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  1. Seem like a wildcard team to me. That’s a SB caliber team. Have to execute in order to win the ballgame.
  2. As long as we have the clapper, we ain’t goin win nothing. lol they have the wrong clapper. They need a McClapper.
  3. I hate to say it but ppl still watch ESPN and shanon and skip bring ppl to watch these games with their artificial drama show.
  4. Forster needs to come on strong he’s the element of this offense we are missing. Also need to get the ball to Knox more. Kid is like gronk out there running ppl over.
  5. That’s a drive the patriots have done to us countless times. Bone crushing, back breaking drive that just eats the clock and kills the other teams hopes. That my boys is how you football. Our other coaches should have punted it after a three run in a row three and out with the same old mantra that “our d is playing well”.
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