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  1. I know. I've had this exact thought. Preseason #3 consensus? Feels great, and down here in Florida, anyone sporting bills anything are sure to give one another a little extra gusto on the high five or foot of extra height above the occasional sandy-beach table jump. I dunno. We have the inevitable obj vs Mayfield feud to look forward too!
  2. Maybe in part because the game has evolved into more of a passing game...Derrick Henry not withstanding.
  3. I don’t disagree. However, Mac Jones has Matt Ryan's skillet, and is a qb not unlike the one who just left NE. His number's at 'bama are madden-like. Him with McDaniels worries me more, though I think Wilson has the more raw talent.
  4. So, year 3, all our Josh Allens will be top 3 players in the league? Digg it!!
  5. Well...stopping Henry and tannehill from running wild might helped by these picks. We aren't beating TN with CBs.
  6. Great pick. Seems the kid is also very smart, driven and loved by his former coaches and teammates.
  7. End of first almost 2nd round gives you the 5th year option for a potential stud RB. I wouldn't oppose the pick at all and he could be another game changer.
  8. Love the culture and love K. Jones. She is an awesome person, always been a fan.
  9. We are in the window and came damn close. Did we lose because of defense or an inability to score enough? When in the window you ought not be overly patient. Get it done! So, who then gets us there, this year? One player on defense will not give us the BUCS level of play, not happening this year. Isn't it Etienne? I feel like we need something back there and our guys never seem able to run through an arm tackle.
  10. Why? So he can speak in platitudes and weak coach speak like you do? This is all opinion so stop acting the draft whisperer. Remember, your just some guy behind a keyboard.
  11. lol. no doubt! Is your profile pic the late, great Mr. Zappa?
  12. Josh was the QB I wanted that night for three primary reasons. 1. At the various NFL talent functions, it was obvious that this kid was wayyyyy above average in his physical skillset. Also, after our array of QBs I wanted a BIG, (yes, with the coveted large hands), cannon-armed QB to play in Buffalo weather. 2. Watched some interviews and immediately liked him and thought, "Buffalo Guy" 3. Dislike Mayfield, Lamar (pre-draft) was acting as his own agent and his Mom was involved, seemed odd and made me a bit wary, also thought he was more of a runner coming out.
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