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  1. Lets do it the hard way: WCR …… Cleveland because they won the off season DR...….. KC almost as satisfying as beating the Browns. CCR ….. NE Who else but the almighty Pats to get to the SB. SB …….Vikings time to go 1-4 and put them alone at 0-5
  2. I hope he traded in the boxing gloves he wore in first tour of duty with the Bills
  3. RIP Pancho. It was nice to see you at the Big tailgate party last year in Hammers lot.
  4. Could showing Tyrees package as a rookie hurt his development? Joe W was/is a veteran when we asked him to show his pkg
  5. Man was it hot that day,I bet it was140/ 150 on the field.
  6. I think the OP thought the Bills were going to be picking at #1 and Oliver was pegged at #1 way back then. I guess I should have read just a little farther maybe is fingers? LTD for carpel tunnel at work? I guess I should have read a little further again
  7. Here is hoping this young man has a fine career with the Bills Could be the emergency 3rd QB with Logan Thomas gone (if they only keep 2 on the roster)
  8. That's not the whole truth. McCarron was supposed to compete with Nate for the starting gig and he stunk the joint out and got moved to the Raiders. JA was supposed to sit and learn until week 9 or 10 then get in the game but Peterbeater stunk the joint out so bad the kid got put in and got hurt. Then DA and MB held the fort until JA returned. JA was not getting the starting gig out of camp last year it wasn't the plan.
  9. Competition is good. May the best 5 or 6 WR's stand up and win a job:)
  10. I would like him as a Coach/Mentor after camp rather than on the 53. Keep him as a camp arm for now though. TJ to the PS,the Bills only need 2 active QB's
  11. Don't the Bills already have 2 punters?
  12. Besides with all the FA signings you didn't really think he was taking 10 players did you? The 10 picks were a security blanket if FA didn't go the Bills way. It did so he could play.
  13. Beane said yesterday they would like to trade back up into the second or 3rd and get a guy they had rated high,this is that guy.
  14. When you Billieve in the regime and they start to do more things right than wrong the fans tend to fall in line. Billieve in the process
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