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  1. https://www.powernationtv.com/post/toyota-camry-driver-jumps-139-feet-2-rows-of-cars-after-losing-control?utm_source=drip&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Toyota+Camry+Driver+Jumps+139+Feet%252C+2+Rows+Of+Cars+After+Losing+Control Over 2 rows of cars at a Ford dealership narrowly missing a salesman. That guy should buy a lottery ticket I wonder if they will take it on trade? I guess he had a medical issue.
  2. I have His and Hers Trent Jerseys for you...pm me your address (what can I say I billieved legendary coach Bill Walsh )
  3. Josh on "O" Gug said it all on page 2 Jordan Phillips on "D" that big man plays with a lot of energy and makes things happen plus he is always trying to get the crowd revved up between plays.
  4. Unless its GM or President they can't touch him. Pegs wouldn't hold him back if they offered those positions.
  5. What kind of fanbase would we be if we didn't Billieve in our team? When this team was mediocre for the last 20 years the fans were still loyal and sold the place out. Don't come in here and try to rain on our parade we have waited a long time for our team to be relevant again.
  6. I think the Skins should hire Wrex……..he would be the perfect fit for that on going tire fire
  7. 4-1 since this thread was made. I say yes we need to fire him Ok listen to my reason...….as a fan base we are unaccustomed to this kind of success This could lead to less drinking and more people paying attention to the game rather than the tailgate party Save the tailgate
  8. 4-0 Baby and win the division. Patsies on the road as a WC lose
  9. I DVR'd it and just finished watching it. I never realised what a humanitarian he was and is
  10. Yes I just googled it I was pretty drunk that night
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