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  1. My son said he had heard someone call them "The Legion of Whom?" since they were good, but nobody knew them.
  2. If they defend the shield, they will have a job for life. Look at all the failed head coaches that end up having jobs for life. They bounce around team to team and still get paid better than most people. Look at Rob Ryan. One of their buddies will hire them to break down film for 100K a year. It's a club. Wake up. Edited: "The average assistant coach in the NFL makes around $400,000 per season." as of Feb. 2020 https://finance.yahoo.com/news/wait-nfl-coaches-much-162011974.html Nobody is going to stop that gravy train to appease frustrated 'customers'.
  3. And get blacklisted by the league? No coach is going to rock the boat when they're pretty much guaranteed a good paying job in some form in the NFL for the rest of their working life. The same goes for owners, they're all making money regardless of their team's success. Say the wrong thing, and the other owners will find a way to separate you from your team. And the players too, they'll just shut up and make their money, then hope to move on to a team that is "allowed" to have more success, or just ride it out all the way to the bank. Puts the phrase "I want to play for a contender" in a new light.
  4. Keep thinking that the league you spend time and emotion on is on the up-and-up. The sooner you realize it isn't, the less you'll feel like a chump.
  5. Seriously folks. This isn't your dad's NFL. Too much money and story lines involved. Best chance we have is to treat it like the WWE and hope our favorite "wrestler" is allowed to win it all. Don't waste your time thinking "the best team wins" with this billion dollar soap opera.
  6. It's something much worse, but the Pollyannas who watch this garbage don't want to admit that everyone but the fans get paid for this farce of "fair competition".
  7. I agree. I think Coach was yelling at someone else. Maybe a ref? Beasley doesn't seem to act like he's the one getting the earful.
  8. A lot of people on here calling Beasley out for being a drama queen are sure acting like drama queens themselves. It seems like people love the drama, controversy, and distraction that they claim they want to avoid.
  9. Or was it intentional? Trying to give the new darlings a better chance to win? 🤔
  10. Allen had 4 passing TDs and 1 rushing TD. Looks like someone messed up at NFL.com
  11. Yet another one of those 'super duper rare breakthrough infections'. But don't fret, as we all know, if he hadn't been fully vaccinated, he'd be in an ICU right now, begging for 'the jab', unconscious, while on a respirator. "I'm sorry AB, it's too late for that now..." *Shakes Pfizer pom-poms*
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