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  1. Pay whatever it takes to get Alexis Perry away from the Denver Broncos.
  2. I'd like to chime in. Defenses started playing Mahomes...AND ALLEN with alot more shell cover 2. The pct of that d being played has gone WAY up in the last 2 seasons. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/defenses-are-slowing-down-great-passing-attacks-your-move-chiefs-and-bills/ The Chiefs adjusted to it by taking what the D gives. Mahomes YPA, AYPA all that, way down, but still was efficient because he and the coaches were able to reign in the idea that the deep shots were there. They weren't. The lack of deep passing by KC last year was stunning. Teams play the Bills this same way and Allen keeps taking deep shots when better options are out there. Last night was a great example of this. https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2023/2/8/23591100/patrick-mahomes-development-boring-chiefs-eagles-super-bowl
  3. .....I'm a Chiefs fan on a Bills board. Been here for years and you guys are just now figuring this out? I like the community here. Have had alot of fun interactions. I like the Bills and Josh Allen but I am a Chiefs fan and part of the fun is getting a dig in here and there.
  4. ....my true colors that I am a Chiefs fan? That I don't try to hide?
  5. That was spectacular! This is why I love watching Allen....he does that stuff!
  6. Just something to revisit. It was a spirited discussion at the time and now Elam is healthy scratch.
  7. ....VS Aiden Hutchinson...I'll take that performance. Wiley wouldn't have done as well.
  8. Good luck tonight Bills! Rooting for my 2nd favorite team. And looking forward watching Allen as always!
  9. It would seem that the Bills really did want McDuffie....for good reason. ..and reached for Elam in a panic.
  10. I don't mind the overpay, and I think he'd be about the same player on the left side. He IS an upgrade. Mahomes had TONS of time to throw. The drops were bad and Mahomes clearly isn't quite used to these guys yet....and the drops made it look worse, but I was encouraged by the pass blocking. It was good.
  11. The same. That was awful though. They'll get it figured out and will be fine. They won a SB last year with Meh WR. They will do just fine again with Meh WR. But, that was an awful start this year.
  12. KC had a missed FG and missed XP that game. .....not that it is important in the crucible of the moment...the circumstances for the Bills were infact, being 13 seconds away from advancing (and in my mind, going on to win the SB) ....but if we are talking about how it might have been....KC's poor special teams play during the early parts of the game made it come down to needing an improbably FG as it were.
  13. I'll chime in. (as if you want my opinion on this) 1. I like Josh Allen. He's on of my favorite players to watch. I don't hate the Bills and kind of have adopted them as my 2nd team. 2. I've many posts and the other Josh Allen lazy thread and I've seen Whitlocks comments. I also read somewhere around here that Josh himself has said he's not a big film guy? I don't know if that is a real quote or not, but.......... Let's assume Josh isn't a big film guy. He's also not married. He turned down Netflix to be on their QB docuseries. Could it be possible Josh turned that down because, having seen Mahomes on that thing completely dedicated to the QB craft...he might look bad? Or look less dedicated? I would imagine a young single rich dude like him, might not want to spend so much time studying...and maybe spend more time enjoy life, chasing tang and all that. This isn't to say Josh is wrong or bad or lacking. Dak, Burrow, Herbert....all young, single, rich, high end QB types turned it down too. Maybe it's normal not to spend a ton of time on film....or maybe it's typical of young rich athletes who are pretty successful without the film study....to spend their time enjoying life some.
  14. 1. Come on! If you watch that and think Travis is knocking on Jones, then you are trying too hard to find something controversial about it. He wants Jones to get paid tons of money AND wants him back to help win another title. Kelce knows he has way more season behind him than he does in front of him. Not many guys have won 3 SB....and he wants to be one of them. 2. Kelce Is underpaid. KC has at least once that I can remember and maybe more....end up converting future contract into up front bonus in season as they have cap room for it. Still underpaid, but they know it and try and throw extra right now cash at him subtracting from the back end......if that makes sense. Last year, they converteed 3 or 4 million and cut him a check in season at some point last year.
  15. You're right...KC is under, but less than a million under. They'll want to make space at some point.
  16. I think they have to be under this Tuesday? Anyhow, if KC has to, they have guys they can restructure to get there....but waiting on this Jones thing first is their plan.
  17. The very latest on Jones is that there had not been any communication throughout camp, but during the press conferences talking about the cut down to 53, the Chiefs announced that the two sides had began talking again. Some important points about this that suggest Jones will be back and PROBABLY will sign an extension. 1. KC remains about 9 million OVER the cap as of today. They have made ZERO moves to restructure other players contracts as of this post. Jones costs 19 million against the cap if he reports and just plays out the final year of his contract this season. The fact KC has not made any other restructuring moves suggests they think an extension can and will get done before the season opener, and thus they can free up cap space when that is signed. 2. Jones has not asked for a trade. Alot of times when a player and team are at an impasse, the player will request a trade so that he can be moved to a team willing to pay the price he is asking. That hasn't happend. And in the recent past, Jones has publicly stated, he wants to be a Chief for life. 3. The last time Jones was up for an extension, he did all the same cryptic social media posting. He talked about wanting Aaron Donald money. He went on Colin Cowherds show and said "what do I gotta do?" (to get paid) The posturing this go round seems pretty much the same. The fact the 2 sides are talking again suggests one side or the other has budged off their stance and I suspect it's Jones side that has budged. It's been rumored/reported by pretty reliable sources in KC that the KC offer will make Jones 2nd highest paid IDL behind Donald at somewhere around 28 Million per. Jones wants something north of Donald. KC isn't going there. I would expect Jones to report by Tuesday, deal or not. I'll be very surprised if he starts to forgoe game checks. I am mildly optimistic he comes in with an new extension. On Omenihu....The Chiefs knew a suspsenion was coming. I don't think they thought it would be SIX games. KC's interior D line is WEAK SAUCE after Chris Jones. They signed Omenihu to help with that...and they won't have him for 6 games. IF no Jones, and no Omenihu....KC is going to be in some shootouts and will be having a seriously hard time stopping the run. The edges KC deploys are more of the high effort variety....getting sacks assisted by Jones crashing the pocket and forcing the action to them....our edges aren't quick bendy guys. Will put the onus on the O and Mahomes to overcome the D....not ideal...but if you gotta win shootouts, KC can play that way if they have to. 2018 all over again.
  18. Shane Buchelle is one of those guys who is a "gamer". He doesn't have that strong an arm. He's not very big. He goes hard when he gets a chance to play. I am a little surprised KC didn't keep him on the active roster. There have been a couple times in the past KC added him to the 53 in season becasue teams were going to claim him form the Chiefs practice squad. One of those teams was teh Cardinals a couple years ago. For those that might not know or remember, Buchelles dad was Steve Buchelle....a longtime MLB baseball player. Buchelle went to Texas U before transfering to SMU and played really well there. I am a little sad he's in Buffalo. Kid works and plays hard and understands what it's like to be a pro because he was raised by one. This is about as good a practice squad pick up as you can get.
  19. The window is open as long as Josh Allen is your QB.
  20. I agree with your post. I'd like to add...it seems like eveyrone has already forgotten the series of calls the Rams got in their favor on their game winning SB drive VS the Bengals. At least in the case of the Chiefs game, the guy hit Mahomes well out of bounds. It was a penalty. They threw the flag. It was late in teh game and had a MAJOR effect on the outcome. But it was the right call. Not the same as that very chintzy PI that Logan Wilson got thrown on him at the goal line with less than minute left...or the very iffy one before that on the same drive. My point here is that all anyone even remembers two years later is the Rams won the SB. ...and those calls were way worse.
  21. This was a reference to the movie "The Big Lebowski" Also....for those still confused by the go fund me....it is in fact not real. Jones has already tweeted that it's not him and adivsed people not to send money to it.
  22. .....I love how KC stole the SB because the refs threw a flag on a play where there was definitely a late hit....and on a play where there was definitely defensive holding...... but those were gifted to us. Also...Jones is under contract for this season. If they don't reach and agreement, he might hold out a while, but he'll report at some point and play....and be UFA in the offseason. He's 30. Hill was 25 when we traded him....so not quite the same thing. I think most fans, myself included, would like to see him sign an extension, but if not....KC is operating kind of like new england did at Brady's peak.....moving on from talent a year too soon or on time instead of too late and getting into cap trouble. The common denominator to the Pats dynasty was Brady and Bill. I do think Jones is a guy who stays in great shape and has 3 years or more left in the tank...but if they decide the 30 plus mil per he's asking for is too much....I'll be fine with it.
  23. I don't post on Chiefs planet....I've said before....just not my kind of place. And I've also said...KC has some really knowledgeable fans...some are nationally known, some are working in analytics... and there is a lot of good podcast/creator types out there, but the forums....eh. Not so great. This place is the best fan forum I've been on. Plenty of activity in good times and bad...lots of discourse and discussion about your team and NFL stuff. I don't know if you guys realize how good you have it. I've also been a long time member of a Broncos community....good group of fans, but it's small and seems to be shrinking as a combo of both the team sucking for a while now, and also, too much infighting on their politics and religion section.
  24. Hey 808....I didn't see this whole thread, but I do see you might be looking for some Chiefs/Bills action? 100 bucks again?
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