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  1. Richie also called him his "boy". That used to be taboo, is it still?
  2. The Process

    Terrell Owens Planning a Comeback to Play in the CFL

    PERSPECTIVE.....When TO was in his first nfl season, Kyle Williams was in 7th or 8th grade. (probably trying out for varsity football LOL)
  3. The Process

    Can you help my daughter perform the anthem?

    That's great! I wish there was a way to get the message to dozens of other Mariah Cary wannabes who try to pack 278 notes into one syllable.
  4. The Process

    Can you help my daughter perform the anthem?

    Can't help her get the gig.....but can help with avoiding a mistake many singers make with the melody. It's with the word "banner". There are only three notes in the word. Most will put two notes climbing in the "ba". "Ba" has one note then "nner" has two notes. Sorry I can't put music notation here but if she listens to an army band instrumental she will see what I'm talking about. Also I haven't heard her sing it so she may be already singing it right. I'm posting this in honor of my late mother who was a very picky musician and said melody is the most important thing not to be messed with. She paused before every game to see who got it right. Good luck to her and her singing career. Oh yeah, one more piece of advice.....leave out the Mariah Carey style runs.....the song should be sung fairly straightforward with little to no embellishment.
  5. The Process

    Swoosh Logos

    You'd think they would let them use the full jag-you-wire......or jag-wire.....free advertising. It would have been funny if the case was lost to use the full jag and there wasn't enough time to change it before a game.....black tape covering Logos everywhere! The announcer introduces the team....and here are your....BLACK TAPES! That would have been a sticky situation. 🐆
  6. You know....using the plural of a name to cite a genre of player.
  7. The Process

    I changed my mind: OJ didn’t do it

    I really hope McCoy situation is BS. Last thing we need is another reason for Buffalo jokes. Juice, 0-4, Rex the clown...... " Did you hear the one about the girl who dated a buffalo running back....." UGH.
  8. The Process

    Time for Travaris Cadet to step up of McCoy is gone

    But he's not a downhill runner.....runs to much East and West....hope he doesn't cough up the ball being such a physical player. Pound for pound he might be a quality backup because he's a student of the game.🏁
  9. Cool! Making a point and inserting humor....I found my "both". Dinner time now....have to feed my phenominal.
  10. And.....it's the daily double......"who is _________ " insert your Ricky Williams's of the world here. 1000 points to Turd Ferguson! See what I did there?😎
  11. The Process

    Fred Jackson Anyone?

    Column width makes me cross-eyed.....
  12. The Process

    Alternatives to tired football cliches

    While talking over a replay: Instead of " If he catches this ball he scores" " If he caught that ball he would have scored" A replay is something that happened in the past....no? Oops forgot one: Instead of "here comes Tom Brady" when the offense comes on the field, how about "here come the Patriots"
  13. Third and managable. 😁 Well ....there are physical players.....then you have your Dali Lama's of the league......see what I did there?
  14. Stats are irrelevant to assess Peterman at this point. Sample size is the most basic concept when it comes to stats. I'm not defending the Peterman Catalogue......nor do I think he's high caliber. Just saying you can't write him off........yet.
  15. The Process

    Worst Buffalo Bills player of all time

    Wow forgot that guy! I remember there were corny Bills jokes going around in the 70s. One was "What do the Bills eat for desert?" Lemon Marangi Pie! Super corny I know....there were others....anyone remember?