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  1. The problem isn’t running on 2nd and long. The problem is he chooses to run that draw from shotgun which has barely worked this year
  2. Steelers are mediocre. Good defense. Below average offense. I feel like if we didn’t have josh Allen, we would be essentially what Pittsburgh is. Thank God we do have Josh. Kenny Pickett kinda stinks. And George Pickens got so much preseason hype and he hasn’t done much in the regular season
  3. If our offense plays the way it did today, we will lose by 17. But if we can get a strong run game going, utilize PA and keep ball control, I think we can win
  4. Justin Fields is done. He’ll be out of the league in two years I predict
  5. Baltimore got screwed on that no call DPI
  6. I don’t even care about the shutout. Haha. Kinda comical to kick that FG
  7. This games sacks are definitely gonna inflate our stats on the season.
  8. We just need to have more trust in them early and pound the ball under center. Not our stupid draw out of shotgun
  9. Haha. That reminded me of EJ throwing the pick six to JJ Watt. Utterly pathetic on his part
  10. Wait. No forward progress call in that? now just run the ball from under center Kenneth
  11. Outside of the raiders game it hasn’t looked good at all against an average defense or better. Dolphins are gonna feast next week
  12. Dorsey is holding this team back. Idiotic timing in play calling. Run the ball at this point. We are getting like 4-5 yards a pop
  13. I prefer to get a couple first downs. Then a holding penalty and end up punting the ball. I think that’s Dorsey’s game plan too
  14. I’m talking about the whole game and the jets game. And last season as a whole
  15. Dorsey is not a good play caller. We are wasting this season and another year of Josh’s prime with him as our OC
  16. Don’t like being pinned against the one. Flashbacks of that Vikings game last year
  17. If we let them back into the game because of our offense. I’ll be pissed
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