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  1. McKensie tried to get OOB as he should. A sneak behind the 3rd string C? Right. Last play with trying to line the ball up?
  2. Einstein starting threads that are the polar opposite of his user name are becoming a theme
  3. I teach anatomy and physiology. During the second half I texted my daughter that I just hoped no one would die. And I was serious. When you have guys the size of NFL player in full equipment in that heat, they are going to get dehydrated very quickly, and their electrolytes get messed up. And especially if potassium gets affected, it can lead to serious cardiac events. The amount of fluid in guys this size is just very hard to replace. You try to hydrate all week of course, but you’re not in the heat and such so the body would do what it normally does and excrete excess fluid. Under the conditions yesterday, even with IV fluids it would be hard to replace fluid and electrolytes as quickly as they were being lost. I think part of why we lost is some guys were just not capable of normal physical and mental function. Same would go for the Fish of course, but they did have shade to help cool down a bit more. i don’t think the game itself will affect the season much; we are still clearly the better team. But if I were a trainer or on the medical staff of both teams I’d be in the league’s face to get protection for these conditions. They’ll never tell the public but I suspect there were players yesterday on the edge of really serious complications.
  4. My wife hated it and thought it was a poor example for kids. I’m ultra competitive so I get it but it was over the top.
  5. Ok boys, let’s matriculate the ball down the field!
  6. I screwed the pooch when I decided on that name, but I embrace my elder status! I was thinking more of Ed Harris in Apollo 13, but in honor of my daughters who both have been in tons of musicals I’ll take Hamilton!
  7. I believe this will be one of our finest hours. Even with the anticipated missing starters on D, the backups will rise up.
  8. Ok boys, let’s matriculate the ball down the field!!!
  9. Excuse me for not posting something you don't like.
  10. While none of us know exactly what happened with Kim Pegula, Terry is no spring chicken. So if and when Terry passes on, and if Kim is permanently disabled due to her condition what would happen to ownership? Would the kids take over? Or would (gasp!) the team have to be put up for sale? We of course all hope Terry lives a good long life and that Kim is fine, but I am starting to wonder if Kim will make a full recovery. Meanwhile we can look forward to stomping the Titans on Monday!
  11. Doing the job McD and Frazier want. Unless you know more than them, of course.
  12. Motor needs to be the main guy. I know it’s really hot there but still.
  13. One of the problems with a best in franchise history question is that there are so many who did not get to see guys live from the earlier years. For those saying OJ was not as good as Thurman, I just wish you could have seen him play. Yes, he’s now a degenerate murderer but in his day he was simply unbelievable. His combo of speed and power were unmatched, would make cuts that defied the laws of physics. Some criticize him for not catching more passes but we simply did not throw the ball much, precisely because of how great OJ was running the ball. And that is not to denigrate Thurman, who is in my top 5. There were so many guys in the earlier days that were just great. Cookie might be the best overall athlete the Bills ever had. He was a freight train running the ball - Jim Brown is the only guy in history that matched his size and speed and power. Tom Sestak us what folks call country strong; he’d have been a lock for the HOF if it weren’t for injuries. Same with Jerry Butler - he might be the most talented WR the Bills ever had, whose career was cut short by injury.
  14. Others I’d mention: Jerry Butler - HOFer if he hadn’t got hurt Tom Sestak - same thing Freddie Smerlas Elbert Dubenion
  15. Most athletically talented? 1. OJ 2. Bruce 3. Cookie 4. Thurman 5. Allen
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