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  1. This is really going to be a "put the team on your back" game for Josh. I believe he is up to the task!! 400 yards and 5 TD's!! Tua craps the bed after his 4th quarter explosion(he looked very ordinary as usual the first three quarters). Go Bills!!
  2. Crazy that two players got hurt in "friendly fire" incidents!🤢
  3. did he hurt it running to celebrate the Milano pick six??
  4. You happy now?!?!? 1 Josh run 0 Turnovers 41 points This team is stacked!! Go Bills!!!!!
  5. is the regular broadcast on ESPN, and the split-screen thing on ESPN2??
  6. Still laughing at Cleveland for "Browns-ing" that game away!! If Chubb takes a knee at the 1 instead of scoring, they run the clock out and win.....thats what you get for giving a sexual predator a 200 million plus guaranteed contract. Really enjoyed watching that collapse in real time!!
  7. Although he is injury prone, in all honesty, anyone who got folded up over their ankle the way Lance did would be out for the season.
  8. Trey Lance injured Running the ball. Likely a broken ankle. Please stop running so much, Josh. The Bills need you healthy!!
  9. If Chubb takes a knee at the one instead of scoring, none of that would have happened!!
  10. I think Matty “Ice” has officially “melted”. When I see all this poor QB play, all I can think is how lucky we are to have Josh Allen!!
  11. I think they solved the Sunday Ticket streaming service......over an hour to fix it......that better not happen next week during the Bills game.....get it together, DirecTV!!
  12. Going to the Redzone channel on my regular cable channel....this better not happen next week when I need it to see the Bills!!!!
  13. Why, why, why, do commentators and pundits continue to say that Mac Jones is a good QB???
  14. I’ll start out with NE vs Pit, but when it gets to the 4th quarter, and multiple games are close, it’s Redzone Channel time!!
  15. Riddick has been anti-Bills in the past, we will see if he has changed his tune. At least we get Laura Rutledge as the sideline reporter, so that’s a plus. The Bee-ohs!!
  16. Add one more to the very long list of upsets this week!
  17. Me too! I already hated the Titans, now this gives me yet another reason.
  18. My boy Kyle Phillips bailing me out! Hate the Titans, but need the win.
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