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  1. line injuries and the bengals started getting pressure constantly
  2. Mahomes Jackson mayfield and Allen can fans could same the same thing but mahomes eould be tops
  3. Like that three of those throws came in third down and the Beasley throw on first and 20 and when the blitz was on So nice to have a qb that I’m feeling more and more confident that can attack the other teams defense
  4. The Giants almost had 500yrds offense vs a very good Cowboys defense so be humble This isn’t the NY Jets think some are just going with what the media is saying a winnable game for sure but it will be a harder game with the Giants they should play harder then they did last week home opener coming off a loss
  5. This will be a tougher game than the Jets. Barkley is a beast. 24-20 bills win
  6. This is exactly my thought at that time in the fame a little pouch punt of about 20 yards or the directional kick to the sidelines did not like the touchback but I think we are pulling hairs
  7. You don’t even need to add the gasoline to this fire ha
  8. Like it but I’m the one game at a time type of guy any given Sunday sometimes strange things happen
  9. I concur with the OP very good day for Lawson. He should be on the field and let Murphy spell him on obvious passing downs
  10. Shady looked good and I like Singletary.... we shall see but imo that move looks more and more like a way to save money when cutting yeldon and keeping shady makes more sense
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