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  1. Also of note is the new stressing to the regfs on illegal contact by the DB's for this year that evne more so would make me as a D coordinator feel a lot more better about zone vs so much press. So getting Elam more comfortable in zone would be a key until the teams get an idea how much flaggin is going to be goin on from the "consistent" reffing that will be taking place on this illegal contact stress to officials for this year
  2. Imagine if the NFL was like the MLB and handed out a 2yr suspension
  3. i got and said that exact thing. there was nice yardage to be had on the cut back as the chefs over persuit left it wide open trying contain the edge
  4. They certainly did on the last two plays. Both hyde and poyer were 30 yards off the LOS big fail at that point in the game KC was going for one thing only there the FG until they would be forced to hail mary it
  5. if you commit back to back defensive penalties to manipulate the clock it is a 15 yard penalty and the time is reset. They could of done it one time and I would of liked to see them do it one time but man don't play the safeties 30+ yards off the LOS
  6. The D was protecting for a TD and not the FG. Safeties were way too deep. On the first reception for Hill he had two guys blocking in front of him everybody was way too deep. The coaches in that situation were horrible. Frazier being an ex HC and both being D coordinators just inexcusable imo Situational awareness was clearly not there last night
  7. This loss is squarely on the coaches at the end of the game and specifically McDermott/Frazier....One an ex HC and both DC.... The coaches have to put the players in a better position to execute and last night they did not simple as that, even after calling timeouts on both plays.
  8. kicking it thru the EZ vs a squib kick should be the number one question
  9. defense is so sorry ................... allowing a FG w 13 sec
  10. Josh should of thrown it away there first bad decision i seen all game
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