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  1. The Process

    Josh Allen Fired Up!

    For some intangible reason I feel like one game where he lights it up will make a huge impact on his confidence and success. Check out Farves start.
  2. The Process

    Brady vs. Allen today.....

    Depressing on so many levels.....
  3. The Process

    Calling It: I Guarantee A Win At Minnesota Sunday

    no way Trump can beat Hillary......
  4. Well at least he has a high ceiling...... Seems to be rampant here.....it's loss derangement syndrome.😊🛀
  5. The Process

    Brady vs. Allen today.....

    Yes........you should...everyone needs a good dose of optimism and hope...even if it is a reach! I don't care how people react. Some posts here are very realistic and analytical and read like war and peace. Some other posts (like mine) are only worthy of drinking around the burn barrel talk. If my comment was thrown out around the burn barrel, I'd totally expect a rousing retort of ....." You're full of sh*t". Then the conversation begins 😋
  6. The Process

    Brady vs. Allen today.....

    Today! just today.....simma-donn-nah!
  7. The Process

    Attack on defense

    1) Wrong 2) The sky is not falling 3) How the F*** do you know?
  8. wow..did somebody just run over your dog?
  9. The Process

    Brady vs. Allen today.....

    Take away a few rookie mistakes....(interceptions)......and Allen compares favorably. Patriots loss in a weird way makes me better about our loss today....
  10. I was admittedly a Peterman supporter....it was a momentary lack of sanity. I've come to my senses now.....grab EJ or Sanchez.....oh crap there I go again....
  11. The Process

    Give Allen His Weapons

    Protect Allen and weapons will emerge from within.....hate to say it but just ask TB cheater.
  12. You should is be more tolerant of typos and or be bad grammar with english Good thing number 14 was there to be the spotter
  13. And the time the ball is in the air for the 20 yds = time in the air for 5 yards if Peterman threw it. Sounds like a plan....
  14. The Process

    Who will get the most catches Sunday?

    Maybe not oops......nobody on the list gets a catch. All tied for most!