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  1. Also worth mentioning: wind. Hauschka over time got very good at playing the Bills Stadium wind after figuring out his plan of adjustment early in the day, and monitoring it as the game began. The wind seemed to play a major part in the fake miss being as close as it was; this is a season with high expectations but even so we can afford a little patience here.
  2. Yeah I wanted Green but I have to say he's a shell of what he was, at this point. He would have made some of those catches a couple years ago i.e. the back shoulder throw. Good thing we got Diggsy.
  3. I love Inception too, great job in not getting too caught in the ideas / sci-fi elements but also telling an impactful human story along with it. The Mal character and her arch is still haunting to me whenever I think about it. I love the ending too
  4. I've sort of been thinking Dodson is the first linebacker in if anyone gets injured, surprised to see you're expecting him inactive.
  5. I thought Boehm would be the backup center because Bobby Johnson but I guess it's Bates for now ?
  6. Seems not. Someone commented on Twitter the Colts are like 10th in cap space still because of low dead cap.
  7. Yeah, its been reported Marlowe and 'Dre Roberts will both be back today so while I was anticipating 6 corners, 5 seems fine if that's what they choose. They'll have multiple DBs they like on the practice squad they can use freely with the new rule if need be.
  8. I think Sweeney is already on PUP and doesn't count on the 53. Wondering if Taiwan Jones may be headed to IR-R.
  9. I think Dean Pees' retirement is potentially a huge loss for them. Vrabel decided not to hire a defensive coordinator so the situation is very much up in the air, last I checked nobody was sure who will even call the defenses. If it's Vrabel himself he's putting a lot on his plate trying to replace one of the top DCs in the game.
  10. And had 4 INTs in a season in Lovie's Cover 2 so maybe part of what Sean & Co. like is the speed combined with good instincts in zone coverage.
  11. I tend to think five CBs is common enough that it does not make sense to automatically label any team that rolls with 5 as thin at the position.
  12. I keep hearing they're 'short at CB.' Is five corners not fairly common around the league?
  13. So another one of these names, in addition to Feliciano, needs to go on IR-R to make room for Marlowe and Roberts. Any guesses? Taiwan Jones?
  14. nope Smith not going anywhere, and never was. Easily best blocking TE on the team
  15. Dawkins, Ford, Morse, Spain, Williams, Nsekhe, Bates, Boehm, Boettger, Salami(spellecheck haha!), Winters = 11. Who am I missing?
  16. For them to cut a guy they already know is a fine backup WLB in Thompson, they must see actual upside in this kid
  17. Surprising to see him over Thompson, they must see some real upside with Milano's contract looming.
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