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  1. I am enjoying this W much more than most. My focus this week is not saying anything that would jinx the team.
  2. Thank you for putting a very reasonable trade idea out here. I’d be down for this. It’s fair and would give two highly drafted players a change of scenery and scheme. From the Bill’s perspective, Bateman would be moving to an overall situation that is better structured and executed in a more typical NFL fashion. Props for a very good idea.
  3. You didn't take offense to hem calling the Bills a "great team"? Them's fightin' words......
  4. There’s also the matter of keeping him beyond this season. Also Adams’ salary is only $6M because of his signing bonus. That SB would create a huge cap hit for LV if they traded him now. So LV couldn’t trade him even if they’d want to - and I’m sure they don’t want to.
  5. Daboll isn’t getting fired this season - and he wouldn’t work for McDermott again if he was looking for work. I don’t think Daboll is tied to Jones there either. Trying to fix him was option A. They’ll likely be looking for option B before next season, which will likely be Jones’s last there.
  6. That's all fair and I don’t watch that stuff anyway so I don’t have firsthand knowledge. But I am sure that teams have very tight control over their reporters. It’s certainly possible that she doesn’t know much about football. But it’s also possible that the Bills have her limited to doing more fluff.
  7. I don’t think that the “no insights” criticism is valid. She is employed by the Bills, so she reports what they tell her to report. She would not make any insightful comments unless directed to do so. The further away from the Bills someone is, the better they can discuss such things. She’s as close as you can get.
  8. Yup, they should have tested him. But that would have been tough to do days after he signed his record breaking contract. I’m sure he wanted to play, but I don’t think his throwing motion is right.
  9. I agree. He is not a “bend the edge” DE. He’s exactly the guy you want to move inside. Maybe when Miller gets back.
  10. It was also my first thought when I read the OP.
  11. Agreed. Most fans project how they’d feel. They don’t understand that players who let fan criticism negatively affect them are quickly out of the league. If Allen doesn’t succeed it won’t be because of anything said by fans on a message board or the media.
  12. Agreed. Getting criticized is part of the package deal that also includes incredible wealth and fame.
  13. They can, but they have to improve. I’m not saying they can or they can’t make the necessary changes, but there is a cap on their level of success until they do.
  14. agree on the dogfights in the AFCE & AFCN. That’s lessened in the E with the demise of Rogers though.
  15. The Ravens are another team that could lose its QB. While the Chargers always seem to disappoint I think they make the playoffs as a WC. As for Jets and Pats, how many AFCE teams do you think can make it? Wouldn’t that make it all 4? That’s not going to happen. Also if another team loses its QB for the season, it’ll obviously have a domino effect. If Tua goes down then sure; maybe the Pats squeak in. 7 have to make it. Look at the NFC. There weren’t 7 worthy teams last season (and probably won’t be this season), but they’ll take 7.
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