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  1. I feel I’ve ended up having that exact draft in terms of the first 5 picks on one of them I’ve done before lol
  2. Josh has had some head scratching moments but he’s not the reason we’ve stumbled and fallen short in the postseason… It takes a team to win in the playoffs. Whilst a SuperBowl is the ultimate goal, it’s refreshing to be a team people other than our fellow fans enjoy watching and rooting for. That pretty much begins and ends with Josh. Especially in todays game. The be-all end-all is the QB. Josh is the franchise and I’ll be forever grateful for him casting an absolute dark shadow on those drought years. Enjoy it. Especially with the next generations taking the fandom mantle.
  3. Would be interested further to see the first 9 weeks versus the last of the season and P/O’s…
  4. Those top 6 guys are all great additions. Best bet is Mooney in terms of value. Evans will get a sizable deal as he’s still as stud. Samuel has talent and has proven so, someone might splash the cash. Ridley did great in a prove it year after his suspension, will cash in; probably a return to JAC. Pittman and Bourne are interesting and probably sign long term deals somewhere. Mooney? Who knows. He might skate by in FA and settle or someone might give him the deal he wants. Think he’s the most budget friendly guy we could acquire out of that top group. Maybe Josh Reynolds but does he have that consistent speed or verticality on the outside that we lack? No. Tyler Boyd? Too pricey. The rest no thank you unless you bring Chark in on a vet minimum.
  5. The question becomes what is Henry’s asking price? The ball park projection is a one year $8-10m. He still has voidable on the Titans’ books which means if it’s $10m, 4.7m is what they are still paying him… Does he take a $4m deal to come here? Maybe… Not that it matters, but do fans want them forking out $6-7m for a guy who’s only getting 10 touches unless the circumstances dictate otherwise? Someone is going to pay more than 4 for his services. Guaranteed.
  6. Absolutely. Just my view after talking to people who watched every game of his and what he brings is that’s he is suited for a 3/4 is where he’d transition best for success in the NFL, not that he can’t be a DE in a 4/3 scheme. Personally not enamored with traits and measurables, if I were drafting I’d like to see some top end production somewhere from a guy you are selecting with that important a pick. That will always vary from person to person evaluating and drafting and rightly so. Regarding the positional need and where value falls on the board of candidates right now, they are taking another defensive lineman. Be that edge or interior. There isn’t really a doubt in my mind. It’s all a personal standpoint to put Josh in the best position possible as to why the camp I am of hope in is WR but if the top 5 guys are gone then you have to go BPA. Out of those top WR’s it’s pretty much a gimme that MHJ & Nabers are gone. That leaves Odunze, Coleman and Thomas Jr… Barring an absolutely catastrophic combine, I just feel those guys are gone before 25. Actually feel BTJ goes before Coleman. That leaves us, potentially if it falls that way, the next trio of Franklin, Mitchell & Worthy. Logic would say that a defensive guy who the Bills have higher on the board drops down to pick 28 than them passing him up for a WR is where I am at. That’s fine as this draft has some decent talent in abundance on both the defensive line and WR. Let’s hope we just get a guy who contributes for the team. 🤞 Sounds like the perspective is on par with one another to me. 🤷‍♂️
  7. He was at the OLB position at Maryland so there’s that history he has. Anyone can shine or disappear in the NFL. But I take their word for it as since I’ve worked with those guys they’ve been spot on about everyone who was overhyped and wouldn’t pan out: Hackenberg, Gross Matos, Austin Johnson, Odafeh Oweh(sp?), the DT the Falcons recently drafted just to name a few. I know you can’t take a fans perspective as the be all end all but 2 of them played football collegiately at Penn State… One still close friends with Leonard Humphries if you remember that name… He’s told me that Lenny says he is still bummed out that he never got to play for the dynasty Bills 😂
  8. 3/4 LB is probably where he suits best.
  9. Was more about the drop rate is pretty significant for a guy a lot of people are talking about. Things can change but again, for a guy his size you’d like to see him take advantage of the wingspan he has…. Yeah bro. They obviously know my allegiance and have only ever brought up Maybin once. Maybe my eyes started twitching with the glazed look over them that a Veteran displays when having flashbacks.
  10. Live just outside Pittsburgh, all my co-workers are Penn State or Pitt Panthers alumni or followers… The Penn State guys aren’t that enamored with Chop and think he’s likely to underperform in the NFL. They believe that Isaac is the far superior player. They give credit to Chop, don’t get me wrong but I hear more about Isaac, their LBs Carter & Jacobs, and their secondary in Dixon, Reed and Hardy… These are guys who watch and attend every game, even the Blue-White.
  11. I like Johnny Wilson’s frame but honestly if it wasn’t for Coleman that team would have struggled mightily. Wilson dropped a would be TD in every game I watched. Shouldn’t happen for a guy his size. I know the whole “body catching” thing can be overplayed but a guy with his reach should be using that wingspan to his absolute benefit. If these mocks are falling they way the draft does and WR is the pick it has to be Mitchell or Thomas Jr. IMO.
  12. For Seattle’s 76&78 I ended up trading our 2nd and 3rd next year on top of the 4th 2025 from Washington to move up to 28. They moved up into around 2 twice: took Penix Jr. & Kam Kinchens… (Unrealistic for both teams to give up what they did but it a mock and figured they’d want to recoup some assists they traded. Also that Washington trade 36,67 & a 3rd the following year but they did move up and take Bo Nix 🤷‍♂️)
  13. Oh, I thought you were implying that’s something they should do.
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