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  1. In terms of who to root for, obviously neither team popular but Tampa did trade us the Josh Allen pick. I have respect for how good KC are and Brady keeping on going to the Superbowl is ridiculous.
  2. Mahomes is extremely talented in his own right.
  3. Anytime there is an outstanding player in the QB position The guy throws no look passes for goodness sake.
  4. I want the lions to do well. Don't think goff is who they need but it gives them time to access
  5. I think he's fine as a second or 3rd option. That drop was massive though, no doubt about that. Don't think a reporter asked Mcd about that
  6. I agree and I also think his aggressive in game coaching on 4th down (before this game) improved this teams output alot. I think it's great that Mcdermott has been questioning of some of his own decisions, he didnt sound defensive when asked in his end of season presser which I think bodes well.
  7. I hope Mcd, Allen and Daboll all sit in an office. I hope Allen is asked his opinion and is honest with mcdermott privately. The more time has passed and I've seen some of his press conference, Mcdermott is an inspiring coach but I think he was plain wrong to change what the Bills had done all season and to kick those FG. I think he was thinking of his defence more than the fearless message he had given the team a year or so before He's right
  8. OK. Fair enough. Can more checkdowns not open up more big plays? Against the texans and this game, Allen hasn't been his very best and as others have said still appears nervous (or whatever word applies.) Im looking at what could of improved his performance in line with other times he's played really well. Yes, I understand that check downs don't apply in the RZ. I have never really took issue with the offensive play calling before but have been frustrated with that of late as I think this plays into a predictability that KC seemed to think of our offence yesterday. Limited use of yeldon has been concerning, I was disappointed to see him inactive much of the season then he's suddenly part of the action in the biggest game of the season.
  9. By his own admission and the coaches admission he shouldn't need to take the whole game on his shoulders constantly. Although I get it it's not the 'smart' thing to do. I think by taking some checkdowns when the other big stuff isn't there he's a more dangerous QB. Do not remove the good stuff, just be more patient. The 'maturity' they are always talking about is making yourself less predictable so you don't have obvious weaknesses. The opponent is thinking 'he won't take the stuff we are giving him and will become impatient'. Belichek was goading him earlier in the season and he didn't take the bait. How many times has mcdermott said 'he needs to take what the defense is giving him.'? I think where I disagree with you is that 'in general he made good decisions.' based on what I'm saying I can't really agree with that. He made good decisions in regards to not turning it over for the most part. It was made hard for him by the fact he couldn't roll out much and didn't run alot. My point is that there were some more options there for him and I'm pretty sure when there was a RB open and he didn't take it they resulted in incompletions. Daboll runs a similar system to NE. Brady takes alot of those checkdowns if he's in there. There were other problems no doubt, just pointing out where I thought Allen could of been better under pressure by playing more patiently. By checking down more it forces people to come up. A fast playmaker would help too.
  10. I think the key thing here is that for Allen to have been better yesterday I actually think he needed to do less. There were times when I saw a RB open and he would fake then look for a bigger play.
  11. I tend to agree. Make the offense unpredictable and hard to stop like KC. Franchise TE was my thought pre this game, I accept they need a RB/WR though.
  12. Gonna get flamed for saying this but don't the bills have a really fast offensive player on the practive squad 🤔
  13. Sure, but the point is was Allen just trying to do too much by changing things which could of led to him not playing so well. So much of our offensive production has been him trusting his own physical abilities.
  14. In regards to Mcdermott and Allen, I think we are better off looking at both of them as very good rather than elite.. until they perform elitely in the elite games. Most other teams would want them but yesterday was a reminder of what elite is.
  15. Could you not in theory still run the play and trust your man beats their man, trust Allen can get the ball where it needs to go? Or is that a bit simplistic
  16. I've never seen so much pre snap changes, talk from Allen. Almost every play he was talking before it changing something.
  17. The only chance we would of had to win the game was go for the 4th downs. It all depends whether you convert the 4th downs but with a player like Allen who is capable of great and bad you don't know for sure they would not have converted one and got a shot in the arm as a result. One of the plays ( before the 4th down FG before the half) Allen makes a great throw to knox - before that play I thought 'I can't see the bills converting here' and they did. The same logic can apply to the defence - let's be honest with ourselves that the chance they stop KC on offence was minimal at best, so take the opportunity into your own hands. Ask yourself what would Reid have done with the bills personnel? What had we done all season? We had continually gone for 4th downs. As soon as we play a better team and are behind, do we change what we do?
  18. It went against what they did all season, so the question is why change today.
  19. Its a fair point. Objectively speaking at least one of those earlier FGs should have been gone for on 4th down like had been done all season
  20. They are better in all departments, that's the concern
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