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  1. The Process

    Off-Season WR trade market

    Peterman.....sorry couldn't help myself.
  2. The Process


    If the Steelers win the bowl.....send Bell a ring with no stones in it to represent the hole he left in the team. Have Connors initials engraved inside to represent how easy his hole was filled.
  3. The Process

    Is this a playoff team with Tyrod?

    Perfect answer
  4. The Process

    Le'Veon Bell Will Sit Out for the Entire 2018 Season

    That's dopey logic......
  5. The Process

    For Those Calling For Mahomes, Check This Out.

    I put Ketchup on all the dead animals i eat......Josh is behind Mahommes in his career right now......but not to worry he'll catch-up!!!!!
  6. The Process

    Big Ben Texted Bell Before Deadline-NO ANSWER

    Here's a great scenario.....Steelers win the Superbowl this year.....Bell becomes the highest paid running back to never win a Superbowl Ring. Sweet move...very shrewd.
  7. The Process

    Nathan Peterman Again!

    Awkward look with huge ears......are you 12?
  8. The Process

    Just heard an interesting Eli rumor (not Bills related)

    I remember getting pounded here for opining that Dak would crash some....just sayun'
  9. The Process

    Most Famous Bills Fan you ever met

    William (Billy) Fichtner used to come over and go swimming in our pool. Wasn't famous until later.
  10. The Process

    Is No. 1 Ranking Legit or a Mirage?

    The D is good enough to beat anybody....IF.....we have at least 21 pts....and Shady gets 100 yds. There's something about that combination of metrics that 90% of the time gets you a win. Keep those two numbers in mind 21-100....this applies to most other games as well.
  11. The Process

    The next 6 games... I expect

  12. The Process

    Favorite Beatles Album

    Abbey Road.....the fifth Beatle is on the cover....and "she came in through the bathroom window" is a teenage boys imagination starter!