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  1. It would only possibly make sense if the Bills had another penetrating 3 tech DT, they don't. I was just speculating if a DT like McCoy were on the team. I look forward to seeing Oliver as a 3 Tech DT, but I think he would be good also as a DE, but there would be no reason to move him if there is no one to take his place as a 3 tech.
  2. Agree, really. Lee is not really a receiving threat and that is something Croom can do. Probably means a lot more 2 TE sets. Another weapon in the Dabol toolbox. I predict Lee will have more than 150 yards receiving this year. Bold prediction.
  3. Then again, maybe the Owners want to remove a certain TE from the team and are "encouraging" the FO to find an alternative.
  4. My real hope is that Lawson and Murphy play lights out and there would not be a reason to consider moving Oliver sometimes to DE. It appears to be a concern to the Bills organization as they appeared to be real interested in Ansah. Getting McCoy and having Oliver play DE sometimes in obvious passing downs was just a thought to maybe get the best four on the DL on the field, especially when McDermott like to apply pressure from the front four. Obviously, without McCoy, there would be no reason to move Oliver to DE because no one else on the team right now can generate the kind of pressure that Oliver can at the 3 tech. With someone like McCoy, who is a 6 time pro bowler, we would have a 3 tech that could generate pressure up the middle and if Oliver could rush the passer from the DE position, Bills could make it very difficult for opposing offenses. Just my thoughts. Also, McCoy would cost 13 million this year but Bills could afford that and there is no dead money involved so if it doesn't work out, he can be released with minimum cost to Bills.
  5. Wrecks would play him as a LB with Shaq.
  6. There is talk he might be traded or released because TB doesn't have enough cap to pay their incoming draft class. They also have Jason Pierre Paul who is a DE with 2 years left on his current deal, cost about 27 million for the 2 yrs. I haven't seen him mentioned as a possible trade/ release yet but maybe something could be worked out between Bills/ TB if Bills see that as a solution. Also, McCoy is only 31 so he still has some good years remaining. 3 Tech DT is definitely his best position, but his skill set is very unique as a DT such that it might also translate to DE.
  7. I am not an expert in this at all, but I see that Gerald McCoy might be available, and if so, would it be possible to move Oliver to DE sometimes and have a lineup consisting of Oliver, Totulelei, McCoy, Hughes. Oliver is quick off the snap, I think he could hold his own on the edge and can certainly bring the pressure. If such a lineup were possible, it would certainly add versatility to the lineup. McCoy is interesting in that his salary for the next 3 years has no dead cap, he's still highly productive and would definitely make the DL better. I think he could have been a target if the Bills didn't get Oliver. If Oliver could play some DE, it might solve one of the areas of concern the FO has concerning a pass rushing DE along with Hughes.
  8. The 5th year option for Shaq is worth 9.45 million. He is not worth that. He is a good DE that has gotten better each year. There is no reason for the Bills to take on a fifth year option, even if it is guaranteed for injury only. I billieve the Bills want to see continued improvement and will look to re-sign him to a multi-year contract if, in fact, he continues to improve. I like Shaq and have seen the improvement. I think he will be back as a Bill.
  9. I Billieve the Bills are trying to achieve balance between run and pass. To excel in both gives Dabol a lot of opportunities to exploit. I hope the new OL is proficient in both run and pass themes. They appear to be big, versatile, and athletic. I just hope it doesn't take too long for the unit to both gel and have an identity. Bills might be a year away from being consistently competitive but I look forward to this year to watch the progression.
  10. Gore sure takes a lot of hits. I hope with the improvements in the OL, he can do it one more season. For Shady, it's hard to find holes when you're interior line is being pushed back 3 yards behind the line of scrimmage. It's like they all thought they were pass blocking. I feel last year the opposing defenses played the run and made whatever QB Bills put out there beat them, especially with the poor WRs they had last year. This year, Allen starts as the #1, not the #3, OL line is better, WRs are better. All that should help the Running game get on track, which will help the entire offense. However, if I'm an opposing Defense, I am going to play the Run first and make Allen beat me with his passing.
  11. I think Zay has progressed nicely and I expect that he will get even better with better talent around him. He has had a year in this offense and has rapport with his QB. Dabol knows what he can do and will put him in positions to succeed. Duke? Who knows. It says a lot about the state of the Bills Receiving corp that someone who has only competed at the CFL level has the opportunity to become the 5th WR. I hope he knows how to run routes and make plays. He has some upside to him. If not him, who else is in the running for the 5th spot? I say 5th because Andre Roberts is really # 6.
  12. It will be interesting to see what Dabol can do with all his new toys.
  13. Let's hope the new OL is improved enough to at least give these backs a lane to run through. It would greatly improve this offense if Bills can run effectively. Looks like a crease is all Singletary needs. Plus I hear he's funny.
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