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  1. He always managed to sell tickets ...even when the team flat out stunk.
  2. I think it was Schefter who said "The Possums" They roll over and play dead at home and they get killed on the road Sounds like a perfect fit I also like my choice from a few days ago "The Generals"
  3. Buffalo Bill had Wild West Shows that featured Native North Americans in a positive way.
  4. I think Chiefs,Braves and Indians are ok there is no racial slur in those names. Why?
  5. I don't see this a cancel culture....Redskin is a derogatory term for Native North Americans. I think the Cleveland Indians are getting rid of Chief Whahoo as their mascot. Besides as long as Snyder owns the team they should be called the Generals
  6. I see a way bigger problem in America and Canada.....Blacks killing Blacks with handguns....gang and drug violence. I posted before I read your post a few newspaper columnists that I read Larry Elder and Thomas Sowell spell it all out real well.
  7. copied and pasted from my email As guidelines are established, we will communicate them to all ticket purchasers as soon as possible, including any changes to our seating capacity. Until then, we will not be charging or taking any additional season ticket payments.
  8. Nice that they aren't taking anymore payments.....seeing as there was only one left I think I may get on the phone today and opt out. The border may never open again and 14 day quarantine when or if I cross will not go over well with my boss even though he is a Bills fan I wouldn't mind the extra time off
  9. Saved myself the ban stick plenty of times by self censoring
  10. And the meat distributed to the poor......
  11. That should absolutely kill them....especially if there is no 2020 season Hopefully it carries forward if 2020 is a no go.
  12. Invaluable.....this player is not available for trade This guy is such a perfect fit here there is no way to gauge value other than to say they could have traded up to #1 and I would still be ok with it
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