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  1. he brings up a solid point in the secondary issues after having covid and the heart and how that impacts players that are overweight......might explain why Star is sitting out.
  2. Patriots clearing cap room wouldn’t be surprised to see him land there.
  3. you came up with it first I failed to look agreed on the obviously easy solution imo as well
  4. Why not just make all helmets now have the plastic visors fitted on them and then you just need to add something at the bottom of the helmet Funny i posted this on page one and then when it went to my post I see transplantbillsfan has the same suggestion
  5. The comparison to TT is silly. I know last year when it was third and long it has been a long time that I felt this comfortable that the Bills actually had a QB that would convert those. It was nice to start to think that the Bills offense had a chance in those situations.
  6. really good article and seeing the improvements that have been made. look forward to many more years of Josh as he has shown improvement every year and I do not expect to see anything less moving forward
  7. omg i so forgot this and maddening to watch
  8. Takes some people awhile to grow up Ann’s understand the opportunity they have been given
  9. the outside the numbers out pass is the true test of arm strength. If it's not there see Nathan Peterman
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