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  1. Don’t think it sends a good message to the locker room though. He’s one, if not, their best player. Sterling Sheppard just went down and is out for the season. Dismantling the team when they’re 2-1 and playing competitively in a weak conference just tells the team that winning is not the point this year. That’s how you lose a locker room and that’s how coaches get fired.
  2. When our entire line is healthy we do. We ran decently enough against the Rams week one that they had to respect it. I don’t care about having an elite rushing offense. I just want it to be good enough that it needs to be planned for.
  3. They brought tons of pressure in the first half and it was boom/bust. Got a sack fumble that led to 7 but let Bills march down the field for 2TDs. Second half they brought the same pressure looks but then faded into zone coverages to take away the middle and deep parts of the field. Allen was able to largely deal with by throwing dump offs but it was very effective in forcing the Bills to play long, exhausting drives that would stall in the red zone. Result? An exhausted Bills offense that could only muster 3 points.
  4. I think Brown’s back is still messed up. He was messing with it during the Titans game and Quessenberry replaced him during that game as well at some point. He might be on a pitch count still and/or working his way back. His pass pro is still definitely undeveloped and needs work. Having Bates next to him (who also has pass pro issues) instead of an established vet like Willliams is probably also causing issues and breakdowns in communication. So much of OL is about working as a unit and weak links in the line make the entire line look bad. I think that Bates’s shortcomings last year were hidden because Morse and Dawkins are good, and made sure that Bates was doing the right thing. That may be impacted now that Bates is in a different spot and next to a pretty green right tackle who doesn’t see the rush as well.
  5. Big O was saying though that the center was totally tipping the snap count. DL was teeing off. They knew it was a pass play and literally timed the jump. Dawkins and Singletary got smoked, because their assignments were in the backfield before the ball even made it into Allen’s hands.
  6. I have just never seen a team be a running back away from winning a super bowl. Premier pass rusher? That’s a completely different can of worms.
  7. I don’t like it. Injury prone RB in a contract year playing with a limited sample size. We’d be mortgaging future draft picks for a 1 season rental and then surely letting him walk in FA because we don’t have the cap space to pay him the kind of money he could fetch in the open market. It reeks of desperation and of making a move for the sake of making a move.
  8. The longer you hold the ball and the more plays you’re forced to run, the greater the likelihood for errors. It’s the same defensive philosophy the Bills have employed under Frazier and McDermott, “make them earn every yard” The Phins gave up two TDs in the first playing aggressive, but got a TD out of it from the fumble. Second half they adjusted, forced the Bills to dink and dunk and the Bills offense only managed 3 points. I would call that a solidly well executed defensive strategy against a superior (albeit handicapped) opponent. Sure, the Bills made many uncharacteristic mistakes in that game. That being said I give credit to the Dolphins game plan for creating situations for the Bills to make those mistakes. It brings up Napoleon’s quote, “never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”
  9. I mean that by and large the Phins forced the Bills to play the game on their terms. Dink and dunk, get tired, let them creep towards the red zone, then clamp down. They kept the same blitz looks from the first half into the second, but dropped into zone coverages and took away the deep and middle of the field. Line play suffered as players went down and got tired, pressure came too fast, forcing Josh to take the dump offs and short passes they were giving up. They knew we were tired and our offense was on the field too long. Have to get rid of the ball fast because the pressure is coming, can't wait for plays to develop, not enough bodies at WR to rotate in fresh guys so people are tired and can't sprint, get separation. I highly doubt our offense came in there with a gameplan to play 12-16 play drives in sweltering heat as a means to shield our defense. There's playing ball control offense, and then there's the defense letting you wear yourself out so you can't close it out in the redzone because the drive just killed your offense because its so damn hot and you don't have bodies to rotate in.
  10. You can play that game all day long though. When it came time to make a play, the Phins did. Can’t say the same for the Bills. On that Sunday, they were the better team on the field. They made less mistakes, made plays when they needed to and kept the Bills off balance. I don’t think they’re better than the Bills, but that’s why they play the games.
  11. Burrow still trying to play last years style of ball where people were sleeping on Chase. It doesn’t work anymore because there’s a year of tape of Burrow doing this with Chase, Boyd and Higgins. Teams are planning for it well but Burrow is still trying to hit the big play every snap and holding the ball too long. He’s getting sacked a ton because he’s greedy. It worked last year, but this is the NFL and what worked last year will get taken away from you next year as teams study tape/tendencies. Adapt or die.
  12. They’re playing 2021 Titans style ugly ball. It’s incredibly opportunistic, risky, ugly to watch and needs a healthy dash of luck every most weeks, but it’s getting it done. They might luck out and ugly ball themselves to the playoffs, maybe even the one seed. I just don’t see this style of ball as the kind that gets you playoff wins and a SB.
  13. He definitely struggled with all of the amoeba looks the Phins were giving in the first half. Reminds me of the 2019 Pats defense that just crushed everyone the first 9 games. So much press man, crowded boxes and just chaos when the ball is snapped. Brown is very green here and needs to just do his 1/11 and follow the protections and blocking assignments instead of trying to react to 2-3 rushers coming at his side. Josh is excellent against the blitz, so much so that even with crappy line play the Phins backed off in the second half because we were just marching up and down the field.
  14. Building a good OL requires so much effort. Having a good/great OL with good depth is even harder. I think only really the Cowboys and the Eagles have lines that are better than good. They’ve also invested multiple first round picks into those projects, at the expense of team building elsewhere. I think given the circumstances the Bills have done better than okay. We have an anchor at C and a franchise LT. Spencer Brown is very promising but I’ll reserve judgment until after the season. Bates has shown above average guard play and positional flexibility. Saffold should be good between Dawkins and Morse, but again. I’ll reserve judgment because the sample size is too small atm. I think everyone complaining about our line play and depth issues isn’t watching the other games.
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