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  1. I can’t go (kids) but just want home playoff games because I think it’s psychologically better for the team. Home game means you’re the higher seed and, in theory, the better team. Home games are a reward. Selfishly, more home playoff games is also a better chance to go to one that doesn’t have an 8pm kickoff 😡
  2. I'm just gonna start calling him Dave His face looks like a Dave.
  3. The AFC East really was God's gift to the Patriots from 2000-2019
  4. We're all taking the prime real estate Bill Belichick occupies in our heads right to grave I see 😂
  5. I honestly don’t know why we didn’t play him more before. He’s been great just about anywhere he’s been lined up. The curse of the backup center.
  6. Traditionally runs a 3-4 so that would be a pretty major change to our scheme. For that reason alone I don't see him as our DC
  7. And Allen has still thrown for 4.4k yards and 36 TDs.
  8. Really hate the way the Bills stadium is recessed into the ground, any kind of wind just blows inside the bowl and makes the passing game an adventure.
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