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  1. Taking a stand and speaking the truth, whether pleasant or not. Players must be available and I hope they will do all they can to ensure it. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/07/22/bills-receiver-stefon-diggs-not-cole-beasley-reacts-to-non-vaccinated-player-forfeiture-rule/
  2. Terrible analogy. Roundup was/is not anything consumed by humans and as such has never been in any sort of human trial. The vax has been given to billions of people. Seems to be a pretty solid data set atm.
  3. *****! I can never resist these threads. Never too early!! 15-2 Then...run through the playoffs like their proverbial hair is on fire, to setup a rematch in the AFC championship game, and Bills avenge all previous KC losses and then do the same to mutha-fuggin tom brady in the Superbowl...and then...we all party like its 1991!! WIN vs Pittsburgh WIN @Miami WIN vs Washington WIN vs Houston LOSS @Kansas City WIN @Tennessee BYE WEEK WIN vs Miami WIN @Jacksonville WIN @New York WIN vs Indianapolis WIN @New Orle
  4. I think we will see Gilliam in as versatile extra blocker for both Josh and the RBs. From a set, he might get into a few passing plays. I think the real issue with the Bills and anything that resembles a power run game, is that Daboll does not want to take the ball out of Josh's hands. QB17 is our best chance to win until proven otherwise. I think it makes sense. I'd do the same, and I doubt it changes much this year. I think balance is something they'd like, and they might get the RBs more involved: but it will come in the flow of the game, and will last only as long as it generates posi
  5. Hughes is a lock for the roster, as he ought to be. Addison is a slim possibility, and largely depends on one of our rooks or EJ showing something real in TC.
  6. Seriously. Dissing Andy Reid will not win you any friends or sympathy.
  7. Legal?? This is planning and fabricating a building...unless Jerry builds secret cameras into the stadium...I know having an experienced firm is a smart idea. Why wouldn't you want the guy that built Jerry-World to help?
  8. Uhhmmm...they forgot the Titans, with a well balanced offense if there ever was such a thing.
  9. 2 of 6 picked one of our games as ones they most look forward to. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31434075/2021-nfl-schedule-winners-best-matchups-win-total-predictions-experts-make-their-picks
  10. Hahahaha...well you have Hall of Fame status and I am just a RFA, I will do better next time!!
  11. Good post and I think you are spot on. I am not thrilled at our prospects of stopping their new offense; I also think the new FAs and Cams skillset make it clear we are looking at an early Tom Brady offense. Now, the thing I am happy about is that I do not trust Cam and we have a guy now who can handle the Belichik defenses.
  12. I clicked on this again, only because I was shocked it was still near the top. Here I am adding to the dribble.
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