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  1. More like hamburger it happened near Bowen Rd in Fort Erie. At least I was on the right side of the bridge/border
  2. He got a very warm welcome at the stadium a few years ago when the Bills hosted Monday Night Football.(It was against the Pats :( ) That was a night I will never forget.......I hit a deer on the way home
  3. What an epic training camp battle that will be
  4. Americas Team I demand a recount of Wyoming The Chiefs stole that state That and they love the chicken wings The guy has almost mythical status there. We even honor him here.... by throwing large rubber adult toys at him near the end zone
  5. Its a paywall so most people get all pissy... like The Buffalo News.
  6. He definitely looked a bit flustered that Andre wasn't getting open. Bellicheats tight man to man and what would now be called roughness or holding penalties. I don't think any current Bills receiver would do well in those circumstances. I copied and pasted an article from todays 1/22/21 Toronto Sun by Simmons...maybe email him and ask that question. Don't shoot the messenger
  7. He is one of my new favorites I watch for 61 to see if he is out there. Kind of like the Bills new Meatball Junior. I loved #95 and wish he was on the team to enjoy this I posted mine before I read all the responses...I call him Meatball Jr...my GF just laughs she knows #95 is one of my all time Faves
  8. Congrats to Air Daboll And Mr Beane .......Executive of the Year
  9. The Bills should have won the Super Bowl in 1991. Then ‘wide right’ happened. But if they’d had a QB of Josh Allen’s stature back then, imagine how different things would have been Kicker Scott Norwood misses a 47-yard field goal, sealing the Bills’ loss to the Giants in Super Bowl XXV in 1991. Wide right would not have gone wide right and missed had Josh Allen been the quarterback of the Buffalo Bills in the now-famous Super Bowl XXV. They may not have needed Scott Norwood’s leg to make that 47-yard field goal to win the NFL championship. The kick might have been shorter,
  10. I would have gave it to her just for the ratings Now lets see that score card....that shnownan 8 becomes a 5 the double hockey sticks 11 becomes a 1 with an eraser
  11. I was expecting video evidence instead I get some peanut head from UMass's diagrams T Bass wants his first FG back
  12. I got to meet him once in 1980 he lived around the corner from me in Port Dalhousie(suburb of St Catharines) and home of Lakeside Park He is and was a very nice guy.
  13. There is a lot that goes into the interview like who is your OC,DC,ST coordinators going to be? what schemes will you be running? How do the current players fit? What do you think this team needs to compete at the top? Ect Ect Ect Yada Yada Yada I am pretty sure the decision wasn't based on one game. Besides its a win for the Bills and Josh to have him stay.
  14. Well considering it was a defensive struggle I would still give Daboll a B. With no running game he still managed the only offensive TD in the game and had the Bills within range of 3 FG's
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