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  1. Can someone explain why Hopkins basically goes for a second and Bills give up a first round pick for this guy? Hopkins is elite. This doesn’t seem right at all.
  2. The Chiefs owe the Bills another 1st round pick for Mahomes.
  3. This could get interesting.
  4. Showtime Mahomes is such a beast.
  5. Chiefs def isnt good enough to warrant a comeback. Offense looks shaky too and now Hill is injured. Its over.
  6. Bills would have beaten the Chiefs. This sucks.
  7. And sign premier edge rusher as free agent and then the Bills are set.
  8. F that. Make Bills lose much worse.
  9. AJ Brown is the type or receiver the Bills need. Absolute beast.
  10. Man, if titans win and bills had beaten Chiefs then AFC championship game in Buffalo. Now that would have been something.
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