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  1. I'm pleased for him. He's earnt the right to compete for a starting job. Hamsah Nasiliredeen just seems such an obvious pick as a replacement in the draft . Versatile, strong tackling and high football IQ.
  2. Nope. He's on the roster as a specialist special teamer and not an RB. He's an RB only because the league still hasn't realised there should be a special teamer position designation
  3. What has that got to do with Giovanni Bernard?
  4. He's a far far worse runner, and given there aren't many receptions spare with so many good WRs, I'd much rather prioritise a running back who can run well over a guy who caught a volume of dump off passes because the Bengals O line was terrible
  5. He's an older, less good version of Breida.
  6. He's becoming a very trendy draft twitter player this season which makes judging his real draft price hard. He's gone from late R3 to early R2 in a matter of weeks
  7. Disagree. Douglas is a cheap vet backup, far from certain to even make the 53. Remember they need a 90 man off season roster. Can't see how signing has any draft effect at all. Just as signing a few bottom of roster LBs earlier in the week didn't either OT is debatable. Hart is terrible and a massive downgrade
  8. Seems like an insurance option in case a better option doesn't emerge in camp. Still think a draft pick is the likely returner especially given if they find a guy who serves as the field stretcher WR
  9. Why is it concerning? He wasn't even in Carolina the same time as McDermott and Beane
  10. It won't. It'll wind the Round 1 RB up and they'll be even more vocal
  11. And if you look a number of Bills contracts that's already the case But because the Chiefs have the QB cost already in and the Bills don't, 5he Bills need to factor it in. The Bills need a big chunk of cap in the next few years. Players like Star and Hughes contracts ending will help but they still need space
  12. Yes, and not loads of other positions to nearly the same degree as the Bills.
  13. Not necessarily, a WR at any round is still in play given Beasley's and Sanders age. Kadarius Toney would be a great option at 30 and locks in your WR group as a top 3 group for 2 to 3 years
  14. And the Bills have to be mindful not to push too much cost into the future as they have a 40m QB to pay plus Edmunds.
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