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  1. Great, another special teams Linebacker. I don’t get it and now Beane confirms he won’t play MLB. Are they really going with AJ Klein? What a disaster.
  2. For who? Aside from Campbell and maybe Sanders, who else is available? I don’t think Simpson is a true MLB.
  3. Don’t worry, Bernard is the real deal.
  4. Confused with this pick. Are they moving Bates to tackle or center? I am very concerned with MLB which is a real need.
  5. Maybe Bills trade up again in front of Dallas? Haha.
  6. Detroit just f’d the Bills. Middle Linebacker is a glaring need.
  7. I think the move is using quality VPN and buying nfl gamepass international. Some countries are cheaper than others. Brazil, for example, is one of the cheaper countries. I think $125. No way I am paying monthly fee for youtube and additional 250-350 for nfl package.
  8. He was my third choice after Miles Sanders and Jamaal Williams. I like it especially if they got him under $3mil a year.
  9. Quote from friend who is diehard Pats fan: Very hard runner, tough as nails. Strictly a downhill runner. Very injury prone though. Misses 6 games every year with hamstring and quad injuries.
  10. Oh man. Miles Sanders signed with Carolina too. Really wanted him. Need Damien Harris or D’Onta Foreman could be options? Like him too
  11. BB needs to wake up behind the wheel and get something done.
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