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  1. They probably bought Barkley back because Daboll went as well, keep some familiarity
  2. I'm no contract expert.. but with Beasley gone and how well he played last year you would have thought mckenzie would get a bit more in comparison to other players.
  3. He's been a great draft pick and player. Wish him the best!
  4. There's a t shirt of this on redbubble, pretty cool.
  5. And 'women are programmed by nature to want to mate with the male with the best genes'. Look, this and sexuality aside, betrayal is one of the worst things you can do to someone.
  6. He was until he was intercepted. Oh wait..
  7. Always struck me as the kind of person that only cares about himself, just came across that way even as a player
  8. Alot of boxers unretire, must be something to do with the adrenaline they miss.
  9. Only if you always go for BPA. Maybe there's s good o line player you had graded slightly under the BPA but would help protect your franchise QB.
  10. I was pleased with a RB selection but thought it should have been OL after
  11. Was it KC with the pick before or SF? maybe he thought he might go there.
  12. I was one who wanted a stud RB for the bills.dissapointed to see the consensus best RB go to a division opponent. Wilson has showed potential aswell
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