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  1. Feels like there's no groove or consistency from Allen recently
  2. As long as this keeps coming out it works in the Bills favour, problem might be when we are favourites and everyone's raving about us
  3. I do think the bills are caught between 'this is what we do and you will have to adjust to us' and adjusting themselves to the opponent
  4. Allen is the one out there missing sanders. 13 - 3 and one of the highest scorers in the league last season, Allen and daboll both need credit for that.
  5. You never hear anyone call for dabolls head when josh allen has a really good game. We all want to win superbowls
  6. The problem I've got with this is the fine margins. You can't demote daboll when the ball is overthrown to an open receiver to put the bills further ahead. he was schemed open. Add to that the o line was dominated, and add to that further mcdermott didn't have his best game in terms of the 4th down calls. Can't demote an OC who's done really well last season when there is plenty of blame to go round.
  7. Wonder what effect Dorsey as passing game Co ordinator had and will have moving forward..
  8. I feel like the o line coach will be the first person under fire if it continues as was Sunday
  9. It's one of the big changes he seems to have made, plays more cool to start the games. Speaking for myself, there was a time early on where I thought that's just who he was. Proved me totally wrong
  10. Shocking. Awful. No Keep the whites and have the reds for occasional games. The glossy look is awful as is the 'all the same colour' uniform they are doing in English football alot now.
  11. Hey, did you start taking this more seriously at a particular age? I've lost motivation in recent years to be healthy and eat well. In my 40s now and my motivation has gone to s***
  12. Yes takes a lot of courage in that type of atmosphere
  13. Tommy tremble is one of the better names I've seen during life
  14. Best thread I've seen on here, hilarious. Trubisky and tannehill are cute 😂
  15. Wheres the hate for mahomes come from? Want to see gronkowski smashed around sure, but mahomes?
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