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  1. If Peterman gets on the field in the regular season the Raiders are not winning. If TJ sees the field this season it is over. Krap tore up a 15m+ contract to hit the free market. It looks like no one was buying. If he really wanted to show he would play and be a good team mate he would have signed with the spring league that folded for 250k. His contract demands must be unreasonable or he would be on a team or in the CFL.
  2. I think he deserves Loves BU spot put Love on the PS.
  3. I think Yeldon gets traded as lots of teams need a vet RB right now Shady,Gore and the Rookie make the team. Murphy and Wade to the PS Bubble wrap Gore Shady Brown Beasley Hyde,Hughes and White
  4. I kind of hope another team claims him when he is cut and they sign someone else to the PS. BTW anyone else think he went off script on the long bomb int? Dabol was giving it to him good on the sidelines.
  5. Next play we went back into the huddle and I said, ‘I got this one,’” said Jones. “Kind of telling him, give me this one. So he found me on the next play and got me a nice, easy catch.” Very comforting that he will have a catch percent of 33% Should greatly help Josh's completion %
  6. Niagara Falls......slowly I turned step by step inch by inch
  7. Do you want a his and hers set of Trentative Edwards jerseys? cheap
  8. Yes it ships separate. I got mine just before pre season game 1 last year
  9. Lets do it the hard way: WCR …… Cleveland because they won the off season DR...….. KC almost as satisfying as beating the Browns. CCR ….. NE Who else but the almighty Pats to get to the SB. SB …….Vikings time to go 1-4 and put them alone at 0-5
  10. I hope he traded in the boxing gloves he wore in first tour of duty with the Bills
  11. RIP Pancho. It was nice to see you at the Big tailgate party last year in Hammers lot.
  12. Could showing Tyrees package as a rookie hurt his development? Joe W was/is a veteran when we asked him to show his pkg
  13. Man was it hot that day,I bet it was140/ 150 on the field.
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