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  1. Good to see Siran wrapped up a new deal
  2. Yes because no one wants to be held accountable now a days Fire him and get Bill Bellicheats Mexican equivalent
  3. He probably doesn't need an extension if they are lining up for it You beat me to it
  4. Draft one late and get an UDFA that can run and throw a bit and if a cheap serviceable vet happens along after the draft scoop him up. Or Mondays on the Space/ Sci/Fi chanel Drafted needs to be on the roster a UDFA goes to the squad.
  5. When I read the title I was thinking they wanted the wonderlic brought back
  6. Who me? I billieve in free speech and a free press
  7. They publish letters to the editor on the front page? I thought the editorial page was where they put this stuff?
  8. Welcome to the TMZ lounge Can't these guys get any privacy?
  9. I would guess a lot of TV time..........when the opponents score
  10. If it's that much they will probably spread it over 5 years. They aren't heartless.....just greedy
  11. I think your plan will be Beanes plan or vice versa No need to overpay for about 6-8 kneel downs
  12. He choked on that final drive....3rd and 1 and 4th and 1 and you can't extend a game winning drive? If that's the best then the AFC should just concede the SB every year BTW that show wore thin on me over a year ago and I don't even watch it anymore. I would rather watch Boomer and Gio but I don't do that very often either.
  13. What if Beane wins the off season? The odds would drop significantly. JA17 doesn't even play in the preseason and that red vest means something...........you touch that guy and your going home.
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