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  1. He's still a solid rotational player and as long as they manage his workload well should be a good signing for them.
  2. Guys like him getting drafted feels like the Tyreek Hill Effect. TH is fast af so clearly that’s the sauce. Just go find guys that are fast af and you can field a squad of TH’s and be unbeatable. Teams finding out it doesn’t work that way.
  3. I find the constant comments about speed odd. Miami had the fastest team on paper and they got manhandled by KC. KC was much slower than SF on paper and still won. Speed isn’t everything.
  4. I feel like this team has generally been well constructed with not a ton of whiffs or busts and the front office has been pretty shrewd in knowing when to pounce and when to stay pat or move back. Beane will be do what he feels he has to and I generally trust his instincts.
  5. He's probably defensive because he hears the 'do or die' music playing real loud right now. The window on Josh's rookie deal is closed, he's been provided good rosters the last couple of years and has had all the tools he needs to get it done and the team keeps coming up short. Him launching into that unprompted is very likely an effect of this conversation being had with him by the Bills org behind closed doors. Is he a good coach? Absolutely, he's a tremendous leader of men and a great 'get the culture right' guy. Is he a Super Bowl winning coach? That one is looking increasingly more dubious.
  6. In the short term letting Douglas go is foolish, but do you really want to give a 30+ CB a big bag? Yeah he played really well for us, but are you gonna get the productivity out of him that his contract would demand? I'd try to retain him on a 2yr deal but I would be really hesitant to make it much longer than that.
  7. That team is ***** stacked and their best player is probably Trent Williams
  8. I think this was a good hire. You want a coach that gets a team to punch above its weight and does more with less. Pierce clearly showed he could do that. Their DC, Patrick Graham, is one to watch as well.
  9. Surprised it’s tied. Texans offense has done very little.
  10. Bruh, Kincaid has had some ridiculous catches this year. Sherfield’s tip drill TD was bonkers. Shakir has had a couple of batshit catches as well and nice TDs to go with it to boot. This team has weapons, and it’s not just Diggs.
  11. omg I remember when the NFL tried to penalize the crowd for being too rowdy. That “rule” went over like a wet fart and they got rid of it quick 😂
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