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  1. And so far they haven't got one. He has been a serviceable player on a bad line or a backup on a good one. So a day 3 pick is fair value. He'd be behind Ford, Feliciano and Spain if he was still here, possibly Winters.
  2. OCs like Eric Bieniemy who has developed Patrick Mahomes haven't become HCs. At the current rate, he'll get interviews, but none of us know how he'll interview and bear in mind whilst he success in the NFL as an OC, he also failed. And before Buffalo, Daboll wasnt successful as an OC in the NFL with any QB.
  3. No he isn't. There are never enough vacancies to go around and college football is loaded with good coaches at the moment, and teams would love to have the next Kingsbury or Rhule
  4. Moss was never a bruiser RB. 1 watch of a Utah game showed that, he was always more an agility back than a power back
  5. I disagree. Next year Epenesa will be critical. Both in terms of contracts ending and cap space cuts we needed to get a pipeline of DEs. Its a really old group, and we needed to get someone in to develop. It's been shown later round CBs are far easier to find than DEs.
  6. It's what was being said yesterday. They were being smart about who did and didn't have to go through waivers. At least this way although they were reliant on Roberts and Marlowe sticking to an agreed deal, it's far less risky than via waivers where the player and Bills lose control
  7. Vedvik. Means you cover both kicker and punter in 1 player
  8. I'm genuinely intrigued to see what happens now he actually has a proper NFL Head Coach who knows something about offense.
  9. Vincent Taylor has been claimed by the Browns per Tom Pelissero. No other former Bills on his list
  10. Ultimately how much difference does it really make, how many absolutely traditional 4-3 snaps does the team play. Lines blur in terms of use
  11. Its a mix, varies by conference. Some have cancelled, some are playing, some have changed schedules.
  12. I was thinking CB. I think we have DT depth, and if the team think we didn't they already had the talent and wouldn't have released them
  13. Until waivers clear it's hard to judge, we've only done the release part, and there is some notable talent available to sign
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