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  1. I think Kittle is the best TE out there. His blocking tenacity is fantastic and he’s a great runner who can catch. I like how his personality is pretty chill too, he’s kinda a goof. I’m sure this organization will keep an eye on it but with Knox I’m not sure they feel they need an upgrade yet. They expect big things from Knox this year and I hope they get it.
  2. Glad to see these low risk 20 and 30 somethings getting fresh air with vitamin D working on their craft And not believing CNN. My parents live in FL and are going to restaurants and are fine. I’m in IL and I’m still shut in for my protection. So sick of this, it’s a clear power grab and a abuse of power.
  3. I miss NFL head coach 09 more than any other EA football game. Loved that game. Design your own plays, draft storylines announced by sheffty. Calling the plays and watching your players screw up or score. Now that was a as a football game.
  4. It’s not football anymore. It’s MUT and an EA cash cow. Who cares about plays, franchise development, the draft, context, etc. They just update the roster and churn out the hype. Madden is for normies now. Not for anyone who wants a good football x and o experience.
  5. I like brown but glab is not my cup of tea. She seems more drama, backstory focused rather than football x and o focused as I like. To each their own I guess
  6. While there is a double standard here, creepy or unwanted touching is generally defined by how attractive the person is to you. This is true for both sides. I’m glad it’s reported though since it’s over reported on the female victim side and underreported on the male side.
  7. Some people need to realize that there is a possibility that both things can be true: This is a real crisis worth taking seriously POS scum people with their hands in big farma and gov are taking advantage of it. Also so I hope the season starts.
  8. Personally I’m tired of quaranting the everyone instead of quaranting the sick like normal.
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