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  1. Either way the Bills get a 1st down and the shot at winning
  2. Says the guy on the team that benefited from a DPI to get the win the previous week
  3. They turned the game off with 3 minutes to go
  4. I remember hearing repeatedly last week that the Rams vs Bills winner would move into the top 5 yet the Bills are ranked 6th by NFLN I guess they just meant if the Rams won
  5. Thats what happens when you engage your mouth before your brain
  6. He is my favorite full bearded QB I was cheering for the bearded wonder last Thursday
  7. Why not go right for #1 Based on past and present performance Rodgers is ranked #2 in the ratings but 3rd in MVP behind Russ and Josh.
  8. Tyrod V2 is what I have always said. Maybe a bit more talent but cut out of the same cloth and stopped by defenses the same way.
  9. And everyone is entitled to change it....my Chiropractor is a Fins fan and he did a complete about face after Josh 's performance against the Rams He thought he was only fools gold after beating the Jets and Fins but after this week he says he is legit and the best QB out of that draft class
  10. I watch the combine...that stop watch doesn't lie
  11. You can fly in and out. You will just need to self quarantine for 14 days upon your return to Canuckistan Your boss will not be impressed........if your still working
  12. Except that our 7000 fans will be the most die hard loyal fans in all of Bills Mafia It brings new meaning to Super 7......Thousand It was more of a joke...they love their beer
  13. I hope they allow fans I have been a STH since 2008 and there are lots of fans who have been around since Rich Stadium was built. I opted out for this year with the uncertainty of the border re opening and I made the right call. But the real die hard 7000 or so that they are proposing deserve this. I like how they will go by seniority Go Bills Most of the fans I have seen over the years will be keeping that mask in their pocket or around their neck
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