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  1. Yeah...if you hold the ball long enough you’re OL looks like crap and in turn you make bad throws off your back foot. There were plenty of drop backs where he could thrown without any pressure. Instead hold the ball for more than 3 seconds and you’re going to be in trouble.
  2. I win either way next week. If the Bills win, great. If they lose, I still get to spend 3 nights in Nashville on Broadway. 😊
  3. YES!!! Moral victories are what it is all about!!
  4. Am I the only one who finds the in game timeout graphic below the box score confusing. Why use different colors for each team to indicate remaining timeouts?
  5. Wah. But on your big boy pants and play by the rules or take a timeout.
  6. Allen had plenty of time on many throws today... either... A - Find the open wr B - Find a covered wr and throw it where only he can catch it C - Throw it out of bounds D - Run AND GET DOWN ...instead we got BAD THROWS THAT WERE INTERCEPTED AND SACKS! Loss is on him...and to a lesser extent Barkley.
  7. drink all you want? Just hope they don't end up sitting right behind you.
  8. My point is this fanbase is not as "diehard" as some people make them out to be.
  9. I must have my unleashing players mixed up. I thought this week was DiMarco, next game is Duke, and the following game is Yeldon.
  10. ...so where are all BillsMafia diehards in December when the weather turns bad and the team is out of the playoffs?
  11. ^^^ This. I’m not sure why this is so difficult to understand for some.
  12. What did you have in mind? St. Louis?
  13. Nothing would make me any happier. Big phony.
  14. I know why they are doing it, but the constantly changing bar code/QR code is going to continue to cause massive headaches...unless the Bills convince the big players in the carrier game to put new towers close to the stadium. That being said, you want to avoid the problem...get to the stadium gates early.
  15. A couple of weeks ago, one of the WGR kiddie corp on Saturday Sports Talk was yelling(I mean yelling) into the mic, something about Matthew McConaughy. Not sure what he was trying to do? How about get the basics down before you work on your Steven A Smith, Jim Rome, Colin Cowherd, etc... impersonation.
  16. Maybe blame your carrier for having crappy and overloaded service near the stadium gates.
  17. More evident than ever, new threads on Sundays after a game should be blocked.
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