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  1. foreboding

    NFL.com Bucky Brooks 2019 Mock Draft Version 3.0

    I prefer BPA as long as not a QB. I trust these guys!
  2. This is great. Jets make a splash but never learn, they will be right back here in 2-3 years whereas Beane has retained so much flexibility.
  3. Hmmm, that parts of it but I also think they are full on mining the league trying to find the next Jerry Hughes. The next guy ready to breakout.
  4. foreboding

    Will Shady restructure?

    I have thought about this a bit as well. Keeping shady make sense. 1. Improved O-Line, only Barkley could have run through our line last year, why not give Shady another try with real blockers 2. Cap is in great shape, no reason to mess with his $ 3. If players see that the Bills are honoring the deal with a "good soldier" even if aging superstar, it bodes well, Coach and FO rep matters alot and our boys are building a solid rep
  5. I've always suspected it builds character among us...
  6. foreboding

    Ryan Fitzpatrick to sign with Miami

    Raw deal? He keeps getting signed and making 10-20mil a year, he is doing great! Great guy and brings it, that'll get you jobs. I'd prefer to face Tandyhill TBH-
  7. Haskins doesnt impress me. Doesn't seem quick minded and looks pudgy. We will see.
  8. foreboding

    Bills sign T LaAdrian Waddle to a 1yr deal

    Maybe...If the top teams want to grab skill guys as overall this is not a deep draft in skill positions as it is in the trenches.
  9. foreboding

    Anybody know if Ansah has left town yet???

    Two year deal, 22mil.15mil guaranteed, get it done.
  10. foreboding

    Beane was pi##ed off about Buffalo comments

    One Team, single message. It is ***** amazing.
  11. Don't feel sorry for them, the weather here in SoFla is incredible. It is no wonder they are fair weather fans, the weather is always fair! Gimme the snow and rain in Buffalo!! Go Bills!
  12. foreboding

    Roster spots becoming bigger factor than cap $$$ left

    This is such a good point, our depth has usually felt a little "hope and a prayer" their are stacks of guys in many spots now- Nice.
  13. foreboding

    Ziggy Ansah to visit bills

    Guy still has serious wheels. https://www.detroitlions.com/video/week-17-ziggy-ansah-highlights-20169913
  14. foreboding

    Too Early Mock Draft?

    Oliver or Hockensen at 9!
  15. Boy, he looks good. Big and fast and no nonsense. Good hands as well.