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  1. The problem with saying cook is the best RB, he coughs the ball up like no one's business. I'm tired of the drops in particular
  2. I've always thought this: It's only ever the right call if it comes off
  3. Every superbowl seems that be like that these days. was looking at a clip about the 1991 superbowl and it seemed electric.
  4. Starting to hate that KC home uni. Eyesore
  5. In hindsight we might be in this game if we had traded for him.
  6. I see what you did here. Put a RB in there
  7. Makes you think whether we're actually gonna pick up another RB in the draft, unlikely I know
  8. It would be incredibly ironic if diggs wants out and is traded to a losing franchise. Got to think he refuses to go there haha
  9. What I find interesting on this is who is the WR coach? No mention of him
  10. @Chaos 'This Is an interesting thread. I see where your comin from on that one..it isn't just one guy'..
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