a run on offense in his career. He's purely a special teams player.
  6. Diggs isn't a number 1. He is a number 2. For the Vikings he plays a very clear WR2 role complimenting Thielen. Gordon would be a waste of money now we have Singletary Real life isnt the same as Madden
  7. I want absolutely nothing to do with Green, the guy's body is breaking. And no I don't want all in either. We're more than a WR away anyway
  8. Sadly I don't think people will learn until there is a highly publicised serious injury, or worse.
  9. If people have issues with it, I think it says more about the person judging than the person wearing
  10. The Rileys sports bar on Haymarket is the best place to go. They have so many screens they'll generally turn one over to anything. Always chosen it over the Hippodrome
  11. I think his impact was obvious from the start. You could tell the Jets feared him and it was creating plenty of opportunities for others.
  12. Why? They play plenty of Special Teams snaps Who out of Edmunds or Alexander would you replace?
  13. How? You had 2 from 3 to choose from on Special Teams.
  14. Its not obvious at all. He was widely regarded as 1st round talent, but with significant off field issues.
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