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  1. Though I'd rather have Brown practicing, it does give the Bills the opportunity to see if they have an adequate replacement in training camp vs during the season. Let's hope for the best for Brown, Crowder, and Tre. I'm glad that other players are getting the opportunity to shine. It pays to have "reliable" depth.
  2. I hope he goes home to England and writes a book about his experiences playing NFL Football. I think it could be fascinating from the English perspective.
  3. I can see Johnson and Zimmer but, according to Spotrac, Butler has a $6,000,000 dead cap that is almost $700,000 more than his cap hit.
  4. One of my favorite games of all time. Picture quality left a lot to be desired, but we didn't know the difference back then.
  5. If Wallace was not re-signed, I would guess the # 30 pick to be a CB. Now I'm not so sure. The DE, DT, TE class does not seem to be that strong at pick 30 so I will not be surprised if the pick is one of top 3 RBs. CB is still a good value at #30 though. TE/ CB at 2nd round. 3rd; TE/CB.
  6. I believe the 2 seed will be playing the Ravens. They have an easy schedule compared to Miami. The 3 seed might have an easier game in Cleveland or Indy. Even if Steelers keep the 2 seed, I could see them being eliminated in the first round which would give Bills second home game if they win their first round game. If I were to make a guess, I'd say Bills will be the 2 seed facing Ravens who scare me somewhat, and Titans also. Let's just keep winning and see where the chips fall.
  7. I like her. She appears to at least ask intelligent questions as if she actually did some homework. It’s a nice change from listening to all the old guys on the show who often times appear to be winging it. I’m sure she is there to help bring in a younger audience. I agree that Chris Brown is the best of the lot.
  8. I am probably oversimplifying this, but maybe the real problem is the 60/ 40 split of stadium ticket revenue. Make it 80/20 and the owners will be more responsible to make their stadiums more profitable, however they see fit to make that happen. If the Pegulas want to keep prices low, good for them. If they want to build a new stadium and charge more, fine. I’m sure they know exactly what each scenario will cost them.
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