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  1. There are quite a few QB needy teams out there. Its not just Miami looking for a happy ending
  2. Well you have to figure that if he is HC ready/worthy Shoen would know. If he gets passed up for that job then I think he might be here another year or two.
  3. I really Billieved him about Trentative what a let down. RIP Bill W
  4. Just because your a good Co Ordinator doesn't make you a good HC. Besides he has Tua at QB so he is doomed to fail there. The G men would be a better landing spot were he to leave here. Jones is the poor mans Josh but he needs a lot of work.
  5. Come on we had Kyle Orton and EJ at QB. Bill Walsh wouldn't have done much better.
  6. I want the Bengali Cats vs the 49ers F the Chefs/Mahomee and Ewes/Pad Statford That kid is going to be playing on one leg for the rest of his career. He got sacked 9 times last week and I can only guess at the number of knock downs. He is one tough Donkey/Mule cross (that equals a Burrow)
  7. 11-6 forever BTW I am going with on the road in Chicago as the season opener Then home to the Titans for week 2
  8. Can you imagine if they didn't hire him and he had to go back to GB without Adams and Rodgers? He probably wouldn't be inline for anything anywhere after 2022 and missing 2 mega stars.
  9. I want the Bengali Cats to crush them 56-0 I want to see Mahomee crying like a baby on the sidelines.
  10. He probably knows/knew but players like to say all that matters is the game in front of them and that they don't dwell on the past.
  11. Just like that contract I think the DC deserves a lot of the credit.
  12. Because he gets a pass on paying Taysom Tebow....just because
  13. Godwin or M Williams or D Adams Get it done Mr Beane :)
  14. The big question is do you take the big $$$ somewhere else? Or do you sign another 1year team friendly deal and try to win it all? #5 could be taking over that role if he leaves
  15. The wrong side of 30 for TE is not optimum He might have 1 or 2 years left.
  16. BTW if this buffoon is hating on Coach its all the more reason to keep him.
  17. He(coach) wasn't on the field...the players need to make plays and the D just could do it. Josh did his part killing 6 minutes on the first of 2 TD drives and 50 seconds later the Bills were trailing again. Then Josh gets them the lead again leaving 13 seconds...again they can't cover and the games tied. Then OT and the D can't get a stop or force a FG. Thats my take.
  18. Drought of no playoffs for 18 years then playoffs 4 out of 5 years and 3 playoff wins in 7 playoff games. Obviously some people are longing to be irrelevant again Did Marv head right to the Superbowl? no they took steps 1987(NP) 1988 (2 Games) 1989 (1 game)1990 to 1993(we all know) 1994(NP) 1995 (2 games ) 1996 (1 game) A lot of teams would love to be in the Bills position lets be happy we have competent people in charge
  19. Isn't one of the big things in Mcd's books availability? With just that glaring fact I would say not a chance this could happen.
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