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  1. This is exactly it, he plays the 1T/NT position on a DL. He's NEVER going to light up the stat sheet.
  2. I love how Star has literally done nothing this year so far and he's already the whipping post on this board. Man just can't catch a break 🤣
  3. I think Mac Jones is going to have a rude awakening playing in the NFL. This isn’t the cupcake schedule Bama plays every year and then waltzes into the CFP and to the final.
  4. Don't need to invest in your punter if you never punt 😉 That being said I'm going to miss Bojangles, that one punt he uncorked against MIA in week 17 last year may have been the most perfect punt I have ever seen.
  5. Unexpected. He was such an exciting prospect in college until the ACL and back injuries.
  6. Brian Gaine was GM of the Texans until 'stuff happened'. Joe Schoen's name has been thrown around as future GM prospect Dan Morgan Mailk Boyd Terrence Gray
  7. That moment in the Rams game when sugar high Josh had the team at 3rd and 22, down 4 in the 4th with 3:20 left to go and Allen just throws a bullet down the middle of the field while rolling to his right to Beasley who converts for a 1st down. I had seen so many Bills comebacks come up JUST short so many times. When that happened I just knew in my bones we were gonna win that ***** game.
  8. I low key think this will be a good signing. Had some good moments in Seattle. Not a game breaker, but no one like that in FA available, nor are we in a position financially to be able to absorb a contract like that for a TE.
  9. I won’t judge him if Chi is willing to give him a solid payday and a solid spot in the offense for snaps and playing time. He was an excellent example of the Bills FO bringing people here to be the best version of themselves. He busted out of Denver, came here and really shined on his limited role. I would cheer him on if he parlayed that into a good contract that set his family up for life. Hope you stay iMac, but you gotta do what’s right for your family and your future.
  10. We need edge and maybe another 1 tech draft pick to back up Star and Harry. Zimmer has potential but still a wildcard. Atkins is a good player, but we don’t need another 3 tech DT. He’s be a bad scheme fit and would cost too much. Look at what happened last year, we tied up crazy money in the line and because of Star’s opt out and Harry coming back from injury more slowly than expected it had ripple effects.
  11. I don’t know why people keep going on about Florida and the weather. In the same regard that WNY is cold in winter, summers in Florida are basically hot enough to melt lead and crazy humid. That state would be practically uninhabitable if not for central air.
  12. That ***** eating grin he had on his face when Josh was getting a talking to from McD for getting an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty will always make me laugh. Also his hilariously wide open TD to Dion Dawkins in that Jets game to just really rub it in that they were getting torched by our backup QB who had been in the building maybe a week.
  13. I dunno, feel like he did alright $$ wise in his stints in LA and KC. He got to play in great offenses, was instrumental in key situations, got paid a boatload of money and has a super bowl ring. I really doubt he’s salty about how things went down. Wouldn’t be surprised if McD told him “you’ll thank me later” when trading him and him being completely right about it.
  14. In before the 3 pages of “git-r-done Beane” posts. would love him on the team, but don’t think we have the $$ and we have more glaring needs elsewhere.
  15. I’d rather look at teams like NE, Ravens and the Chiefs that have always had a good emphasis on special teams as teams you want to model yourself against. Good ST helps you win games. Bad ST can definitely lose you some games, see the Chargers as a terrific example of that.
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