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  1. I have been saying this for years, the current system makes no sense.
  2. You know this is a good point, if they lose this game then they just aren't sh-it anyway, this is a game they should win easily. We will learn a little about our team Sunday-
  3. Class act, for his own sake, I hope he calls it a career, he's made plenty of money.
  4. I think he is. His lack of passion for the work required will be more evident as his superhuman skills deteriorate.
  5. I think this merely demonstrates that on any given Sunday... but also these teams are winning with these backup QBs and as such I don't think this is an indictment of the Texans. That said, I agree they are not yet consistent, but with Desean, anything is possible.
  6. This is awesome. Did you see the interview he did this week? The guy is so real, I love it. He's like, "Yeah it was cool being home in Houston. but Grandma is using my old bedroom now, so I don't have my own bed. I want to go back to my house in Buffalo." Too funny, I love that dude. He is going to be a fixture here for years to come.
  7. You like him better than our team guy, Barkley? Would you be willing to upset the applecart by tossing Barkley over the side? If keep all three, who do you want to cut?
  8. THey throw the flag too quickly. Last night was absurd. Flowers and the Lions have every right to be super pissed. Those were big calls that gave the Pack life.
  9. Seems about right, crazy the normally high ranked teams beneath us. Rams, Eagles, Cowboys etc- https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27839117/week-7-nfl-power-rankings-1-32-poll-plus-every-team-biggest-weakness Week 6 ranking: 10 Biggest weakness: Turnovers It's a fixable problem, but the Bills' 11 turnovers are tied for fifth in the NFL -- which is an obvious ball and chain for an offense ranked fifth in average time of possession, ninth in first downs per game and 11th in yards per game. If Buffalo takes better care of the ball, it will be a dangerous team given the strength of its defense. -- Marcel Louis-Jacques
  10. Unfortunate for Carolina? It seems they found away to get rid of "Look at Me" Newton for a capable new qb. Rivera's long reign will continue.
  11. I'm a huge Rivers fan, but I think his wierd throwing motion is not aging well. He seems like he has nothing on those throws anymore.
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