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  1. Only if can get the in his prime TO not the one w the Bills
  2. Nice work Mr Beane...guy is A++++..
  3. He isn't going anywhere Tommy just wanted a publicity boost and a distraction on an average year for Tom
  4. Can we see josh go on PFF and do this to some of those clowns haha
  5. both are great listens...thanks for sharing
  6. This is a nightmare that I will soon like to forget. Of all the plays this is the one that if made erases all the ughhhs in that game.
  7. no way I touch Gurley with that knee issue nor will any other team imo
  8. I was rooting for the chiefs but this was horrible management of time. Not calling a time out after third down by the chiefs and then the two simple run plays to get the clock to :21 then they throw the bomb to Kittle that was the bad OP call imo but it still goes back to not calling a time out to give the offense a min half and with two timeouts time to get some points. oh and then they went in to half with two timeouts still head scratching That was brutal if you were a 49ers fan watching that
  9. it opened at 28.5 and has been going up all week i got in early prob max i want to get in is 37ish but that may be good too
  10. got 2 units on mahomes over 30 yards rushing for the game 5 units KC-1 and 1 unit on the over 54
  11. Probably the correct place for him to retire no issues with it
  12. It’s an easy transition to college basketball the rough part is from the end of the tourney to training camp in July
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