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  1. Bills will have 7 new starters on offense. While these new personnel look to be better on paper, I think it might take a while for them to "Gel". I think the Jets could be pretty good and will be tough at home. I believe their WRs and TE are better than Bills and the 2 QBs are about even. I think Bell is going to be the key for them. If he can produce like he did at Pitt, Jets can be in most games this year but I think he is a huge ? mark, especially with the OL of the Jets not being anywhere near as good as Steelers. His hesitation at the line of scrimmage might not be nearly as effective when the line can't hold their blocks. Both defenses should be pretty solid. It will be a tough game and not the "gimme" some on here predict. I would wager Jets will be favored at home. I think the Bills can be an 8 - 10 win team if Allen progresses like we hope he can. To do it though means the Bills will need to turn the 2-4 record in the division in 2018 to 4-2 in 2019. I also think every other team"s fanbase is looking at the Bills as a "win".
  2. Things I want to see this pre-season: 1. No injuries 2. who starts on OL and TE and can they open up running lanes 3. Some dump off passes to backs and Beasley and a working screen play 4. No QB runs 5. Won't really care what defense does as they will be good when games actually count 6. Who is getting 2nd team reps at OL, WR, TE, RB.
  3. There's always room on a roster for a player that produces. I believe Foster gives Dabol opportunities to put multiple combinations on the field to put all sorts of varying pressures on opposing defenses.
  4. And yet PFF, has the Bills with the 29th worst roster in the NFL.
  5. Loved the video. I enjoy Chris Sims and definitely like Allens down-to-earth demeanor. You have to root for the kid. Great story so far. Time for the next chapter. Looking forward to it.
  6. I would hope it wouldn't take 10 years for Allen to get to 60%.
  7. If he didn't bring anymore to the table than just those stats (47% and 56%), if he wasn't also a dangerous runner or could extend plays, and if I thought that he is surrounded with enough talent to have better stats than that, yes, I probably would look to move on from that type of QB. Certainly I would be looking to add competition to the mix. The fact that Allen has a running dimension to his game and can extend plays gives me hope that, with better surrounding talent, he can be a 60% + type QB. I also think that his running ability and 8 TDs he scored on the ground should also factor into his ability to be an NFL starting QB. I believe Allen has a lot of upside, but I also feel he needs to complete 60+% and read defenses quicker. The rest should take care of itself.
  8. 52.8% completion rate will not make it in the NFL and Analytics is basically saying that. How does running for over 600 yards and 8 TDs factor into being an "effective" QB, which is really all that matters. If Allen wasn't as athletic as he is with running ability and being able to extend plays (something analytics isn't able quantify for QBs), we would all be on Beane for taking Allen. I'm looking forward to watching Allen progress this year with a better OL, a better running attack and WRs that can get separation. Ultimately though, Allen has to improve his completion % and his decision making. Hopefully, with the revamped Offense, we will see Allen improve in the areas Analytics sees as essential to success as a QB. His athleticism, hopefully, can be the icing on the cake that can help him become elite. I also like Dabol and look forward to what he can do with better offensive weapons. Should be an exciting season.
  9. I liked what I saw from Allen last year. He looked like he belonged out there. He has to learn to read defenses better, to stay in the pocket more, get rid of the ball quicker and get better Comp %. He will have a better OL this year, hopefully a better running game, and better receivers. I like that he is willing to stand in there and take the long ball more than most other QBs in the league. He may never be a highly accurate passer but I believe he will improve in that category. I just don't think Allens unique skill level fits the analytical model of what a QB is supposed to be; his ability to run and his cannon for an arm puts a lot of additional pressure on a defense which Dabol can use to help create mismatches that will help Allen succeed. If Allen was an average running QB with an average arm the statistics would definitely be less favorable for Allen to succeed. So I think Allen has a lot more upside than what analytics might imply. He is an outlier that doesn't fit the mold of what analytics consider for success as an NFL QB. Let's hope he continues to develop along those lines and still retain what makes him unique.
  10. Clowney is basically on a 1 year deal for almost $16 million. To give up a 2nd round + pick doesn't make since unless there is a long term deal. Sounds very expensive to me. I would guess he'd want a lot of guaranteed money. Doesn't sound like a Beane type move unless they feel Clowney is the type of franchise player that will take the team to playoff caliber.
  11. It would only possibly make sense if the Bills had another penetrating 3 tech DT, they don't. I was just speculating if a DT like McCoy were on the team. I look forward to seeing Oliver as a 3 Tech DT, but I think he would be good also as a DE, but there would be no reason to move him if there is no one to take his place as a 3 tech.
  12. The report card for Gettlemen was not kind.(F)
  13. Agree, really. Lee is not really a receiving threat and that is something Croom can do. Probably means a lot more 2 TE sets. Another weapon in the Dabol toolbox. I predict Lee will have more than 150 yards receiving this year. Bold prediction.
  14. Then again, maybe the Owners want to remove a certain TE from the team and are "encouraging" the FO to find an alternative.
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