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  1. Signing those 6 would cause more fans to switch off than switch on
  2. Miami vs Bills is a heavy rumour in the UK's NFL community and they are normally fairly reliable
  3. Bear in mind Jeremiah is clear about his big board is about how he views talent not where they will go. It's the reverse of his mocks which are about where he is hearing players potentially going to
  4. But isn't Duke Williams supposed to be the next Jerry Rice? 🤔
  5. Aside from highlights, it doesn't look like it. But you can watch the Pro Bowl Skills contest this week instead.
  6. Shenault and Cephus is my dream draft at WR. He's gone top 15 easily. We'd have to trade up a long way for him. Jeudy, Ruggs and Lamb will all be long gone.
  7. Its the 3rd game. For context, Wiki says in 2018. Of the 112 who attended, 19 were drafted.
  8. Chiefs and Packers. If I have to watch a neutral Super Bowl I'd like to at least have 2 QBs who entertain me.
  9. He'll be drafted. Probably round 4 or 5 is my guess. But I can't see him going undrafted.
  10. He was. But I'm sure that it even reached that stage will mean questions are asked. I'd love the Bills to draft him, it's looks like a raw version of Mike Evans to me
  11. Quintez Cephus from Wisconsin is my sleeper. I know he has serious off field issues, but he is a massive WR but an amazing hands catcher.
  12. Spain Johnson Not bothered. I don't think either Lawson or Phillips would be worth the money it would cost to sign them
  13. The best comp for me is Brandon Reilly. A small portion of the fan base is obsessed with him despite doing very little to merit it.
  14. They didn't like him as coordinator. Which they seem incapable of realising he won't be in Buffalo. His D line record speaks for itself
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