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  1. Exactly what we didn't want to see from Allen. He can change it in game though, needs to do so again.
  2. Other players need to help him out, need some mackenzie and yeldon and hold onto the ball
  3. It's in his nature to try and make plays, Im not sure we ever see that totally go
  4. LETS GO BILLS. Sexiest qb in the game hahahhahahah Can't believe it, lets go
  5. It sounds dangerously like a Rex Ryan presser. The kind of introduction that makes you think he won't be a great coach
  6. Allen more sexy. Mahomes is a bit more like a kid, a bit camp. Maybe they like the headband tho. Brady, Rogers probably two of the more sexy QBs aswell
  7. Wasn't even a OC/DC which is interesting
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