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  1. I’m sure the story is accurate. And I’m also sure having a bit of friction is not abnormal whatsoever.
  2. Yes vs. a guy who plays maybe a third of games. And especially at RB.
  3. Assuming you can get a contract worked out that does not affect our ability to upgrade other spots, this is as big a no-brainer as you’ll ever get. The guy is one of the best ever. Of course you sign him for a year.
  4. I claimed the era of great QBs would end with guys like Rogers and Brady because the QBs coming out could only play in spread offenses and wouldn’t adapt to the NFL.
  5. I want my big tub of goo for the D line
  6. You don’t really understand his responsibilities unless your name is McDermott or Frazier.
  7. He is not a MLB in the way you want. You can continue saying the sky is purple but it doesn’t make it so. If they think they can find someone better they’ll move on. If not, they won’t.
  8. Sometimes. Sometimes he doesn’t. And regardless of people trying to make him into a Butkus that simply is not the style defense the Bills play. And as I said earlier he still needs to work in reading plays.
  9. The stuff about Edmunds is ridiculously silly at times. People keep saying he’s a bad MLB or that he should be moved to OLB. Read this carefully: We play two LBs. For someone to be a MLB, he has to be between two other LBs. Anyone ever take high school geometry? Milano and Edmunds play our two LB spots, they both have responsibilities in the run and pass game, and Edmonds in particular has a lot of pass protection responsibility in the middle of the field. If you want a MLB like Butkus or Lewis, then yell at McD to go to a 4-3 or 3-4. Edmunds has room to improve. His diagnosis of plays is still not what it should be. But you also have to ask what he is being asked to do in the defense, and how much the defensive plan affects his play. You keep him for another year, and hopefully Frazier and McD realize they have to be more aggressive. I’d like to see them encourage Edmunds to be more aggressive and play downhill more.
  10. Oh I don’t think he ever gets another NFL job. That’s why it took a lot of guts.
  11. Guy has guts, got to give him that. I just watched Ryan Clark and Damian Woody on ESPN and they have had it with what’s going on. At some point it would not surprise me if African-American players walk out.
  12. Even if true, I have one word: Tough. The HC is your boss when you’re the OC.
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