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  1. I will use this opportunity to say Antoine Winfield was one of my favorite Bills draft picks ever. 5’8” and hit like a truck.
  2. If some companies sign Allen up for commercials the refs may mysteriously start to treat him like an NFL asset.
  3. His whole college and pro career he has been asked to win games single-handedly, until this year, most games.
  4. Also Edmunds tends to just stare down the QB and forget he’s covering a guy. Fast but not nimble on his feet too.
  5. Call me a Homer. There wasn’t one pass Mahomes threw that game that Allen couldn’t. Not one. There were several that Allen made no one else could—even if they went out of bounds. Lol.
  6. These calls aren’t gonna stop their holding. You only hold like this as part of an ethos—meaning these DBs are trash and can’t cover without cheating. My guess.
  7. I’ll be honest, I didn’t watch the Bills wr’s against the Chiefs and was flabbergasted how they couldn’t get open. I blamed it on Beas, Brown and Davis being hurt out there. But these replays show the Chiefs just illegally hold on every play basically.
  8. He is prepping for his off season acting role on ‘The Simpsons’.
  9. It really is just as simple as the receivers being blanketed. Beas, Davis and Smoke were hobbling for weeks and it caught up with them. Chiefs must’ve known this and doubled Diggs. The sin is allowing these hurt and ineffective WRs on the field when Robert’s and McKenzie (and Stills) could have played. Yes Josh isn’t used to these guys but I mean the alternative was worse.
  10. This is a good point. Apart from the Pats, no team sustains winning for a decade anymore. The window is 3-4 years. Even with Mahomes, the guy is eating up a lot of $ to pay others. Those others won’t stay around for free. Can KC hit on cheap free agents and/or draft picks? Maybe. But the Packers and Rodgers certainly aren’t some dynasty. Some clever DC might figure their O out in some novel way too. A lot can change. Focus on making the Bills better and we will see what happens.
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