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  1. He’s also a 3rd round pick, he’s not likely to have eye popping physical ability.
  2. Injuries are an individual thing, big and small can be injury prone. They are a concern with Bernard.
  3. How big do you think Lbs are today? He’s 6’1 225lbs. I guess you’re looking for that 6’2 245lb LB? what people are trying to tell you is the game is different today and LBs come in many different sizes. The league doesn’t put a bunch of big people on the field to bang heads anymore. A lot of 3 WRs without FBs. 225 will get the job done. In fact I can’t remember the last time I cared about height and weight for any player. Maybe NT. It does matter when putting a grade to a player, I mean if everything is even you probably lean towards the more physically gifted player. But other than that it doesn’t really matter. Bernard won’t fail because he’s 225 instead of 235.
  4. Kay knows that wherever she goes, whatever she does, I will be right there waiting for her.
  5. There are many Lbs that play right around 230lbs. The one I cited is the best in the nfl. Fred Warner maybe the 2nd best plays around 225-230lbs.
  6. What? He’s fast and plays fast. He’s probably 10lbs undersized but if he plays at 6’ 230 lbs that’s decent enough size for our defense. The best LB in football Darius Leonard probably plays at 220 lbs.
  7. I’ve never been to LA. I’ve been planning a Vegas trip so maybe I can do both. I might not survive the week.
  8. The guy is a beast. Watched zero of him before our pick. Just a perfect fit for what we do.
  9. Middle of the day, I’m guessing domestic issue.
  10. I’ve seen the schedule. I’ll give my thoughts on what I saw at 8pm.
  11. Maybe there are 2 Jerry Jeudy’s in Colorado.
  12. I’m going to start leaking games on my twitter. 1st leak is an NFL history making game. I’m hearing Bills @ Bills week 1. Should be a good one.
  13. Not sure if it’s true or not. Seems legit. 😀
  14. Fox and CBS can protect a game. That game is the CBS protected game.
  15. Oh not at all. I think most would prefer a 1pm start on Sunday but it would just be a fun build up to kickoff the season vs the Champs.
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