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  1. 87168

    Despairing Fans

    then why is he starting? ...I'll say this again. I don't blame JA, but he should not be starting. the FO is many fans scratching their head. they went into the 2018 season with NP as starter, and JA - who needs significant development. that speaks volumes. then they proceed to benched NP after 30 minutes of play, game 1. come on...you don't see that often.
  2. I named six very talented players. this isn't a numbers game.
  3. I never said they were, but you claimed that this regime got rid of "useless" talent, which is simply no true.
  4. the a fact that they don't "trust" themselves. NP was named starter and they yanked him after the first half of game 1. they repeatedly stated he earned the job, but somehow lost it in 30 minutes of play? JA...who knows. He clearly isn't ready, but they trot him out there because they have no choice. they seem to contradict even themselves in where they place the faith at QB.
  5. useless talent? Woods, Brown, Watkins (yes him too), Hogan, Darby, Gilmore...you can argue "scheme", but I don't buy it. I would take any of the aforementioned WRs over what the Bills currently have. The highlight of this regime's impact is defense, but as we all saw last night, offense wins games and the Bills have the weakest in the league.
  6. those 3 words are often used by the apologists. I personally wouldn't call it negativity, but I can only speak for myself. it's more frustration than anything else. the FO dug themselves into a hole with their off season decision. many of these holes were created by this regime, not handed down. the biggest annoyance for me is their handling of JA and the QB position in general.
  7. 87168

    Draft another qb next year

    the OL was not above avg, and on top of that TT was not a taken 7th overall. ...needless to say, I think most people expect a little more out a 1st rounder, 7th overall pick. I'll say this once more. I don't place any blame on JA. he has a lot of learning ahead, but that's to be expected from a rookie. the infraction falls on the Clap N Bean.
  8. 87168

    Bills are the new Browns

    my sentiment exactly.
  9. 87168

    FIRE Daboll ASAP

    yet somehow, our offense performed better. the O has been putrid this year. not placing that on JA or Peterman. it's all on McD and Beane.
  10. hahah weird. one week at a time.
  11. the new episode of It's Always Sunny comes on tonight.
  12. he actually does, very much. keep this performance up and those very fans will ignite the fire for his termination.
  13. I don't get this argument. Andy Reid put those pieces together and ensured Mahomes sat behind Smith (one of the league's best game mgrs). it was brilliant, and their records reflects that. McD and staff rid themselves of both Watkins, Woods, and any competent vet QB. They're on OC number 2, and have suffered deafening losses. these excuses need to stop. the Bills are working backwards.