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  1. I think its become a bit repetitive now. It's watchable but the formula is the same every time. The Michigan series was the best.
  2. Guys like Ford are readily available as free agents. If they want one they can easily find one
  3. Probably. He wasn't terrible, but he no chance of winning a roster spot so why keep him
  4. Not really. At best he could become what Lee Smith already is, thats why he is gone
  5. No point putting Knox on PS. Another team would take him instantly for their 53
  6. They hope he can. For the same price Smith has actually shown he CAN
  7. I predict 34 posts crying that we've hired from the Panthers.
  8. Isn't it, not to put too fine a point in it.....stating the obvious?
  9. We have the oldest running back group in the league by a long way. Of course we needed to draft a running back.
  10. Did you actually read it? Like the bit that says it's based on Vegas odds? Why don't you actually read the article. It explains its based on Vegas odds. So you were right about not looking at the site......
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