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  1. Maybe Bob Rich Jr. still has that blank check he was waving around during baseball expansion a couple of decades ago.
  2. Someone mentioned a few days ago, that the Bills and Wegmans don't have a good relationship, therefore you can forget about their name ever going up on the stadium. Anyone have insight as to what is going on between the two?
  3. They have this really cool button on your remote control. It allows you to change your TV to a different channel when you don't like what is on the current one.
  4. So they got a PPP loan between 5-10 mil, and then turned around and still screwed their employees. a$$holes.
  5. Believe it or not, I never even clicked on the link. I just found the thread title funny along with the responses.
  6. I wonder if AKC still lurks here? Not to live in the past, but AKC, BF, ICE, NJSUE, and other "characters", made for many, many, many enjoyable threads. 😀
  7. A thread that got off to a great start is being ruined with political rhetoric.
  8. Good! F*** New Era. A good friend lost their job last week at New Era. Yet someone with 10 years less experience at the company in a similar role, kept their job. I will no longer buy a cap without looking at the label to see if it is coming from these greedy bastards.
  9. The road to the SB coming out of the AFC is going through KC for at least the next few years.
  10. Nobody will ever top what Kareem Wooden did at USC in basketball.
  11. Bauerle is a blowhard of epic proportions. He comes across like the phony he is.
  12. Over easy, sunny side up, poached, hard boiled...all great. I will eat scrambled eggs also, but they have to be "runny". If they are not "runny", I usually have to salt and pepper them a LOT in order to eat them.
  13. ...and here I am sitting at just under 9k ,and joined right around the same time. I guess I've been slacking for the last 18 years. Congrats Joe!
  14. I'm really not missing sports at all. I realize in a normal year the only thing going on right now would be baseball, but I don't even really miss that. Maybe it is because it is summer, and even though many things are shut down, you can still enjoy the nice weather...and maybe I'll feel different once the weather starts to turn in WNY come November. We will see.
  15. I don’t know who Becton is, Dickinson either...clearly the NFL also doesn’t know who they are. 😂
  16. So they haven’t figured out how to overcome the long delays between testing and results? That is all you need to know. I’m guessing 80% chance there is no season.
  17. I agree with him 100% and have no problem with him saying it.
  18. It would not surprise me if no professional team sports are played for the remainder of the year.
  19. Yeah...as soon as he probably promised her $$$, I'm sure she changed her tune. He is such a choir boy.
  20. I'm sure it will be spun as "he was misunderstood". What a dumb ass. I hope they cut him tomorrow.
  21. Good for Mahomes. He is going to be the face of the NFL for a long time. He is an exciting player and seems like a nice guy off the field. That being said, I will never cheer for the Chiefs to win a single game as long as they have that scumbag Tyreek Hill on their team. Just think...without the Bills participation, Mahones would probably not have ended up in KC.
  22. This! I said the same thing when this same question came up in the last couple months. 👍
  23. The proposed resumption of the NBA and NHL seasons is a joke. Just pack it in, and if they are lucky, the 20-21 seasons can start on time come October.
  24. Happy Birthday to an all time great! 🎉🎉
  25. He jerked scouts around last year by moving his “workout” to another site cross town. Any bridges he hadn’t burned before that, were pretty much blown up.
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