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  1. It's more about who the player is and style of play. Allen has never been a QB with good accuracy. It's unrealistic to expect a QB that struggled with accuracy in college to get much better with accuracy in the NFL. The guy you probably want to compare Allen to would be Matthew Stafford. A guy that struggled with accuracy in college and then early in the NFL. Stafford improved a lot and became consistent. So it can happen. It's just not something that happens often. I won't be surprised if Allen does become another Stafford though. The guy has changed the narrative on him. Maybe 10 years from now some college QB with accuracy issues looks to Allen as an example.
  2. Why? I watch him. You're basically saying Allen will become something he isn't. The thing you have to remember is even if Allen's career average ends up only 59% when it's all over it doesn't mean Allen wasn't a good QB. Allen is just a different style QB.
  3. The 1 year outlier is what you look at? I've never said he can't have a single season over 60%. He improved his completion % so much because it was so low. Again it's a stat I really don't take anything from. Rob Johnson had a much higher completion % than Doug Flutie. Who cares.
  4. Cam Newton's career is between 55-60. Allen could have 1 or 2 years in the low-mid 60s but his completion % is never going to be consistently there. I'm not sure why you're debating that.
  5. I don't think I've ever really criticized Allen for completion %. I don't care about that stat at all. It's a pointless stat. A completed pass can still be a poorly thrown inaccurate pass. Many have already talked about drops. I never really cared much for the stat. I think the biggest simple stat I look at with QB's is TD:Turnover ratio. If Allen can give us 2:1 over his career i'de be very happy. 3:1 is elite territory. He gave us 29:13 in 2019. But he gave us 23:5 from week 5-17. He was 8:3 during that 5 game stretch vs good defense or playoff teams weeks 12-16. People should be optimistic. Forget about Josh Allen's completion %.
  6. What assumption? 55-60%? He's not an accurate passer and the way he plays doesn't allow for a lot of easy completions. It's basically the same area Cam Newton is in.
  7. If Allen had an average strength of schedule his completion % is lower. His completion % is what it is. Why focus on something that will never be very good? At his best he'll probably be a 62% passer, which isn't good. His career average will likely be somewhere between 55-60. Hopefully closer to 60. It's just not something I care too much about. He's not going to be someone praised for his accuracy.
  8. Allen's accuracy is the least of his problems IMO. Processing and awareness are still his biggest issues. Both improved this season. Hopefully he improves again in year 3 of the same offense. I doubt Allen will ever have a decent completion % because of the way he plays. He'll probably always hover between 55% - 60%. Allen is a work in progress. Just keep improving, that's about all we can ask.
  9. Neither TE a top pick. Dawson Knox has ability to be those TEs.
  10. I thought Henry was one of the best ever Bills RBs at slipping tacklers.
  11. The 1st TD was a 3rd and 8 draw. Love to see the Bills do that and get stuffed. Imagine the reactions.
  12. Actually Shanahan doesn't play mostert enough. He's only playing because they have so many RB injuries.
  13. McDermott didn't feel the team was ready for a rookie QB. I don't know, they made the playoffs. I wasn't that crazy about Mahomes during the draft but it's something we have to live with. We passed on the best QB in the NFL.
  14. A lot of big name QB's will be moving around. Should be an interesting offseason.
  15. Andy Reid is my favorite coach in football since Marv. Hope he wins it.
  16. Chiefs vs 49ers would be good entertainment. I don't think I could stomach all the State Farm references if the Chiefs and Packers play. Tannehill winning the Super Bowl would give every team in the NFL false hope. I also couldn't stomach all the talk about not needing a top QB.
  17. Phillips never really jumped off the screen at me. So I wouldn't totally dispute the ratings. I felt Shaq Lawson made more of an impact. Not sure what PFF rated Shaq.
  18. Singletary has a long way to go before he can be called best ever at anything. That is all I'm saying.
  19. Yeah. I'm sure they're going to lock up Hyde and Poyer and make them retire Bills. I wonder if we see matching extensions this offseason.
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