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  1. You always pay the working man and you don't slow pay them. Doing so shows a serious lack of class.
  2. My way too early analysis of Singletary is that he looks like he has a little Thurman/Le'veon to his game. Patient, waits for blocks, great vision and squeezes through small holes and looks to be a heck of a pass catcher.
  3. People who are innocent of murdering their children's mother do not write books called, "If I did it."
  4. Exactly. If anyone has spent even a little time looking at the facts, especially in light of the loads of new info, then you know the defense manipulated that jury, with mastery and unethical behaviour, does not mean he was innocent, he just 'got away with it'. Those who defend the verdict have either not studied it, or have some kind of skin in the game. I wish our owners would just expunge his nasty self from our team. Shameful and disgusting what he did to those two people and his old young children. He robbed his kids of their mother, there is no possible way to excuse that.
  5. You believe that he was innocent?
  6. As long as he is on the wall, I feel like our team is turning a blind eye to something that transcends sports. Crazy that his name is up in lights and is celebrated in our stadium. According to this twitter though, he has a lot of getting even to do. So we have that to look forward to.
  7. This exactly. We all know he was guilty, it is so stinking obvious. So our owners can do whatever the heck they want to eliminate the pariah from our team. Screw that guy, he sucks as a human being.
  8. Good points. I imagine the Puegula's and the management team have debated this ad nauseum. Still the owners can do what they think it right, irrespective of the law. If they said this, would many condemn them? "We do not feel that OJ Simpson represents the values that this team holds dear. We strive to be a positive force in our community and with our fans. The Buffalo Bills are strong supporters of family and fair treatment of women and children. Being enshrined on the wall is about on the field accomplishment as well as recognition of players we think exemplify these values. We respect the judicial system but are exercising our rights as team owners. We have decided to remove his name from the Wall of Fame in our stadium."
  9. No, not really. Just because the court clearly got it wrong because of...well you have seen the numerous documentaries. Does that mean that an independent owner, not bound by a court decision, should also get it wrong?
  10. Of course. But do you think that egregious personal conduct should or could affect that standing? Especially something as horrific as murdering your kids mom? I mean we are talking about a monument to players on the wall of the stadium. Not some plaque in a museum.
  11. Bet the marketing dept loves seeing that bad boy on the sideline.
  12. How is a troll, is the name still there? Did we have an internet back then? Does each year make it any less shameful or more? Look at this lovely piece: https://innerloopblog.com/2019/05/04/oj-simpson-to-be-removed-from-bills-wall-of-fame-replaced-with-arthur-shawcross/
  13. I shall not F myself. You are right though, I re-read the thread and I escalated on you because it (he) pisses me off, I apologize for that. I have friends down here who see this POS out on the course, in the bar etc-- You did offer an explanation, not a defense. Sorry about that.
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