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  1. We did a good job losing to Philly- that was clutch. The Pats beating Philly was big for us because now we can get the tiebreaker!
  2. The team that wins the turnover battle is 80% to win in the NFL. Eighty percent! Getting turnovers is important stuff.
  3. Apparently they don't trust him with the clipboard.
  4. Interesting that we get Denver at home before the Thanksgiving game but Dallas goes at New England and then has to turn around on a short week.
  5. Yeah it's all about where the ball crossed the boundary which is impossible to know for sure on that angle. Looks to me like he's short but they were always going to keep the call on the field
  6. He's probably short of the marker but there's no actual evidence to overturn it. Bad challenge
  7. Do you guys hear that ticking sound? What is that???
  8. A run up the middle with jet action is "cute?" This wasn't the only time they pulled linemen to sell a run fake, they did it a number of times in the game and it generally worked out fine, as it did on this play. Our OL handles it well, not sure what you're getting at there? It was a quick pass and Josh had more than enough time.
  9. Would give us dynamic two-TE sets that defensive coordinators would sleep over, I'd love to see it. Can hurt Belichick and his slow linebackers if he's focused too much on Brown/Beas
  10. They're hopeful about Mosley giving it a go. I'm excited for this one, Darnold looked fantastic against Dallas and Gase beat them in Miami last year. Go Jets
  11. There are several on this board I would trust to break down A22 before Joe B. This article from last week had Spain as one of the top linemen in the NFL through the first 4 weeks-- check out the other names with him on the list. https://www.sharpfootballanalysis.com/analysis/nfl-offensive-leaders-in-total-points-earned-through-week-4/
  12. Simms was on the Bills all offseason, he's not just starting to watch now. He's got mancrushes on Josh and Derm that probably make his wife jealous
  13. Hopefully Foster can get healthy and make a difference.
  14. You can google 'Buffalo Bills inactives' up to 90 minutes before kickoff to see if Singletary (and others, like Foster) is active.
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