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  1. Looking back I’d take out punter and put in a G/C. Agree on McKenzie but I’m betting he wants to go elsewhere.
  2. First priority is to really think about how you want the defense to play. The passive bend but don’t break doesn’t hold up in big games. Doing that may help our LBs be more effective. Personnel wise: 1. CB 2. Power RB 3. Big tub of goo DT 4. Another big WR 5. Punter
  3. You are absolutely ridiculous. You have no way of knowing that. They went 50 yards in two plays like it was nothing. Congrats, you got more of the attention you crave today.
  4. And you don’t know what plays they would have called to get a few more yards in that circumstance. You do not know what you think you know. The only thing we do know is our D was playing way back and refusing to do anything to slow down their receivers.
  5. Think about it. They call a fair catch no matter where the ball comes down. That gives them 13 seconds. Say it's on the 10. Because of the stupid defenses Frazier called they move right down the middle of the field, still get a FG try. You think you know it all and you don't. No one knows what Reid would have had his team do or not do. What we do know is our defense let them walk down the field 50 yards in 10 seconds. It is hardly a stretch to think they could have made another 10-15 in that time, because our defense was determined to play passively. They lost the game because the defense could not hold them that last 13 seconds, and then they let them walk right down the field again in OT. That is the reason. There is no other reason.
  6. To suggest that the Bills coaches threw the game is the most absurd thing written around here in a long time. And I would imagine the vast majority would agree. Quit being an idiot.
  7. Suggesting the staff looked like they threw the game is monumentally stupid. And a guy who actually kicked in the NFL disagrees with you. I bet they would have called a fair catch and given Mahomes the ball. And they would have marched down into FG position because of the prevent defense which prevented nothing. When your defense gives up 50 yards in two plays when they have to get a stop, the blame is on the defense. It is mind bogglingly simple.
  8. Then why even mention something so stupid? Someone made the wrong call, and McD is not going to throw that person or persons under the bus. Plain and simple. As for squibbing, Sal on WGR said the other day he was right next to Jay Feely on the sideline and asked him if they should squib kick. And Feely said no because you can't predict what would happen on a return. Felly said you put it in the end zone and have your D stop them for 13 seconds. Others like Romo had different thoughts, which shows one thing. THERE WERE NO ABSOLUTE CORRECT ANSWERS. Let's say they squib or pooch kick to around the 10 yard line. They run it back for maybe 10-15 yards in 3 seconds, fall down. Then they have three time out with plays to move into FG position, with Mahomes. What are the odds that he doesn't get that done? No different than him having the ball like he did on the 25. And the reason for that is because our defense played to not lose, instead of to win. The answer to why we lost has nothing to do with the kick. It has to do with the fact that the D could not, or more accurately would not, play aggressively enough to stop them from gaining 50 yards in 5 seconds. The way the D played those last two plays, I have no doubt the Chiefs could have moved into FG position even starting from their own 10 yard line. If I had to guess, McD told Farwell to go normal kick and Bass did what he was told. And the person he does not want to throw under the bus is Frazier, because Frazier's calls cost us the game, and he doesn't want to throw him under the bus when he's getting HC consideration. If Frazier doesn't get a HC gig, then McD either needs to make a change, or he and Frazier need to decide their defense is going to have a more aggressive mindset next yera. You can't talk about being more aggressive on offense, and then play so passively on defense. When you have a QB like Josh and as high powered an offense as the Bills do, you can afford to be more aggressive and take more chances on defense.
  9. I know a guy who knows a guy.... Complete BS. Sal on WRG yesterday said he was right there with Jay Feeley and asked him at the time if the Bills would squib kick. And a former NFL kicker said they shouldn't, that you kick it out of the end zone and rely on your D to play for 13 seconds. They lost the game because the D played to not lose instead of to win in those 13 seconds. And if Frazier supposedly wants to leave because of that, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. McD will have to chew on this for months now. He has to decide if being aggressive on offense, as he did and rightly so, should be matched with being so passive on defense.
  10. No way. He is one of the best throwers of the ball right now and will only get better with time. And with time he'll run less and/or slide more.
  11. They are not beating the snot out of him. He is a very big guy and he will learn to slide more as he gets older.
  12. Assuming no injuries, no question in my mind. His kind of talent is rare.
  13. I got emotional not just because of the loss but because of my daughter. She's as big as Bills fan as you'll find, and is planning to move from Orlando to start grad school in the fall. She has a home and a family with the folks at the Bills Backers bar she goes to for every game, and she got very emotional because she knew that Sunday may be the last time she gets to watch a game with those folks.
  14. He gets several more seasons. No one with any objectivity can deny the job he and Beane have done with this team. They have made the Bills into a contender, and there's no reason to think that will change. But if we don't get to a SB in the next couple years, and if we don't because the D lets us down again, then I could see a Dungy/Gruden type thing as happened with the Bucs years ago. You might need a change with the same group of players to give a different mindset that puts them over the hump.
  15. Have you looked at Brady? Rogers? Quit being clueless and so emotional.
  16. Allen's prime time lasts for another 15 years. And I hope McD looks at that last 13 seconds and realizes that he has to make his defense be more aggressive.
  17. Correct assessment, but true journalists like Felser would not use the word choke just to be a dick.
  18. I posted in a Facebook forum today that I hope McD rethinks his defensive philosophy. We lost last night because we had an aggressive offense but a passive defense. Couldn't agree more with your take here.
  19. I really hope McD gives serious thoughts to his defensive philosophy this off season. We can be more aggressive given we have a QB and offense that can score.
  20. This one really hurts. Just going through the motions at work today and will for quite a while. I am 66 years old, and have the AFL championships that I still celebrate. But I want the Bills to win just one Lombardi before I leave the earth, and really thought this year was the year. And should have been but for the defense playing not to lose.
  21. I’d look at Martindale or Zimmer for DC. I think we need someone who would be more aggressive, but would McD want someone like that?
  22. I thought squib but after the game realized the clock doesn’t start till the ball is touched. They just fall in the ball and declare themselves and it saves no time. Then I thought they should pooch it to around the 5 and force them to run it back which would take time off the clock. But listening to Sal right now on WGR and he said he asked Feely on the sideline at the time. Feeler said you kick it into the end zone; too many weird things could happen if you let them field it. Feeley said you rely on your D to do their job for 13 seconds. and they didn’t.
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