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  1. It could be the punter on this team Remember when Moorman was our MVP Great 8
  2. He's a Haack So we have to give the Pats OUR Comp pick? J/K had to beat Ridgeway to the punch
  3. Please no let some other team gamble on him. PS DE's and USC QB's are two things you should never draft BTW rolling the dice with the Rnd 2 pick with no trade up would be about where I put his value.
  4. I was a Baker guy I thought the Bills could win right away with him. The 3 QB's I didn't want were Rosen Jackson and Darnold.(Rosen came off as entitled,Jackson=Tyrod and Darnold another USC bust) When the Bills took JA I was happy because I thought he the most potential and we would need to be patient. Now he is clearly the best QB of that draft
  5. I think its Trey Lance To the OP they already have Kittle and would be the laughing stock of the league if they traded up for a TE. Very TB12 You never know....maybe they want Lance or Fields.
  6. The Chefs and Bucs are pretty big roadblocks to 17-0 13-4 would be a reasonable projection Then add in 3 playoff wins for 16-4
  7. I would have just said I know you wish Tua was half the QB Josh is. Looks like your drafting another QB in 2022 BTW if crowd noise or the lack there of had an impact then why didn't every QB have an MVP year?
  8. But the real scary thing is most of the guys he lined up against will be bagging groceries Now he has to go up against men....real strong and angry men That other guy from Texas in the mock would be good.
  9. I heard a story from someone at a Bills game a few years ago that a few fans... one or two of them that happened to be lawyers started this fad. They were looking to post something outrageous on Twitter and You Tube to get hits.
  10. I was just thinking that if MLSE wants to shut it down why don't they just buy it? Its not like they aren't rolling in dough. I guess they don't want to be seen as the big bad villain. My grandfather(dads side) won a Grey Cup with Ottawa he later played for the Cats. I would be saddened but they have been on a death watch for years
  11. I think the coach that originally said that was quoted as "After Midnight" If you haven't met your hook up by then your probably looking for a scrap Never punch a guy in the mouth your hand will get infected
  12. I am surprised that no one thought that maybe another team tried to claim him. To keep him he would need to move to the 53. This guy is a Josh Clone I hope he develops enough to get a chance some where in the NFC
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