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  1. Thats what KC "said" but is that what they will actually do? I do not think so.
  2. Motor is in the last year of his contract and would be asking for more $$$ and would probably leave. Moss is not what the Bills thought he was and James Cook is unproven. It makes sense to trade for McCaffrey to replace Moss this year and be the full-time starter next year and Motor leaves for free agency. The Bills are on the cusp of the Superbowl so just do it. KC has freed up $3 million dollars, so they are looking for an upgrade also. Got to keep up to win it all.
  3. This is just another win in a season of wins. These Kanas SHOTTY chefs will be coming to Buffalo "IF" they even meet in the playoffs.
  4. Two of those fumbles were against a delayed Blitzer, hopefully the Bills watched these. Edmunds, or Milano on a delayed Blitz would make a tasty scoop and score TD.
  5. 38-20 Bills. Motor runs for over 100 yards and a TD after hearing the trade talk. 4 Sacks and 2 INT's with a defensive TD by Hamlin. Allen 2 TD passes and one TD Run.
  6. What was the score the last time these two teams played? Do you think the Bills got worse or the Ravens got better?
  7. \ That is not a coincidence. 17 years is not coincidence either. Broken in 20"17" and afterwards we drafted Josh Allen who wears number #17.
  8. Pulling for Antonio to get some playing time.
  9. Maybe they should trade for Sam Darnold. LOL.
  10. After being a fan for over 45 years, going thru the Superbowl losses, Wide right, the Music City Miracle, "13 seconds", the 17-playoff year drought, endless jokes, I want more. The Bills Mafia deserve a historic season, most points scored in a season in NFL history, 15 or 16 regular wins, and blow wins in the playoffs and most points scored in the Superbowl. WE DESERVE IT. Go Bills !!
  11. No let down games this year. The will bounce in our favor in most games. 13-4
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