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  1. That’s why I believe in eye for an eye rule in these situations. You can come back if the player you hit is able to return. Hamlin actually prevented a TD and forced a FG. That’s his job. And it wasn’t leading with his head. Not much more he could do besides just allowing the catch.
  2. Come on Jerry Hughes, ask for your release!
  3. Dolphins hurting at OT, this will help. Not a great player but dependable.
  4. I wonder if he still lives in Browns stadium.
  5. These point spreads are stupid. I feel like it puts a target on the Bills. Bills shouldn’t be that big a favorite.
  6. It’s interesting. Hodgins has turned into a decent starting WR for the Giants. Maybe we had WR depth and let it go with poor roster management.
  7. They aren’t calling it. He was being blocked. How hard is this. Look at the difference between the 2 plays. Patriots player is untouched.
  8. Even if the guy tripped over Johnson into the punter it’s not roughing. The player has to create the contact on his own. There’s absolutely no way you’re getting that call. Toss or no toss, Johnson touched him and the guy falls into the punter. Accident or on purpose, that call won’t happen.
  9. Here’s a question has Gabe Davis ever made a contested catch? I believe I remember a one handed catch. That’s it. I’m sure there are others, but I’ll let someone else tell me.
  10. In full speed that’s a thrown into the punter.
  11. Yes it was. I couldn’t believe it wasn’t called. It was Hutchinson.
  12. Maybe they were just F’ing with Belichick. That guy wasn’t really doing anything. Yeah, he’s Daboll’s guy. I was surprised he stayed.
  13. If you had to choose would your sign OBJ or OT Eric Fisher if he’s willing to play?
  14. I’ve also not seen him run a route. A guy like OBJ would have all his routes on social media if he was running good routes. We forget he’s had 2 ACL injuries in less than 2 years. I think he has a documentary coming out so maybe he’s saving all that stuff for the documentary but it’s interesting we haven’t seen anything.
  15. Justin Jefferson, Amon-Ra St. Brown, and Amari Cooper. I feel like the Bills had him in man a lot vs those guys. I’m not sure why.
  16. Yeah they were very different plays, the Diggs hit didn’t even get a flag. The rule wants the player to avoid the contact. It’s an unfair rule for a defensive player. Nothing a player can do. Hamlin played it about as safe as could’ve although breaking the rule.
  17. Dane will continue to play in the league, definitely.
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