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  1. I'm with you that I wish they had prioritized stocking up at WR more than they did but "they'd be middling with Case Keenum playing all year" is a weird way to go about saying that. Case Keenum at QB is a crappy situation. To say they'd be average with a low-end starting quarterback is a huge compliment to everyone involved. In your scenario everyone around Keenum is so good that they elevate him. In the modern NFL you're supposed to lose when the other team has better quarterback play. QB is really, really important.
  2. Since it relies on ever-increasing investment from ownership, do the Bills who pull in relatively little revenue each year compared to other teams ever reach a point where ownership has to pull back? Or with revenue sharing are we good forever?
  3. Good point. I saw some dude on Youtube call it the biggest win in 6 years.
  4. Struck him out And the ballgame is over! Big win today boys Tops in the NL #LGM
  5. Two different ownership regimes did not see fit to let him preside over any of three separate head coaching searches. I wonder why that is.
  6. His length and his spatial awareness make him an excellent candidate for cleanup sacks and therefore a nice stylistic fit opposite Von Miller.
  7. Jackson is at minimum quality depth. Another CB is a completely wasted pick with no path to the field now or even several seasons from now. It's lighting a 2nd round draft pick on fire.
  8. I would be very surprised if they went corner in round 2. Taron Johnson is a good player who we got in the 4th round and he played well as a rookie. Even if they bizarrely don't want him anymore, his acquisition shows you don't need to go high on zone slot corners as it's not what teams are falling all over each other for early in the draft.
  9. Weird way to use a first rounder IMO. The upside is I don't have to hear a word about cornerback for the next 10 years. We've drafted soooo many corners throughout my fandom, you gotta laff.
  10. I feel ya. It's tough to project Derm and Frazier taking a left turn after going right for 5 straight seasons, particularly when it's mostly worked extremely well for them.
  11. Multiple first round picks at corner for a zone defense is a pathetic waste of resources. We're not asking these guys to follow elite WRs all over the field. This guy could be great and change very little for the defense compared to a Levi/Dane in that spot. The Bills themselves only have one WR anywhere approaching the ballpark of elite, PLUS a lack of depth. Maybe work on that deficiency so you don't become the Packers wasting Aaron Rodgers 'cause you stubbornly left his weapons locker light. Two first round zone corners for crying out loud! I'm laffin'. I don't know how I'll feel watching them cover the flats then pass dudes off to the safeties at 15 yards in Cover 2, or give a 12-yard cushion in Cover 3 or 4...but hey, I'm sure he can seal the hell outta that edge!
  12. What would we do with two high picks at corner? We have Tre White and Taron Johnson. One of those two picks would just be a backup his whole Bills career? If this were a Wink Martindale defense I might listen to a case for over-stocking that way but it's poor allocation for a zone defense where guys like Levi Wallace and Dane Jackson are functional starters, let alone backups.
  13. If the pick isn't a WR it's automatically a fail. There's nothing else that makes sense. Let's go Buffalo. I've wanted a WR in the 1st every year for like forever. It's goddamn time. It, is, God, damn, time. Put excellence around Josh Allen. Diggs is only one guy. Don't be the Packers wasting Aaron Rodgers because you only had one GUY. Like we all enjoy Gabe but don't be lazy and underprepared. Just because it's the fun sexy thing to do don't make it wrong na mean? It ain't 1989. Like, it ain't 1989. The rules are built for this. Defense is illegal. Like what we used to call pass coverage and pass rush is now not legal, bros! Take advantage with ruthlessness. Load up on explosive weapons and bombs a-freaking-way. Freaking carpet bombs. Goddamn atomic bombs. Hillary Clinton in Libya bombs. The only missing ingredient is goddamn Dabes. The only OC since Kevin Gilbride who understood what I am saying to you right now. Dabes didn't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blow. Honor the greatest OC in Bills history (just kidding (but not really)) by finishing the job he ***** started. Can I get an amennnnnnnnnnn-uh I can already see the responses nope not under the influence boys. Just ready to drive 9 hours to downtown BUFFALO for a goddamn Superbowl parade!!! Do it while my father is alive god *****. He deserves it. That boy would go to games by himself at like 11 years old. Is that a different goddamn planet???? Don't screw around, just dominate. Ruthless. Bomb all their freaking heads off. Show the rebel alliance the full power of this station and show every stupidass team that steps to us the full God. Damn. Power of Josh freaking Allen.
  14. I want to go WR in the 1st and trade-up if the value is right. Basically I want a second true #1 receiver as good as Diggs playing opposite him. My concern is that with Aaron Kromer having so much of Derm's trust serving as run game coordinator under a rooke OC, that they will over-rely on Kromer and run the ball too much and over-do 12 personnel. Spreading the field with lots of talent at WR and letting Josh cook has made this a championship caliber team. All this talk of "evolving" is frankly concerning to me. Become more multiple, that's fine but the fastball is by far the most commonly-thrown pitch for a reason.
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