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  1. 4th and 18 and lewis goes for the pick vs knocks the ball down game over
  2. holding an opposing offense to under 30 is not something to use as a valid arguement...under the league avg scoring then yeah but tht is a data analyst scewing numbers to try and make a point, thus actually making your analyst look even worst
  3. Never you always defer there are just too many advantages of it......
  4. the ST aces tired of too many of them on the team 2 maybe tops ST was atrocious Poyer nope Edmunds will the big one w McDermott I'm guessing they keep him but I think the money would be better used on the OLine imo....
  5. interesting of the 8 teams in these divisional games are all offense oriented.....McDermott the one outlyer........ the 13s form last year imo will go down as a huge miss for this franchise and that with a asst HC DC and HC defensive guy can't happen..... Too early but if this team doesn't make some AFC Championships besides the one moving forward a HC change could take place if the eyes are truely on the lambardi and if you are going to to make a change you do it now while Josh is young vs later imo
  6. not surew why we jsut dint continue with pace on that drive vs 20+s each play oh welll good season men too many injuries on the D and need to adress the o line with pass blockers vs bringing in run dudes
  7. Can’t believe on third n two on a critical down there wasn’t a te option power run vs that pass
  8. i would like to see them implament a horn buzzer something for the delay of game on clock zero vs the ref delay of looking down
  9. He is playing banged up but so is everyone this time of year I know it affects dab’s the most though
  10. Where is a freaking lb or anyone on that TE and shows why you don’t burn the time out there Sean
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