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  1. Towards the end of the interview, Jeremy asked for donations to go to an organization, in lieu of flowers. I believe it is the Western New York Perinatal Bereavement Network. Below is the link to donate. Let’s make it happen. https://www.wnypbn.org/wny-perinatal-bereavement-donation.html
  2. Jalen Ramsey will probably cost a first, so he’s off my list. I offer a 2nd for Fitzpatrick all day. He’s cost controlled for years and is versatile. Draft picks are overvalued, especially if they are owned by playoff teams. Fitzpatrick is a young, proven player who can lock down the slot or let Hyde shift to nickel. It’s a luxury move, but dirt cheap. He’s more of a sure thing than you’ll get with the 52nd pick next year.
  3. The name is fine, but they should incorporate Buffalo Bill Cody again. Not necessarily on their helmet logo, but on some gear.
  4. No Bruce Smith footage is just plain wrong. He doesn’t get enough credit and appreciation from national media. I don’t think he seeks any attention like the LT and Ray Lewis types, but the all-time sack leader deserves some attention from the league.
  5. The goal for your developmental practice squad QB is to one day be a reliable backup. A safe, steady, accurate QB that can hold the team stable for a half or a couple games, not a boom or bust candidate. There will be plenty of safe options after cut day. Improving Josh Allen’s accuracy or just developing into a less of a gunslinger is a tough task. Tyree Jackson is exponentially more raw and inaccurate. Don’t all teams have a PS QB to run the scout team against the starting D in practice?
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