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  1. sure. if that takes the sting out for you...go with that.
  2. honestly, you're likely right. Allen may have a higher ceiling, but Barkley has the experience and finesse. if Allen meets his ceiling, we'll be just fine
  3. more than one mistake, but that's not the main issue. the offense itself is putrid.
  4. for real. authorities WILL knock on your door.
  5. Jets need a new kicker hah! timing was a bit off but it was there for the making
  6. worst offensive game plan I've ever seen for an opener.
  7. ohh name calling. I can tell you thought long and hard about that one.
  8. again, if that's what you NEED to tell yourself. sorry he speaks well and has no criminal record. common narrative among the uneducated oh look another turnover should I get over those too?
  9. haha anything to downplay his talent. people are amazing. meanwhile, we're counting turnovers.
  10. if that's what you need to tell yourself.
  11. Impossible! I heard it here, on multiple occasions, that he was bad....shouldn't even be a QB.
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