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  1. hah made it to the Superbowl 1st year as starter, but cool. let it sizzle..
  2. I can promise that didn't happen...the NFL paid big, hence why no details are coming out. by whom...? not his own community, that's for sure.
  3. well, he has much better coaching, so you’re likely right.
  4. 87168

    Mahomes wins MVP

    well, you're likely right, but Reid > McDermott. Reid: sits Mahomes for a year while he studies behind Smith. Starts him this year, and viola! AFC championship game and MVP, all while having one of the worst defenses in the league. McDermott: began the 2018 season by starting the same QB that threw 5 picks in 1 half, the previous season.
  5. nope. sadly, for some this will always be the case unless the person drastically widens their scope of view, or circle of friends.
  6. TT was benched in Cleveland for a QB that was drafted FIRST OVERALL, who should have been named starter in the first place. TT was benched in Buffalo, for a FIFTH rounder, who's only real skill set seemed to be trick shots performed on YouTube, who proceeded to throw 5 picks in their debut. Then after making the playoffs (that same year), the organization trades him, and names the same QB that showed zero promise of the field of play, as starter, even over JA. How does the comparison not make sense? they were both QBs on the same team, neither a rookie, with the same offensive talent. Context matters. I'm not crusading that TT was the answer at QB, but you can't disagree that the FO left everyone scratching their heads. and to call him scumbag because he spoke about a topic that some (most) are offended by because it doesn't affect them....nah.
  7. no it wasn't wrong, it's how he felt and there's evidence to support that claim. if you disagree, then disagree, but it was never wrong.
  8. probably the same number of backup QBs that become starter after throwing 5 picks. right over your head huh?
  9. but Peterman was/is, since he was retained and TT was released...? haha! people will use any excuse to justify their own bigotry and cognitive dissonance. it's amazing how people get more upset about someone calling out racism or bias, than the actual act itself. absolutely breathtaking. ...but then again I wouldn't expect much else from you. you have to understand whom you're speaking to. do you really think this individual has faced any racism or knows anyone who has? it doesn't resonate. to most people in this country the term is a fable. as if the civil war, and jim crow era never took place. he says: "I'm not mad at him" - but repeatedly refers to him as a scumbag. there's malice and hatred there. it really isn't worth it @Clyde Smith. just another confused and angry elder. the fact that this topic took the turn it did...is really sad.
  10. 87168

    Who’s watching the super bowl

    yea I'll be watching, and as usual, rooting against the Pats.
  11. 87168

    End of Season Rank the rookie QB's

    that's so cool. however, only one of them won their division and is headed to the playoffs.
  12. 87168

    [Misleading Title] Brandon Beane Fired

    the worst...
  13. 87168

    End of Season Rank the rookie QB's

    I don’t get the hate for Lamar. Who just won their division?
  14. 87168

    Rating the Rookie QBs - What the Numbers Show

    So, Jackson gets an asterisk because his coach is smart enough to alter the offense to fit their QB’s strength? Flacco and Jackson have very dissimilar games, yet you want to hold good coaching against him...? Haha amazing. People are willing to use every excuse in the book, rather than admitting Jackson is talented and playing much better than JA (even as a passer). Wouldnt it it be great if McD and Daboll were smart enough to follow this amazing coaching trend?
  15. many here predicted the Bills' offense would be much better with an "actual QB", a "pocket passer". I'm not sure what expectations were met, or why they're so low, but...