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  1. Just scrolled through NFLN and its on tonight at 930pm Yesterday I watched the Lions 2020 season in review on one of the Detroit stations I get. I was wondering when the Bills version will be on?
  2. They were actual photo's of a lizard in a Bills skirt and a stuffed Miss Piggy wearing Bills gear. Without looking you don't get the joke The team was pretty bad then Most of the time there was more action in the stands
  3. One looks like a lizard Another like Miss Piggy I stopped looking after that
  4. Josh is going to sing in the huddle?...or when he drops back?
  5. They are called the Rams...large sheep....their cheerleaders are the Ewes...female sheep
  6. She doesn't need any from my point of view WOW Wrong time to let yourself go. Just eat right and go for walks
  7. WTF is the difference? No they are Panther Pink...the green shirtless guy has the Sublime buttocks (These are Dodge Mopar colors you can get your Challenger in )
  8. Back when I used to drink(33 years ago) I got into a barroom brawl with a Detroit fan who was wearing a Bob Probert jersey. I think we both got broken noses out of it
  9. How about a Fins fan who insists Tua will be better than Josh? ....just asking for a friend
  10. I think it might be Andre Roberts on KR/PR
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