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  1. Good career Derek. Now stay as a coach. Class act.
  2. Fan Culture = Rabid, loyal, die-hard New Team Culture = Growth Mindset, grinders work ethic, humility
  3. Good leaders surround themselves with smart people and lead with humility, that seems to be the DNA over at OBD these days.
  4. hahaha, how many hours does it take to play that long or do you simulate most games?
  5. I guess that is where the faith in McDermott and his ability to actually coach the best talent and scheme out of his players comes into play. 6 wins out of that squad last year was something.
  6. We are nothing if not optimists every damn year. When is the last time you truly think we had a team that you think seemed to have this level of talent? And also, why do only a few media pundits see it? Are we all wearing the proverbial red, white and blue glasses? https://billswire.usatoday.com/2019/05/01/mmqb-buffalo-bills-have-their-best-roster-in-years/
  7. I know he is a great receiver, what do you know about his blocking?
  8. Back to the OP. This is a great pick, guy has a huge motor and he's twitchy fast and if he was as strong as he seems, he is going to be a beast to stop. I think Star will also help as he will be clogging the lane allowing Oliver to penetrate. Plus I love the guy's attitude, he is so likable and honest and was so grateful and happy to be playing in Buffalo.
  9. Sorry, I have teenage daughters, I just don't find anything about R Kelly assaulting kids funny.
  10. A data analyst at the University of Buffalo found that the data shows that the average human has one ball and one testicle.
  11. He has good hands and size. He has some nifty footwork coming off the line. If he can develop some nasty with his hands like the best WR in football (DeAndre Hopkins) then he might really be something.
  12. Clowney seems to not have a consistent motor, so I would not give up any draft picks. Julio is, well Julio, too old to give up round 1 picks...but maybe... like 2nd rounder or later. Really you could sure take a chance on Julio.
  13. This video made me want to punch smug little McShay in the mouth. Little smug *****- Why wouldn't you watch every snap? So stupid, love him or hate him, at least Mel is doing the work. Takes about 45 min to watch each snap from a QB's year, you'd think they would do that for every first year QB to self-evaluate their own opinions from the previous year. McShay really lost some luster in that clip.
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