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  1. I think the dolphins problem is the lack of co-defensive coordinators! 🤣 it's working so well on offense...!
  2. There is far too much talent on that team to have only one win. At some point you cannot keep playing man to man and wondering wh it doesn't work. Has to be coaching. Flores is probably done.
  3. Welcome to page 7 of the thread. Nice to have you.
  4. For starters, it's accountability and growth mindset. When you preach, and live, a learners philosophy, the shtick isn't shtick, its real and is how he lives his life. Sean is giving these guys a blueprint for how to live a good life. We are lucky to have him.
  5. Geez Collinshole, what about the absurd Oliver penalty, the non existent Morse hold. So dumb.
  6. That is utter horse poop. Cannot believe they called that crap.
  7. Love the defensive plan. Making them drive the ball all the way, and have plenty of chances to foog it up.
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