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  1. pathetic thread. never understood why some people are so obsessed with the man. move on. he has. if he was as incompetent and horrid as people say, then why continue to post about the man? he's now 2 years removed from the organization. just weird.
  2. it's a variation of dynamic stretching. dynamic stretching is a great modality for explosive sports (vs static stretching). basically a warm up. of course my interpretation could be wrong.
  3. it's not that serious, man. this place is like that. voice your opinion(s). some often confuse TSW with a popularity contest. it's a forum. visit when you want.
  4. respect the tech! what are you gamin?
  5. I assumed this thread was pertaining to Bill Burr. sadly, I was very wrong.
  6. I think their point is, if you found this tread so uninteresting, then fine.. but instead you chose to leave some snide, reductive comment. what warrants the negativity?
  7. we've lived in Queen Anne, and now Lake City/Northgate. where did you live? I could get into the minutia of it all, but our experiences were the same. not to mention the city itself hasn't accommodated for the influx in population. in my opinion, the city is a mess. it's the last place I'd want to set up permanent residence or raise a family. the Seattle Freeze isn't a myth. if you haven't experienced standoff-ish or "cold" interactions, that's great, but it doesn't dismiss its existence. much like famine - just because you're "fat and full" doesn't mean famine is a myth. that was just an analogy. quick story: while I was on Microsoft's campus and elderly woman (well into her 60s) tripped and fell. literally, this is no exaggeration, no one helped. I was the first and only person to approach her. other people glanced down and walked right bye. my fiance is a clinical physiologist (specializing in Autism) and she's told me she's had more than one patient say they're leaving Seattle because they can't even get a response for medical inquiries or appt request. I myself faced the same thing when dealing with SCCA (Seattle Cancer Care Alliance). I ended waiting til I came back to Buffalo for Christmas to get my annual physical. not to offend, but that's been my experience. now that she's done, we're moving this summer, back to Buffalo.
  8. I live in Seattle currently. honestly, it's an awful place. it really makes me value Buffalo and its people A LOT more than I did when I was in college (Bay Area). I've lived out here for almost 4 years with my fiance while she's in grad school. I can tell you right now, especially if you're from the east coast and close to family, you will not like it. there's something called the "Seattle Freeze", and no it has nothing to do with the weather, but look it up. it's real and very weird. can't blame his wife for wanting to relocate. it's a big city, but if you like a sense of community, history, or tradition, then it's not for you. it's a transient city with worse infrastructure than cities in the Rust Belt (believe me). people love to visit NYC, but how many would actually enjoy living there...? Seattle is the same, in my opinion.
  9. people that get upset by stuff like this have likely never left WNY and lived elsewhere.
  10. we absolutely have to have the most delicate fan base hahah!
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