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  1. The best teams to me were the Steelers of the 70's, Niners of the 80's, and the '85 Bears. No way the Dolphins should be first. And the '64 Bills team was the best AFL team ever, so no way should they be ranked behind any AFL team.
  2. Could be is not terribly firm. Every team in the league could be better, every team in the league could be worse.
  3. That wasn't the question posed. Start your own thread if you want to compare QBs.
  4. Start Shaq, let Murphy come in on passing downs.
  5. She’d have to cut down the number of steps before she kicked but she has some power.
  6. It will start the beginning of September and end the end of December.
  7. Hold on now. Creamed boiled cauliflower, put some butter in it, salt and pepper, you got something. Like grits, you can’t just eat it by itself. And black bean vs. lima bean is really not a topic anyone with a single taste bud in their head should question. Black bean rules. They are a classic example of figuring out what you’re doing right, then fixing it.
  8. I agree. I just wouldn’t listen. Just saying if it that’s distasteful then do something instead of complain. Or go to another station and start your own show?
  9. I have never listened to him as I don’t live there. But you can count on a thread like this every couple months. If so many people want him gone tell the sponsors. Not listening won’t change anything.
  10. I say this every time his name comes up. You want him gone, don’t just turn off the station. Contact the sponsors and tell them you aren’t going to frequent their businesses as long as he’s on the air.
  11. You do your due diligence, make the best decision you think you can, and cover your bases as best you can. Not much else you can do.
  12. There has been a fair degree of critique about Beane and signing Morse when there was a question about his concussion history. But you do have to give him credit for scouring the waiver wires, free agents, and draft to substantially upgrade the O line. We're going to cut some guys that will likely go elsewhere and get jobs, which speaks to both the overall paucity of O line talent and the commitment by Beane to upgrade.
  13. Therein lies the problem. You consider any fool writing a blog national media.
  14. So just for the hell of it I Googled the guy. He has no credibility, fancies himself an expert on and writes on different sports, pop culture, whatever seems to strike his fancy. This is what “journalism” has become. Any fool with access to a phone or keyboard can write whatever they want. There must be a way for TBD to discourage posting drivel like this.
  15. I think people need to quit dreaming up things to worry about.
  16. The thing about making absolute black and white statements is that they make you look pretty foolish when you then have to backtrack on them. You’d think folks would learn. As for Brown, I hope the Raiders cut him, and Inhope the league then says to him he’s unemployable until he agrees to league rules. Because you just know he and his agent will be the first to sue if he winds up with early dementia.
  17. Using Murphy as a 3rd down rushing guy has merit. Would help keep him healthy. And Lawson has looked pretty good thus far.
  18. There you go. Some great names there. I might have had Tippy Day on my list too.
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