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  1. Two Kelces? Two Hills? Two Hunts? .....I'm so confused.
  2. Burrow and Buffalo's WRs .....literally.....next year....QB competition!
  3. They (fans) did pay some dues when they collectively soiled their pants when they were 1 yrd away from the title when time ran out..... Glitzy and Nashville used in the same sentence....Johnny Cash and Hank Williams Sr. roll over in their redneck graves.
  4. The Titans are a hard team not to root for. Love what Henry is doing there. It's always fun to see a love fest toward one team (Ravens) by announcers get crapped on. There is that one thing..... After the Music City Mistake, it's hard to want a Superbowl title for any Tennessee fan. Am I holding a grudge too long? Maybe if a Nashville newspaper issues a public apology to the city of Buffalo for the huge gift that was ill-received....haha!
  5. Ok men....let's go out there and win "take the refs out of the game" for the Gipper. Playing to win isn't good enough anymore....sadly.
  6. Beast Mode averaging over 3 yds per carry all game.....goal to go......let's call a pass! Pete Carroll lays a gigantic chalupa in the bed.
  7. Agreed.....the whole game, I was yelling at the television.....SO WHY IS BRADY STILL STANDING? Nothing on the line as far as the game goes......Patriots are 1st and goal......B word slap Brady.....What is the penalty?.....Half the distance......screw it....smash (and I quote Warner "the great Tom Brady")!!!!!
  8. BB Mantra: When the going gets tough....it's just right for us.....to cheat......AGAIN!
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