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  1. Just curious, anyone know why Rice is falling?
  2. Guarantees in life. Death, taxes and commercial break before Bills pick.
  3. Seriously? Whoever started this must be a Swifty.
  4. Season ended last Sunday. No more football until the draft.
  5. Beane passing on DK Metcalf is a fireable offense. This new guy appears to be in the same mold. 100 percent on board. This offense needs an alpha receiver with size, speed, strength and catch radius.
  6. KJ Hamler was a 2nd round pick by Broncos. Maybe change of scenery and new scheme can turn him around? Maybe he can be one of the guys who can fill that deep threat void?
  7. I hope Chiefs get crushed in the Super Bowl. I prefer Lions to beat them but don’t care. I would route for the 49ers too. I just want them to lose badly on national tv and see the camera pointed at Swift during the process.
  8. Lions all the way. They deserve it. 49ers my second choice. I hope Chiefs lose in superbowl and we can watch Taylor Swift cry on TV.
  9. Allen plays a very physical game and his running ability makes him two dimensional and a nightmare for defenses. I think he has a few more years left before he loses the ability to take those hits on consistent basis. I don’t see him as that impactful as a typical pocket passer with some ability to evade the rush. He doesn’t have the same skillset as a Brady or Manning. Perhaps Allen can play later in his career similar to John Elway, I don’t remember how he played past 30. Or is Brett Favre a better comparison? We have been lucky so far that he hasn’t had a significant injury as well. Time is ticking. This team is bottom 5 without Allen.
  10. Well said. All this money spent on the Defensive Line and how many sacks last night?
  11. Wide right (again). Should never have come down to that kick. Defense failed and poor decisions on that last drive was icing on the cake. Mahomes would have had too much time after that kick.
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