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  1. I like our defense, alot. Offense showed some balance...they will get in better synch. It's coming together.
  2. Agreed. I also think when you are playing such talented fronts, you cannot allow the D-Line men to know their only goal is to use their best moves and get after the QB. No threat of the run is doom in the NFL. I think we will see them work harder to get the run work.
  3. It was so obvious to me how everything good that happened was cause of how great Lamar was and when anything positive happened with the raiders it was gruden. Serious qb bias.
  4. Yeah, I feel like this defense se is better suited for run stopping. I think the phins are gone get smacked next week with undersized tua. Exactly. "Sky is falling" crew.
  5. In his presser, Coach Mac didn't sound too thrilled about the offense "throwing the ball backwards."
  6. There were open guys, they just were not 30 yards downfield where Allen and Daboll wanted to go.
  7. The sky is not falling, our players do not all of a sudden suck. This was clearly a case of a team that expected to come out and dominate. Thankfully we did not "dominate" quite as bad as Green Bay did yesterday. Allen did not take what was available, he looked for big plays at the expense of sure, underneath patterns. He knows this, it will be corrected. I think Daboll's game plan reflected the same attitude. A bit foolish and haughty. Our defensive line showed some real promise and did a very good job against the run. This loss might have been exactly what this team needs. A reminder that last year DOES NOT matter, they still have to prepare, stay humble, and execute. No one will give them the win because they are media favorites. Bills will now step back and be the underdog for a few weeks, this is not a bad thing. A good dose of humility will inspire these guys to work their collective tails off.
  8. Josh said it in his presser. They got too greedy, too early. There were short passes there and they did not take them. If he starts dinking underneath for an entire drive, other stuff would open up. I think they were over-amped and wanted to be up 21-0 as soon as possible. The whole thing started swirling down the toilet after a few failed drives with the myriad of holding calls. I suspect you will see a very different approach next week, I am not really worried. This is a classic case of believing your own press and failing to realize this is a NEW season, you do not pick up where you left off.
  9. I sure hope so, but I also want Epeneza, Oliver and Edmunds to break out. Too much?
  10. Pat: "Please make sure you sanitize any Bildo's you throw on the field, we don't need our players getting covid from those things. We don't need new *****-covid protocols." The clip is hilarious.
  11. Given the size of our local market, I suspect this is indicative of a growing national fan base, or all those fans who went on to cheer for other teams after the 4 falls era, are coming back to the wagon. The more the merrier I say! Bought one before last year! Good timing!
  12. Agreed, Brandt is great. That other dweeb that sits across from him is NOT funny and blows around in his opinions like the wind. Love MRob though.
  13. I finally got in this year in time! San Francisco 49ers! They will eat Dan Campbells legs.
  14. Lol. When your OL is that enthusiastic...you do wonder.
  15. If your QB is worth a quarter of a billion dollars, does that not, by definition, raise the floor of the franchise value?
  16. I think you ought examine your own motives behind this statement.
  17. Back then we were far less focused on stats. I knew Aikman was the leagues best qb for a few years back then, no matter how much I loved Jim, and it wasn't because of stats. It is what Aikman did in the biggest moments. If you watched the games back then, you know what I mean.
  18. A God? Lol. Ok. You better get the tattoo stamped on your arm or chest, straightaway! I do think he is an elite qb who will lead us to SB glory.
  19. Are the red or the blue underwear the lucky ones? Asking for a friend.
  20. Wow. Makes sense, I never knew these things about him. Sucks. The wall is decided by who? I always assumed the owners, not voters.
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