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  1. I think the Bills have an offense this year. Great blocking upfront for Singletary. Now, if only our defense can keep it going.
  2. Very entertaining highlights. It was nice to see all the great plays over his career. I have a better perspective as to why he is mentioned on this site as a possible HOF candidate. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Maybe it's the last "Go for it season" and after the season ends, AB is gone (if he even makes it through the season) and more importantly, Brady retires. I could see Gronk coming back for the last hurrah. They could afford to wait til half way through the season to actually sign him (Gronkowski) to the active squad. Bills just have to do their thing, get better, and shoot for the playoffs, one way or the other. 2020 may finally be the year the AFC east is wide open. Go Bills.
  4. I think it is not a bad idea to have a 3rd string develemental QB on practice squad, I would hate to ever see Tyree have to come in and play QB for the Bills. Dungey was at least competitive and was instrumental is SU's success last year. I am not close to being any kind of talent evaluator but IMHO Tyree doesn't have it.
  5. I think Bills took the wrong NY QB. I see how Tyree might have had more upside but Dungey was a far more accurate passer and played at a higher level. I just don't see Jackson as an NFL QB but Dungey made plays and made his team better. What more could you ask for from a 3rd string Practice Squad QB.
  6. Five things that I believe have to happen for Bills to be a top 5 defense: 1. Stop the run. Bills had a hard time last year. 2. Keep drives going on offense. 3. Score 4. Force teams into passing which is strength of Bills defense. 5. Force turnovers. Seems simple. I know Bills were # 2 in some categories last year, but to be truly elite, these are the areas needing improvement. If they can do these things, I won't care what their defensive ranking is. I now they will be good and will be in most games next year.
  7. Bills will have 7 new starters on offense. While these new personnel look to be better on paper, I think it might take a while for them to "Gel". I think the Jets could be pretty good and will be tough at home. I believe their WRs and TE are better than Bills and the 2 QBs are about even. I think Bell is going to be the key for them. If he can produce like he did at Pitt, Jets can be in most games this year but I think he is a huge ? mark, especially with the OL of the Jets not being anywhere near as good as Steelers. His hesitation at the line of scrimmage might not be nearly as effective when the line can't hold their blocks. Both defenses should be pretty solid. It will be a tough game and not the "gimme" some on here predict. I would wager Jets will be favored at home. I think the Bills can be an 8 - 10 win team if Allen progresses like we hope he can. To do it though means the Bills will need to turn the 2-4 record in the division in 2018 to 4-2 in 2019. I also think every other team"s fanbase is looking at the Bills as a "win".
  8. Things I want to see this pre-season: 1. No injuries 2. who starts on OL and TE and can they open up running lanes 3. Some dump off passes to backs and Beasley and a working screen play 4. No QB runs 5. Won't really care what defense does as they will be good when games actually count 6. Who is getting 2nd team reps at OL, WR, TE, RB.
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