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  1. Thats my QB....sniff Those 5/6 guys know who the straw is that stirs the drink and they lay it all on the line. So nice to see a rookie playing like that
  2. It would be even funnier if he had put his money on the Bills Your a doctor so you should know
  3. Matt Milano and Taron Johnson would be my best guess with help from Hyde and Poyer.
  4. Well the team would be heartbroken. They know they exorcised some longtime demons..... that they were all to young to remember or care about. They acknowledged that....then they added it was just one game to advance to the next and thats the game they are thinking about and preparing for. Beating the Pats was a step toward their ultimate goal....SB LVI
  5. It would be dark at 8:30 am in Alaska The Antarctic is on the day light all night thing right now. I doubt McMurdo Station has a stadium though
  6. Everyone on the planet witnessed it too. Every other fan base is fearing the Bills right now. I hope they lay the smackdown on KC
  7. He was just parroting that other jackazz Smith who tweeted an up and down graph and said "nothing to fear KC fans" JA has never strung together 2 in a row like that one. I really don't want a track meet another blow out would be fine with me
  8. Mac did his best. So did Judon have groin injury or is he getting fat and lazy after the big contract? If Miami gets a QB and learns the first 8 games are not an extended preseason I think they will be the #2 team in the AFCE. But he landed on one knee
  9. Peterbeater is an F and the only bust and everyone else is a starter or a star. Zay gets a C+ or B- as a starter in Oakland Vallejo is a starter in the NFL C+ to B- again Passing on Mahomee was the right thing to do he would have failed miserably here (also could you imagine having his tool of a brother in the Bills Mafia?) He landed on a loaded team and Redshirted and thats what he needed We currently have the best QB/Weapon in the league. I will agree on the rest of the grades. A great draft that built a solid foundation.
  10. That was his last couple of seasons in a nutshell. So glad the Rapist is hanging them up he sucks and I can't stand all the Big Ben nut swinging.
  11. Perfect user name I am sure he was watching and felt the love we still feel for him Besides did you see Mac with his shirt off? it rivals Brady's combine pic
  12. But Brady looked forward to these special interactions with Bills fans
  13. It landed at Bournes feet and slid out into the end zone. He was pointing at it after the initial celebration. I wonder if any long time Cheaters filled him in on the tradition
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