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  1. Nah more likely is the DA or prosecutor looked at all the available evidence, determined that it a lot of it was circumstantial, would not stand up to scrutiny in a legal setting and/or would get tossed on technicalities by the defense making the body of the case incredibly flimsy. DAs do NOT like bringing stuff to trial they aren't almost damn sure they are going to win, those people get elected because they deliver and their conviction rate is directly tied to their changes at being re-elected. No DA likes getting roasted for having a crappy conviction rate and seemingly wasting taxpayer dollars.
  2. This. Everyone likes to harp about no income tax, which I'm sure is great if you make a massive salary but most people don't. You then also get nickel and dime'd on just about everything else, end up paying higher sales taxes (which are regressive, not progressive), higher property taxes and typically suffer with crappier government services and public education because those areas are underfunded. Anyway, back to football talk. Squish the fish! Go Bills.
  3. It's also hilariously selective. Just about any player except Allen or Diggs as a bad game - CUT HIS ASS, DRAFT HIS REPLACEMENT! Josh Allen or Diggs has a bad game - Well, it can't be perfect all the time...
  4. That guy has looked downright uncoverable the last two weeks with White throwing him the ball, granted the Bears and Vikings secondaries do leave something to be desired. Dude can play though. He put up good numbers against us as well when Zach Wilson was playing but our secondary was super banged up. I wonder if we play our standard zone scheme or if we mix it up and stick White on Wilson for most of the game to try and make his life miserable.
  5. breeding that kind of instinct and intuition takes time. I don’t disagree with your point, but in Cook’s defense he’s a rookie.
  6. The lions were down two starting guards, as mentioned. He had a great game and was getting tons of pressure up the middle. It was a really great game for him. If we weren’t down groot, miller and epenesa for that game the dline would have feasted all day.
  7. Everyone here 😂 The losses suck, but we’re 7-3 and half our defense is dead or half dead. There’s still plenty of football to play.
  8. It’s almost like when our all pro corner, all pro safeties and one or both of our probowl linebackers don’t play it’s a lot easier to pass the ball on us 🤔 Bills have fielded a second string, sometimes 3rd string secondary for large parts of season this year.
  9. I’m thankful that we’re 6-3, super bowl favorites, and still bitching about the team the same way when we were bottom dwellers hoping to sneak into the playoffs on a technicality. Never change, you bunch of salty bastards 😂
  10. Me watching Hurts pick up that first down:
  11. Ankle fracture and surgery feels like season ending for a slot WR predicated on crisp route running and hard cuts into open spaces. Best case scenario he might be available for the post season and even that feels optimistic.
  12. Classic bend/don’t break. Let ‘em chew up time, get yards but deny them points or force them to settle for FGs. Also think GB was trying to run us out of the nickel D but we refused to budge because it was doing exactly what the Bills wanted.
  13. The strategy works quite well if you have a defense to back it up with. The Packers do not have that defense.
  14. The only thing I learned from the Jags game is that the only thing that can stop Josh Allen is Josh Allen.
  15. That’s a really weird way of saying “if we let the other team score a lot of points they’ll probably win”
  16. I think we’re seeing the at if you take away Dante Scarnecchia coaching the OL, Tom Brady under center and don’t have Josh McDaniels running the offense the Pats are shockingly average. It really is a team game and while BB might be able to maximize what he has on the roster it doesn’t help that he’s a ***** GM and can’t draft to save his life.
  17. He really had nothing left to prove after that. He should have done the Peyton Manning thing and retired then on a high note. Instead we’re watching him Favre himself, who just like Brady, just couldn’t walk away.
  18. I really appreciate how well this take has aged.
  19. It’s really weird watching games like Bills/Chiefs, you really get a sense that damn, this is what football should look like. This was not one of those games.
  20. I feel like McDaniel can scheme a good offense but he seems to crap his pants in big moments.
  21. JJ’s hands are suspect. So weird because he was so sure handed in college. He’s been top 20 in drops since entering the league, breaking top 10 in 2021.
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