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  1. I sure hope so, I will always love him for those two SB victories.
  2. Our guy seems pretty damn good at finding B players ready to move into A- status. For the first time in decades I absolutely trust our leadership team to be smart with FA and draft. Mistakes will be made, the nature of the beast, but these guys and the 'growth mindset' philosophy is a self-correcting strategy.
  3. Thank God hes not going to miami.
  4. Nice job trolling. How do we know? While his use of typical Bronx lingo, like 'youse' is authentic, the fact that he can actually write well and uses proper punctuation shows us he is far above an ACTUAL Yets fan. Jimmy is stirring the pot and making a fine mix of it.
  5. He's getting them tuned up for our super bowl run. 5 times a charm baby!!
  6. I like our chances with Barkley and the backups.
  7. When Josh making those 5 to 6 easy throws per game that are possible game changers we wont lose much. I know we are all bitching about the coaching etc, but the coaches did put us in a position to win. As many have said, I too would have liked to see more creative blitzes etc, but what do we know? For the record I am 100% in support of our QB. There were several times in this game and the Ravens game that Josh could have changed the whole vibe and he will get there, but he is young. The good news is that he does enough other things well. Including the one thing you cannot teach, heart (see the 4th and X sneaks). We can win with JA; when he gets the consistent touch on his throws, this team will be with the top 4 teams for a decade. I also like the fact that he owns it and seems to know he has to get better. I think he will.
  8. I will admit I did not love the calls to end the half. But you know what? We are fans, not the coaches who have studied those teams. I was nervous every play pf that game, that Pitt D is legit and they are predatory in their attacks on the ball. They won all those games by ferocious defense and Dabol and Allen know that. Whatever it was they did worked, cause we won in Pitt for the first time since 19-friggin-75. Enough already. Enjoy the ride.
  9. Good post. Nice to see all the unrest. But the top two guys are straight up super-young, legit monsters, aren't they?
  10. Lucky for us you aren't the coach and we have 10 wins.
  11. I dunno. I think this will be another tight to the vest game by both teams. Play smart, turn-over free ball and take a few shots when they come. I see a low scoring affair. Bills 20, Pats 14
  12. Except one small area in the NE, the entire country will be rooting for our team Saturday. The standard +3 at home and then +3.5 because we never, ever win there. It seems like a proper line.
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