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  1. 87168

    Bills defense is overrated.

    ok, Michelle Tanner.
  2. whenever he throws that challenge flag, I laugh. It's a numbers game at this point. gotta be right one of these times.
  3. funny. Allen was 18 for 36 (literally 50%), 206 yds. Zero passing TDs, two interceptions and a fumble (during yet another run). Allen did plenty to contribute to this loss. take the blinders off.
  4. that's what you want from your pocket passing franchise QB! phew, so glad we got rid of that old run happy QB. this is passing league!
  5. hah quite the conundrum, huh? haha but that seems to be the narrative
  6. then proceeded to trade said QB and now has this team sitting at 4-9. I guess your logic makes sense... today's game was sad.
  7. are you trying to hit? what's it matter?
  8. 87168

    Officiating Call of year just happened!

    I don't care how old or young the ref is. just get the call right.
  9. 87168

    Why I gave up on the process

    i think it would have stopped this thread. I feel that's too subjective. rep falls under popularity of a post/poster I think a simple post count would suffice. honestly, 50-100 is usually what you'll see on some forums
  10. 87168

    Steelers Fan Keeping it Classy

    wait...but what did she do to provoke that response? better yet, what was she wearing? with that jersey on....seems like she asked for it. please note the sarcasm. hopefully the fat bastard gets banned.
  11. 87168

    Bills @ Dolphins **Predict the Score**

    28 - 10 Buffalo.
  12. 87168

    BOLO for the guy who threw the Beer Can

    that's between him and his team. fans are there to watch. period. there is zero excuse for that kind of behavior, sober or otherwise. any spectator that lacks the home training to not throw objects at another human beings should receive a lifetime ban. trash at its finest. this comment makes me want to watch that 2004 Pacers v Pistons game.
  13. you must have missed a few games this season
  14. 87168

    1st half thread, Jags at Bills 1 pm on CBS

    what a catch, and throw.
  15. 87168

    Good WaPo article on devaluing of RB position

    he doesn't. ...but hey, I'm pretty pot-addled, so what would I know.