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  1. No, I don’t think so. But roll with it if she’s cool people. Hah doesn’t seem like deal breaker.
  2. you need to take your work home to make sure it was done correctly? I hope you're a school teacher.
  3. no, no they won't. yea. glad he's garnering such support. "I'm going to go to my car and get my AK-47 and spray this place!" - C. Kelly
  4. I think it would be great! after all, what's a dynamic offense without a little imagination?
  5. pathetic. not sure why crime is in quotes. it was a crime. plain and simple.
  6. So you’re gullible. Got it.
  7. absolutely. it's the same coaching staff. the team expands beyond the QB.
  8. this is absolutely amazing. I know some people spilled their granola with this parody, but I took with pride.
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