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  1. bogus penalty in real time it looked bad but he hit him in the shoulder not the head on the replay
  2. loving thde blitzes finally should of been doing in the first half as darnold panics
  3. let me remind you it is the dreaded third quarter haha
  4. it's a smoke screen to make sure Daboll stays with the Bills
  5. 10 quarters of inept football by the Bills.....you got two to give fans a bit of hope McDermott
  6. every third down play will be run to the left side due to his inability to hit form the right hash..... Inexcusable why for six weeks he isn't kicking too many times to count a week from this hash....will say the ball actually moved to the left on the miss so that is improvement ha
  7. why is edmonds so deep ....cant cover those underneath routes
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