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  1. Prayers for the family.....time for the team to show Josh they got him and his families back.....I smell a win tomorrow
  2. The person who is behind these tweets is great and an easy follow.
  3. Mahomes foot injury should be like blood in the water for the Bills D.....his mobility will be compromised and it was affecting throws as he was off. I really like the Bills this week to take care of business
  4. That away offense great opening drive lets go d get the ball back!!!
  5. offense needs to come out second half much better tons of missed opportunities in first half by both teams but the Bills have been making those plays
  6. That didn’t even look like a good kick by his execution like he short footed it
  7. Ughhh cmon Josh hit that he was wide open gonna need to amp down one level
  8. Peters w safety help on Diggs Humphries on Brown/Davis Smith on Cole in the slot this how I think they line up vs the Bills think there a huge opportunity for Knoz/Singletary to do some damage
  9. I have not as well...i'm itching for the cover 1 breakdown/review w Erik and Nate
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