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  1. Why? Is what I said wrong? Is it common for quarterbacks to really improve their play after two years as a starter? Asking for a friend.... there I pointed out a recent example
  2. Kroft needs to go...lazy route running and not showing anything that deems his salary. Smith gets penalties or blown up too much to justify this veteran presence type player, send him packing please Knox good young player needs to still work on concentration. The drops he has had is because he is trying to run prior to caching the ball head turns a bit to early. Catch the ball then let your beast mode hit. Sweeney not much to go with Groom meh move on Will definitely need to bring in somebody or draft. I'm going to figure the Bills keep Kroft an somehow spin it as the injury really hampered his progress this year and maybe it's the right move not sure I would want to draft too high of a pick in the position considering other spots I want hit in the draft besides TE.
  3. Re watch that play and watch Beasley come open and curling up ...I think he cores if the ball is delivered the other WR closer to the ez would block his guy
  4. No way they go for two. Kick the xp and head to overtime.
  5. Nice post OP Read thru all much over reacting posters and see there were positives in this game. After a loss all the negative Nancy’s will be out in full force.
  6. Well it want a bomb it was a fifteen yard pass blown coverages assignment. The book is still there you make him throw outside the hash marks and not to the middle. Nice way to over paint that play
  7. three TD’s yeah we contained him too bad it was a diff story when they got down inside the ten. He is pretty tough to defend down there That’s funny thought the Bills had a chance to win yesterday even w a bad Josh game
  8. They had to be flat today due to the wind
  9. if the Bills can not beat the STeelers lead by a third string QB Hodges then I'm not sure what to say.... Obviously a lot of doom and gloom posters on
  10. C- drops line at times was horrid and it wasn't four vs five it was 5 vs five and they were getting beat one on one. When the QB is getting hit and knocked around a lot all of them start being a bit yippy. Yes he could be better but some of you think he should be top 5 atm and he is not atm
  11. need two at some point in the game so I have no issues going for the two
  12. Not going to bring up the drops the offensive line giving him no time wrs not getting seperatiin
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