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  1. One of our biggest problems through that whole period was never been quite bad enough to land a top QB. Donahoe by all accounts badly wanted Big Ben. But we couldn't get up that high so got JP instead. That was one of the depressing things about that time. At least Jags fans got the number 1 pick to look forward to and knew they could go get a 'generational' QB. Same with the Colts. We just seemed to tread water the whole time with guys like Holcomb and Orton or praying for a Brady type find with someone like Trent Edwards.
  2. Dolphin fans are funny. They're always overconfident. The Tua stuff is hilarious. Lots of posts about "Allen may have a stronger arm but Tua is superior with accuracy". There's a 10,000 page thread of them arguing about that video they posted of Tua throwing that lame duck pass. I've been going back to it now and then whenever I feel like a laugh.
  3. They're not scheduling the Bills, they're scheduling Josh Allen. The league knows he's so close to being superstar and that neutrals love watching him play (Von Miller helps too!)
  4. I hope some Bills fan somewhere in the world is on acid when they just happen to click that video
  5. Plus, thanks to his steady diet of virgin's blood, he'll probably live to about 300
  6. The attention and respect of getting primetime games is great, but I do sort of miss all the games being at 1pm. I have my routine all set up for that.
  7. I don't think not finding it funny implies a lack of humor or anything. To be honest it was mildly amusing. I definitely didn't laugh out loud or anything, I just smiled, sort of how I used to be when I watched Cheers
  8. I liked it and I've been a fan since the 1950s. Bill Kelly, Thurman 'Cookie' Thomas, Bruce 'The Minister of Defense' Smythe, Marv Levi's. The list goes on. I always thought if we had a 15 page thread about a GMFB host it would be comprise of nothing but pictures of Kay Adams
  9. Yardage wise maybe not, but I think we get more sacks and turnovers.
  10. I love how the guy in the background is clearly thinking "what in Christ's name?"
  11. Funnily enough I was watching his highlights on YouTube earlier. The video was only 3 minutes long as they just included his sacks and int. I also think he could have a big year. He'll benefit from Miller, but will also have refined his technique a bit and improved his physicality. From memory he did well in run support and that's a part of a DE's game that can go underrated as everyone concentrates on sack numbers. Also, I'm sure I read that he had a very good rating in terms of QB hurries/hits. But of course because the sack numbers weren't high he's seen as a disappointment. He did seem very inconsistent, with a game good game would be followed by a string of quiet ones but I'm getting old and my memory can't remember all the way back to last year. I also think Basham will improve a lot as well. AJ? not so sure about him. Wouldn't surprise me if he doesn't make the team
  12. Yep he's already the one I'm pulling for. I'm not a college guy and would make a terrible scout because I look at his highlights and think he looks great. Hopefully he can ball out in camp and make the roster over Sweeney
  13. You said green was draft picks and blue was FA but on the list the draft picks are blue and FA are green. No big deal as everyone knows which is which, it just reminds me of Rocky when they get the color of his shorts back to front on the poster so I thought I'd mention it
  14. If Buddy Nix was still a GM there would have been 2 taken
  15. Straight swap for Strange
  16. Great job. Although I'm either color blind or you have those shades back to front
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