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  1. They've screwed themselves now because even if he's fine and would pass a bunch of tests by a bunch of different doctors, they have to hold him out for several games because if he goes back in and has another one they'll take the heat for it.
  2. All these years and I still surprise myself with how much I hate the Patriots
  3. whenever he's having a rough game he always seems to come out of it and start playing better when he takes off running. I've come to the conclusion that getting hit just helps him get into the flow and play better, almost as though it loosens him up. The designed runs I'm not in favor of but his scrambling is much easier to protect himself and such a huge part of his game that I want that to continue
  4. Interesting that people are always saying Allen runs too much, will get injured blah blah blah. He may get injured, it can happen at any time, but right now in our division, Wilson missed 3 games, Tua is out after getting concussed 2 weeks in a row and the Pats are down to their 3rd string QB. Interesting...
  5. I love the Lions. I remember back during the drought I said it was bad enough losing but I hated losing with such a boring team. This Lions team may still be losing but they're so fun to watch
  7. Please win this so we can stop this media garbage about how we can't win close games
  8. holy *****. I was about to say that was smart because if they fail buffalo is backed up and you might get a pump with good field position to get in FG range but then he throws the pick and we get it at the 20 Love you poyer x
  9. Man you can tell we're the hunted this year. Players taking shots whenever they can
  10. Lamar has had a great start to the season. Hopefully josh completely outplays him today
  11. Back before the 2018 draft. 4 guys full of hope of confidence.
  12. The real question is what happens if they hold him out several weeks, he comes back, takes a hit and has another concussion of spasm or whatever it was. That's when everyone will be urging him to hang it up
  13. Sadly, like so many things in today's world, there are lots of people who will only do something (give to charity, run a marathon, go to a concert) if they can let everyone know they've done it on social media.
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