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  1. Of course you do. I am merely pointing out that, field position, like that, is unlikely, and naturally, it affects the points scored by an offense.
  2. Seems many are basing their estimation of this game on (1) last year's Raven's game and (2) last weeks win (you know the one where we didn't blow out a good Colts team). Regarding Item 1, the loss last year to the Ravens. Josh Allen today vs. then, enough said? Still, it was a one score game, lots of mistakes, six TO's! Item 2. Failure to detonate... ...on the Colts. First of all, does anyone remember how horrid our field position was in the first half? Do we not think the Bills would have done more, were they not always so backed up? Plus
  3. Worst thing we could do, is hire from outside. You only do that when you want to implement a new system, which, as we know is not good for your QB etc.
  4. Bucs/Saints % looks a little off to me. Ravens are a really good team. 65% is a decent chance!
  5. I doubt the Texans do this. But...their cupboards are bare and Watson is unhappy. Tua + both first round picks this year and a 2nd from next year and both teams could be win/win.
  6. We of all people, Bills fans, have gotten spoiled. We expect to win by 17 these days. Imagine that?! Here is the reality: the colts gained the most yards of any team in history, with no turnovers...that lost. It was the best game the Colts can play and when it mattered most we made stops, kicked the long kicks and threw the long td passes. Great character win for our team. The Colts we saw today were a SB caliber team, we got the best version of them, and our boys got it done. It was a grinding, disciplined and solid win.
  7. Nice summary. I agree, though the bills offense was never in rhythm they still made alot of plays, something good teams do that infuriates the other team. Glad we got the win, 25 years is a long time and a whole lotta monkey on the ole back... On to the next round.
  8. Why? Would we not prefer to keep the exact same system? You want to bring a coach here and teach him the Daboll system when we have 1 or 2 (at least) who should be able to take up the hallowed mantle of continuity...
  9. I would argue that the game slowing down is also why he throws so much better. He isn't forced to play with his hair on fire and knows what is going on around him, usually before the ball is snapped.
  10. I like our shot against any but having to beat raven and chiefs seems excessive! 😂
  11. My God! I am so happy. For all the fans, current and past, for all the players for any era...we can all say it with pride. WE are the Buffalo Bills. "Is thing on? Cause it's about to be." --quoted from a current bills fan, happens to be a former coach
  12. I was at that game, it was stressful and holy crap exciting when we won, I did not run on the field, but I remember we all passed the posts up to Ralph in his suite.
  13. Ha Ha Ha! Same. Thank God, as I think leadership is less about being a Mensa as opposed to be "smart enough" and having the right mindset as you said. Here is why: growth mindset people ARE NOT threatened by the intelligence they surround themselves with. The smarter, the better, when you are not "fixed" into a small view of yourself and the world, you can easily find the best people.
  14. I can tell you from personal experience, formal adoption of growth mindset has changed my life and I have mentioned it several times here over the years. I resist backsliding to a fixed mind and so reading more about it and talking with like-minded people or folks who love the message is motivating. It is easy to trapped into a fixed mindset (society encourages it), but it is toxic. When you start to find the most value in the actual learning, your entire life is transformed. You no longer spiral, you instead see a mistake as a fantastic learning tool and thereby, always ga
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