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  1. I love how at the end of the video the say"infamously lost by one yard" karma baby we was robbed.
  2. As I have said before Karma gave that yard back at the Super Bowl.
  3. I thought they were bringing in the guy from WWE To teach the fans the proper way to jump through tables
  4. It was cold that day and they just wanted to warm up
  5. With his height and weight he doesn't need 4.3 speed. He uses his body to block out the defender on slants and doesn't give the DB a chance to undercut the route
  6. I didn't hate Marshawn just his 3 strikes off field behaviour . Byrd was just a center fielder and proved it in NO. Benjamin was fat and lazy and not even in league now. Zay couldn't catch a beach ball and will wind up like KB out of league after 4 years.
  7. Naaman R is playing for the Saskatchewan Roughriders https://www.cfl.ca/players/naaman-roosevelt/156296/ BTW Duke will be a real good WR in the NFL and I hope its with the Bills.
  8. He can't even catch the ball when he is wide open :(
  9. Love this one no twill will be fine but we need more talent on the field because jj nelson the softy is out and not playing as usual,zay has talent but needs an accurate passer to get him the ball
  10. True but the next match up might be for the division title.
  11. https://globalnews.ca/news/4728528/edmonton-eskimos-willimas-all-star-team/ Williams led the CFL in receiving with 1,579 yards and tied for the league-lead in touchdowns with 11. Williams also recorded eight 100-yard receiving games.
  12. But its such a great way to capture all the stupidity and then be able to find it online
  13. Duke made a living off of catches like that in the CFL,not a blazer but a big strong WR that runs good routes and has good hands.
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