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  1. It is to improve your footwork and coordination. Critical exercise for any football player. Soon a top 3 tackle. Love this kid.
  2. By all means get this completely different article dumped in with the others. Cause we got so much sports news right now...
  3. https://www.nfl.com/news/dark-horse-nfl-mvp-candidates-in-2020-josh-allen-tops-the-list Excerpt: Allen vastly improved in Year 2, significantly boosting his marks in completion percentage (58.8, up from 52.8 in 2018), TD-to-INT ratio (20:9, up from 10:12) and passer rating (85.3, up from 67.9). Not to mention, he showcased a definite clutch gene, leading the NFL in fourth-quarter comebacks (four) and game-winning drives (five). Behind his guidance, the Bills reached double-digit wins for the first time this millennium, making the playoffs for just the second time in the past 20 seasons.
  4. Nice write-up! I have absolutely loved The Last Dance. I grew up in the Jordan era and he felt so secretive back then. This show is giving me ten years of stuff I wanted back them, now, all at once. I agree, Jordan was so unique, that one man could will his team to follow him. Durant doesn't do that, Harden doesn't. Jordan was special. Those men bled for him out of fear that usually evolved into deep respect. In the moment, I gather that many of them did not like him, but with the benefit of perspective (years) they have grown to appreciate what he did for them. I do think there are parallels in football. Certainly Tom Landry comes to mind, and he had his best player as a willing soldier (Staubach, of course). Bill Parcells, also led with fear and intimidation. Of course, the top Parcells protegee is Belechik and his long-time will soldier, the GOAT. Belechik is still afraid of Bill Parcells. I agree that competitiveness is the key element, but how the Bills arrive at it is far different with Sean McDermott. He's creating accountability and the same desire, but with growth mindset and respect and not intimidation. It is the McDermott way. He encourages honest men to learn together, be accountable and not to bull#### or blow smoke up each others collective asses. Sean and Brandon are building a team with competitive guys who care for one another, and subsequently, will bleed for the man next to them. We are probably going to be winning for a long time. It is a by-product of leadership and growth mindset.
  5. Gradient and highlighter color. Are you kidding me?
  6. Our boys playing 3D chess, the rest playing checkers.
  7. I think he is going to be good. Healthy Devin is going to be hard to get off the field though.
  8. He is going to be next level this year and now we got a great second option. Devin's vision is what makes him so special, I think that part of RB is a god-given gift and he has it. Combined with his ability to get to top speed so quickly and he is going open eyes this year.
  9. I remember I was bummed out because we were getting killed. I had to listen to it on the radio that day. Then I remember some turnover involving biscuit and everything went crazy!
  10. I would take Collinsworth over Booger any day. Anyone but Booger, great job ESPN!
  11. True. But that tackle they got is gonna be a road grader by the middle of the season.
  12. Class act and a fine QB. I bet we see him start again.
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