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  1. The Process

    Favorite Beatles Album

    Abbey Road.....the fifth Beatle is on the cover....and "she came in through the bathroom window" is a teenage boys imagination starter!
  2. The Process

    Peterman to Patriots? They always liked him.

    Assuming Peterman knows the playbook.
  3. The Process

    People were asking What Zay Jones had written on his towel

    The limit could be a game limit.....like 10 mins all in for the game. That way if a team (not the bills) only scores one TD.....they could do a skit.
  4. The interception rate would have been higher if it weren't for......the MAGA PROCESS!
  5. The Process

    Peterman to Patriots? They always liked him.

    Mocking a guys religion is not cool.
  6. The Process

    Three Holding Penalties on One Play?

    Congrats on your dogs stellar performance! Did your pooch get called for "piling on"?
  7. The Process

    Bills Release Peterman

    What does the other part feel?
  8. The Process

    Wyatt Teller: Pancake Papi

    Good point....in addition.....we signed a QB who almost died.....
  9. The Process

    Wyatt Teller: Pancake Papi

    My thought exactly......how can anyone (besides us posters) miss that talent for half a season?
  10. The Process

    QB Position: Do they know what they are doing?

    Good thing we don't play games in the past! Do you think the New England board said Hogan is not THAT good ....look at his history. Yeah they probably did.
  11. I tried to defend Foster early on this year and got POUNDED on this board. I know it's too early to proclaim he's our new upcomming star, but there was some evidence of yesterday that he can be value added to the offense. Practice squad assignment was a good move.....bringing him up was a good move too.
  12. haha his medical expenses are not what he's crying about......dude has millions According to NFL.com, the Steelers made one final offer to Bell on Monday, just hours before the NFL's 4 p.m. ET deadline for teams to negotiate a new contract with their franchise player. The offer from the Steelers was worth a total of $70 million over five years (or $14 million per season). Although the offer would have given Bell the largest multi-year contract of any running back in the NFL, he turned it down, and one reason he likely did that, is because it was nowhere near his asking price, which was reportedly in the neighborhood of $17 million per season.......need more info?
  13. I didn't say he was breaking any rules.....(CBA). It's the big picture....perception.....it's BS. Before the season started and the development of Connor, he knew his absence would affect HIS team. This tells me he doesn't care about the team. It's plain and simple.....selfish and spoiled. As a working stiff, even I will look at our departments coverage when considering a vacation that could leave them short handed. I say MAN UP and play the game you were blessed with skills to play. 10 Million, 15 Million, 20 Million.....I mean.....REALLY?