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  1. If I was the Pegula's, I would do everything possible to work out a deal with Bob Rich. It's always been and always will be Rich Stadium to me.
  2. For anyone suggesting Bills Mafia Stadium, you just made me puke. 🤢🤢 👎👎👎
  3. Happy Birthday Grant! 🎂
  4. Ummmm...no. Also, as a resident and and taxpayer of Erie County, I'm already subsidizing the stadium.
  5. ...or maybe it’s because over the last decade he has turned the Sabres into one of the all-time bad NHL teams. 😡
  6. This! Just keep bending over, and see where this league is going down the road. 👎
  7. This is a joke. A lab is being contracted to do hundreds or even thousands of test per day, and turning around results in 24 hours, but somehow this is not going to hurt general public testing...where in some cases it takes 4-5 days or more to get a result, not to mention those who live in areas where you can't even be swabbed the same day you request. It's more like the NFL is throwing much more money per test at this company, than insurance is paying a lab facility for normal schucks like us.
  8. Wouldn't surprise me if the county taxpayers get stuck with the bill.
  9. What establishment is this? I highly doubt this happened. If word got out, you’d have hundreds of local bars making the same request...and then you’d have a free for all.
  10. The one group that make me nervous is the OL. They were very average last year, and basically brought the same group of guys back.
  11. Over the last couple years, we've been to HS grad parties for friends/relatives kids, sent dinner or gifts to friends/relatives who have a newborn, b-day presents sent to children of niece and nephew(they live out of town)...and almost in every case, no thank you note. Is this a new thing where anyone under the age of ~30 doesn't know what a thank you note is? Not even a thank you via text or email.
  12. The Target closest to me wiped out what remained of the summer seasonal stuff and replaced it with school supplies. This was before the 4th of July. 😡 Someone told me they were recently looking for one of the hose reel boxes, and couldn't find one at either Home Depot or Lowes. But by mid-August you will be able to go in there and pickup Christmas decorations
  13. Yeah, but he sucks because he plays for the Cowboys and ESPN talks about him too much.
  14. If Cuomo wants to crackdown on this because of problems in the NYC area, why not just issue the edict for the counties that make up the NYC boroughs? Why penalize some random establishments in the middle of WNY and other places upstate who never have more than 10-15 people at any given time. Some big apple residents are not only ruining it for the rest of the state, but they are also going to once again be the cause of a rise in cases.
  15. Well then the poster should have picked a number instead of a range. It likes saying Josh Allen is a top 1-30 QB in the NFL.
  16. He said he was 13-20. Did I read it wrong?
  17. ^** This. It’s just Bills fans wanting(believing) Allen to be better...doesn’t mean it is going to happen.
  18. No surprise. I will be amazed if they play any games, let alone a full 16 game season and playoffs.
  19. If these worldwide giants wanted to get into the stadium naming rights business, they would just wait for an opportunity to open up in a major market. They aren’t wasting their time slapping their name on an aging stadium in a small market.
  20. Please feel free to list the 19 QB’s that are better than Dak?
  21. They were speculating how many have snuck out and didn’t get caught.
  22. Dak has pleasantly surprised me with his NFL success. I was never that impressed with him at MSU. ...and I’d take him in a heartbeat over Allen.
  23. I was reading earlier about NBA players caught sneaking out of the bubble at WDW. Just forget sports for 2020.
  24. PR stunt all the way. Doesn't sound like the company has anywhere near the capital to afford naming rights on an NFL stadium.
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