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  1. Taiwan Jones. Just not a good football player, not heady and alert, terrible at tracking the football and keeping it out of the endzone. So rarely makes a play out there. And gunner is a fairly important job.
  2. The Bills are in a position of desperation at WR after neglecting it for 3 years. They have to gamble. They need immediate high-end production alongside Diggs, very unlikely you get that without assuming risk. I do not understand why this hasn't been a priority before now but here we are.
  3. Think about Josh Allen with Tyreek Hill AND Jaylen Waddle. Devonta Smith AND AJ Brown...Ja'Marr Chase AND Tyler Boyd. The Bills offense would be unstoppable. You can't stop multiple high-level targets with today's rules, both on the perimeter and in the pocket. Why would you not want that kind of devilish situation here on our team? Where has the Bills management been the last several years? It's like they tie one hand behind their back because they want to make sure other teams have a chance. The fact Bengals fans can say Joe Burrow is better than Josh Allen and there's only so much a Bills fan can say in response and it's "agree to disagree" is a travesty. It's a huge failing on the Bills organization around the QB from the management to the coaches. Every person on this planet should be slapped on the nose with the knowledge that Josh Allen is the best quarterback alive. And it's not even like management has tried to build around him and missed. They don't even try.
  4. I agree Elam was not the only misstep. I'm talking about it because the criticism still gets pushback, at this point nobody is deluding themselves into thinking Epenesa and Basham were great picks so there's no discussion. Your attempt to shame me into not disagreeing with you with a word like "obsession" is a real gas. The Elam pick was poor team-building strategy, and it did represent over-investment for a limited return. A premium asset and we're getting very little out of it, both short- and long-term. The Bills system de-emphasizes cornerbacks.
  5. Time to be quiet then, if your word means the bandwidth it's written on. Eat your hat out, Beasty!
  6. Diggs is one guy. You start 3 WRs. Yes, I've wanted a 1st round WR every year for a long time. Do whatever the h*** you want with your hat.
  7. I've been pounding the table for a 1st round, or early-round WR every year for a long time. I didn't want Davis to be the only option. It was very much up in the air whether he could be the prolific full-time starter we needed him to be. Last year my attitude was 'yes we have Davis who has a chance to be good but don't get caught with your pants down at such an important spot.' Also if Davis works out and so does the new draft pick, great, now you have three of em!
  8. So Tre White will miss a few months...panic? Mortgage the future and make a poor decision for your roster? You ignore huge needs on offense because you have a short-term injury? Now Tre White is back and we have a waste of resources and poor talent around Josh Allen. Really WR should have been addressed prior to that draft though, I'll give you that. But Kaiir Elam was a luxury pick on a roster that wasn't as good as they thought it was.
  9. Usually it has been the defensive line but last year's 1st was Kaiir Elam. The Bills have had multiple elite defenses with Levi Wallace starting at corner. They have Levi Wallace copies now in Dane Jackson and Christian Benford. They are always going to be a primarily zone defense under Derm and Frazier. The upside, the ceiling of your 1st rounder being to go from 30% man to 38% man is a horrible waste of resources.
  10. You don't need 2 1st round corners for a zone defense. Over-prioritized. A lot of good it did us against Cincinnati. I wonder what Josh Allen could do with WRs like that? Na, let's have 2 of 3 starting WRs be dudes who can't catch while we burn 2nds and 3rds on defensive backups.
  11. Gotta replace Edmunds and Poyer, let's look at the safeties too. Good catch!
  12. And people actually wanted another corner in the 2nd last year after taking one in the 1st.
  13. And Taron Johnson is getting old! I'm sure if we just draft one more corner it will make all the difference...this is the one for sure!
  14. Need a first rounder on a DE who doesn't rush the passer—maybe another corner!
  15. He used the word draconian, I thought you of all people would like it!
  16. I saw Erik Turner said on Twitter that Diggs laid into Josh! Not sure what he said?
  17. Bills fans discussing a thing when it becomes relevant to the Bills? Oh the horror.
  18. The coaching staff would get canned. I'd probably hire Ben Johnson or Sean Payton. I'd need to take have a serious talk with Beane and get a sense for how much of neglecting the offense around Josh Allen over the last 3 years is on him.
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