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  1. I think the non-medical person is using cleaning for healthy.
  2. I was commenting on the guy talking about his kidney treatment, which you objected to. None of us know right now what the problem is with Kim. We of course are all rooting for a swift recovery.
  3. Look. If you want to deny medical knowledge go ahead. But your kidneys are critical to regulating blood pressure, it’s that simple. Whether the product this guy talked about works or not is unknown.
  4. I don’t know about the product, but I teach physiology and proper kidney function is critical to BP. If the kidneys are not functioning properly you don’t regulate fluid volumes in the body properly. You then have more fluid in your blood vessels which raises BP.
  5. We'll have to see how he does. But long term I'm more concerned with the meniscus issue than the ACL. Modern surgical techniques are very effective at repairing the ACL. But meniscus damage affects the cartilage within the joint, which acts as a shock absorber. There aren't good ways to repair meniscus damage, and ultimately you wind up with bone on bone issues.
  6. Sorry to hear, but completely understandable.
  7. Paul Newman - The Hustler Spencer Tracy-Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner James Stewart- Mr. Smith Goes To Washington Cary Grant- Arsenic and Old Lace John Wayne - True Grit
  8. They sure as hell aren't anywhere near Indianapolis, that I can tell you.
  9. Big , athletic, fills a big need. Needs to commit to tackling more aggressively against the run
  10. He may move way up to get Gardner of Stingley. Other than that I think he stays pat
  11. Exactly. Without knowing the standard error we don’t know if he really has 30” reach or not.
  12. I think they like Jackson and Lewis, and they'll draft a CB with one of their first two picks.
  13. Haslem and his wife are going to get crucified at the next owner’s meeting.
  14. Byrd was a great CB. Definitely deserves the Wall.
  15. The Fed will get more aggressive easing rates and such to try and help. But other inflated costs like gas are very multi factorial; can’t expect government to wave a magic wand and have everything the way you want.
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