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  1. That's because Beasley is a really reliable player. Beasley not one to drop the ball generally
  2. Not as bad as the lions clock management. Woah
  3. "Dorsey has been under the radar, but I think fans would give him a neutral mark on the season" This is the same thing that was happening with Daboll. Unfair assessment. We are 2ND in Offence - better than with Daboll who did a great job. Dorsey should NOT be given a neutral rating. There are things to improve and there have been 3 and outs but I think we are weaker in terms of receivers than we were with Beasley. Add to this Allen not being able to practice.
  4. I agree with you. The diggs moment was nice and They ran the football. Also Allen didn't run much and I've noticed when this isn't an option for allen he seems tentative
  5. I side with MCD on going for it, No1 rated offence, imposing our will on them.
  6. If you can't go up by two scores in Detroit against the browns then when can you? Just because we didn't make it doesn't make it the wrong decision
  7. This might work out well for us, being able to run the ball better
  8. To be fair - you can tell Josh is playing this game with not turning the football over being a priority.
  9. The best thing for the bills is to spread it around. Allen was locking onto Davis today and diggs too much in other games
  10. Bizarre is the word. We are first in offence and our QB seems to have no confidence.
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