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  1. For real, that dude runs like he's angry at the ground. Dunno why it took a while for him to get some snaps. I blame Dorsey.
  2. That sucks for the Phins but injuries are injuries. We've had our fair share this season too.
  3. I see Gabe Davis as our Danny Amendola, rarely pops on the stat sheet, has a good game here and there and just has playoff games where you're like 'brah where you been this whole year?!'
  4. Which sucks cuz he was awesome at first and then the networks told him to water it down and talk less X’s & O’s, making him boring.
  5. If the NFL wanted officiating fixed they would have taken steps to do so. The current system is a feature, not a bug. The best way to not be impacted by officiating is to simply be better than the other team.
  6. I still can't believe that Mike Ditka's record has stood this long, also his other stats are just nuts. 12 touchdowns 19.2 yrds per catch Over 1k yards on only 54 catches All achieved in only 14 games 🤯
  7. On the surface watching the Dorsey offense it just didn't seem to have any continuity. There was little processing of in game tendencies by the other team to set up other plays, formations or options. Each play seemed to exist in a vacuum of well "if the defense presents this, this play should beat that coverage" which to an extent is true, but it completely ignores tendencies and what the other team is trying to do. This is what I so far took away from watching Brady call the game, he seemed to understand that the Jets were prone to doing X if formation Y was presented, and taking that into considering when calling future plays. It was, although for a second I was worried it was gonna get called back for a block in the back.
  8. Ah yes, the ol' Judge/Patricia combo. I mean at least for the Steelers the two coaches are offensive position coaches and not a ST coach and a former DC.
  9. So far what I appreciate from Brady is that he's had a stint at being OC before, there's a certain wisdom that you gain from climbing the mountain only to fall down and having to start over which Dorsey is only experiencing now. Failure is often life's greatest teacher.
  10. AJ Brown is a damn wagon, I don't think we have a single CB (maybe Rasul?) that can play him straight up, if it's a 50-50 ball Brown is coming down with it.
  11. Knox is a good player, a very credible red zone threat and a decent blocker in an offense where he was never obviously the first read. His contract is honestly fine. Think people just have really unrealistic expectations because they see players like Kelce, Kittle where they are a focal point of the offense.
  12. Greg saying that is basically putting the evil on us 😂
  13. I mean ffs why do you even sub in the block unit on a mayday field goal. The chance of you blocking it is MAYBE 2-3%.
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