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  1. That feels reasonably solid, think his rushing numbers are going to trend down and the passing yards will likely trend up. TDs and Ints look very reasonable. Rush TDs feels a bit low.
  2. I think teams are also planning for 13 this year after he posted very solid stats for a WR3/4 in his rookie year, he roasted defenses on broken plays and sideline plays all last year as teams just didn't give him the respect he deserved. He's getting that respect now, and its going to make the targets drop and the throws that come his way a little more difficult to catch.
  3. He's a good to above average, sometimes excellent, coverage linebacker. His ability to cover sideline to sideline and use his large frame to close distance in passing situations is extremely good. He's almost like a giant nickel corner or extremely large safety. It's just his run support that holds him back. He over-pursues, takes bad angles and seems to misjudge his closing distance relative to that of the runner or receiver trying to get the edge.
  4. Heinicke is just a tough guy to sack, very good at feeling pressure and escaping away from it. He's only been sacked twice in 3 games in 2021 so far, against LAC, NYG and BUF. The WFT OL is very solid and not the set of turnstiles that we played against in MIA. This, coupled with his escape ability and his tendency to throw pretty quickly, always meant this was going to be a tough assignment for our DL. Never thought this was going to be a high sack game for our defense.
  5. There's 2 decades of PTSD we're still working through. We're all thoroughly convinced this stretch of competence is a mirage and the rug is going to get pulled out from under us the second we let our guard down.
  6. DC's trying to gameplan for this offense like:
  7. They were also (relatively) at full strength against us. Since that game they've lost Alualu for the season, TJ Watt, Highsmith, Haden and Bush are also all dinged up and have missed time. They're a very flawed team that needs masterful defensive performances to win close games because their line is very meh and their offense is kind of anemic. It's just unfortunate that they caught us with that perfect storm in week 1, that being said I think the team learned a lot from that loss and it's showed in the games against MIA and WFT.
  8. Regardless of the quote, that drive was the classic old school NE/Brady style drive that just crushes any hope the defense might have of getting back into this game. It was beautiful to be on the other side of that for once. I have PTSD from years of watching Brady just dink and dunk his way down the field, watching the defense just slump after each converted 3rd down, knowing that a TD is inevitable and all hope is lost.
  9. he’s also got enough tape from last year that any DC worth his salt is like “make sure you know where 13 is” because he roasted defenses all last season on sandlot and sideline plays. Sanders is an unknown quantity for a lot of defenses so covering him in this play design is still a work in progress.
  10. That’s a textbook, backbreaking NE-style drive that just saps the life out of you if you’re a fan of the other team.
  11. That’s a pbj power defensive series right there.
  12. I better be feeling that pbj power in the second half.
  13. Come on, they’re in the game on fluke-y trick plays and ST shenanigans. Let’s just show them who’s the better football team.
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