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  1. He would probably be on permanent IR by now if he attempted what JA has
  2. Its been a long time since this franchise had a stud at QB. The good news is we finally have one again
  3. Wouldn't Sean Lee be a "No Down" linebacker? Yes but when other guys were only giving 100% he always cranked it up to 111%
  4. I was thinking the same thing...how did this guy score him? Looked like Tarzan....Played like Jane
  5. Yes he does....the punt needs to be kicked to a predetermined spot and have sufficient hang time to allow the coverage unit to get down the field to make the tackle. In the old days they would duct tape him to the goal post naked If he committed a 15 yd penalty this would happen during the game
  6. Brian Moorman the MVP of the Bills for 1/2 the drought I made my post before I read yours. It wouldn't be quite the same.....the Bills are actually good now
  7. He is worth the price of season seats alone. This young man is so exciting to watch I don't want to wish my life away but hurry up and get here September
  8. Splitting the snaps with Olsen or running more 2TE sets would both be good things. As long as Lee False Start/Holding call Smith gets shown the door...if they keep Kroft then Sweeney is in Limbo again.. Croom gets moved to the front office
  9. Sign.... Manny Ogbah DE Chiefs Cut...….Trent Murphy.....this gives the Bills Shaqs money/ Draft...….. Best Available WR left on the board
  10. With 23 games left even 15-8 only gets them to 94 points Toronto and Florida would only need to go 14-10 for Florida to get 96 and 13-9 for Toronto to get 96. It gets pretty hard to win at a 66% clip this time of the year.
  11. Better than emulating Mayfield …..chugging a bottle of Jack Meet the new film room coach
  12. I will post this before I read all the comments posted in the thread. After reading the blurb from the BN article on the front page I say it does make sense with all the cap room they have now. Unless he is willing to take a 4x$8m deal the tag might be the way to go.
  13. Lots of options at QB this year. Teddy did a decent job in relief at NOLA. Cowgirls could have a cheaper option available.
  14. Good Luck with it you have to hope the board falls your way . Its harder than you think.
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