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  1. I will let our GM be the GM I trust his decisions
  2. I thought his accuracy was supposed to make up for his noodle arm? I watched that and laughed.
  3. HE’S COME A LONG WAY Zac Taylor has gone from backup QB in Winnipeg to Super Bowl coach in Cincinnati Toronto Sun 4 Feb 2022 STEVE SIMMONS ssimmons@postmedia.com @simmonssteve POSTMEDIA FILES Now coach of the Cincinnati Bengals, Zac Taylor was the fourth-string quarterback of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in 2007, but didn’t see any game action. They used to go to Earl’s together most nights — “where else was there to go in Winnipeg?” — and talk about their futures in football, where they thought they were heading and what they wanted to do in the future. The three backup quarterbacks from the 2007 Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Their lives are forever intertwined. Ryan Dinwiddie was 27 years old back then, No. 2 on the Winnipeg depth chart behind starter Kevin Glenn. Dinwiddie is now the head coach of the Toronto Argonauts. Kliff Kingsbury was No. 3 on that team behind Glenn and Dinwiddie. He was 28 years old and in his final days as a football player. He’s now the head coach of Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals. The fourth-string quarterback that year in Winnipeg, Zac Taylor, is heading to the Super Bowl. He was 24 when he was running scout team and carrying a clipboard for the Bombers. He’s now the head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals, heading with his surprising team next week to Los Angeles for Super Bowl LVI. The three dressed for only one game together — the 2007 Grey Cup. The Bombers starting quarterback, Glenn, was injured in the Eastern final. That left Dinwiddie to make his first CFL start in a championship game. That was the only game Taylor dressed for in his brief professional playing career. “Our goals back then were to play as long as we could,” Dinwiddie said. “I think you always think that way as a player — how long can I play? But I think we all realized who we were and what we were. We were pretty realistic about that. “We all said if we couldn’t play anymore, we wanted to coach. And we’d sit there at Earl’s talking about coaching, maybe coaching together, what our philosophies were. We didn’t talk about where we’d be coaching or what level or anything like that. We just exchanged ideas. What we saw. What we wanted to do. Maybe where we saw ourselves going.” They would draw plays on napkins. Every coach who ever lived has done that in some restaurant in some town somewhere. But what are the odds of this? What are the odds that the three quarterbacks who played behind Glenn in Winnipeg, would all wind up as head coaches? Three guys who came out of different college programs, different environments, different offences, would each end up as head coaches at a relatively young age. This is Taylor’s third season with the Bengals. The first year was a disaster with a rather disastrous roster. The second year there was some growth with the rookie quarterback, Joe Burrow. This is Year 3. “I remember Zac sitting on the couch in my office and we’d be talking about the future. I’d ask: ‘What do you see yourself doing?’ You could tell then, he was going to be in football, doing something,” said Brendan Taman, then GM of the Bombers, who signed Dinwiddie and Taylor and traded with Montreal for Kingsbury. “I think Zac could have played a little longer than he did, but he had an opportunity to get a pretty good spot at Texas A&M where his father-in-law (former Packers coach Mike Sherman) was coaching and he took it,” Dinwiddie said. And he has been coaching ever since. “When you’re a quarterback, you look at things in a different way, I think,” Dinwiddie said. “You’re looking at how everything works and how you have to relate to the whole team. And before you’re ever coaching, you’re already coaching. With the three of us, I think we all realized, we wanted to make it in football but we didn’t necessarily have the athleticism or the qualities you needed to make it big. Really our shot was to become coaches.” Taylor was the cerebral one of the three, process-driven. He was down-home, small town, not much of an ego for a quarterback, no large presence. Just a solid football guy. Kingsbury was the one with swagger, even as a backup: You always saw him coming, even if he wasn’t playing. Dinwiddie was somewhere in between: Not full of swagger. Not necessarily small town. All of them full of football though. They knew they were going to be coaches. They just didn’t know if it was going to be high school, college, or someplace else. This was Kingsbury’s third year with the Cardinals. Like most of his years, it started great and ended poorly. This was Dinwiddie’s first year on the field, second year as head coach of the Argos. The team finished first then tapped out in the playoffs. Not sure what it is about being a backup quarterback in the CFL, but it seems to be a road to coaching jobs. Just this week, the Buffalo Bills named former Argo Ken Dorsey as their offensive co-ordinator. He wasn’t good enough to start in Toronto. Former Argo coach Scott Milanovich was a backup in Calgary. He won a Grey Cup in Toronto as a coach and is now with the Indianapolis Colts. Marcus Brady was mostly a CFL backup: He’s the offensive coordinator in Baltimore. Sean Payton, the recently resigned head coach in New Orleans, was a CFL quarterback of little note, as was former Dallas head coach, Jason Garrett. “When I had those guys in Winnipeg, I had no idea where they were going, what kind of coaches they were going to be,” Taman said. “I’d be lying if I said I saw this coming. But you tell there was something about those three — the way they got along — the way they always talked football, that they had a certain mentality for the game.” Dinwiddie thinks the Los Angeles Rams will win the Super Bowl, but he’s cheering for his old friend in Cincinnati. They haven’t been in touch in a while, although Dinwiddie texts with Kingsbury on occasion, he’s still comfortable in texting Taylor. One more important connection to the Bengals is through their remarkable young quarterback Burrow. His dad, Jimmy, was a longtime defensive back in the CFL. Played in Montreal, Calgary and Ottawa. He went on to coach football, just never officially coached his son.
  4. Duke Tobin deserved it for his work building the Bengals and Zac Taylor the Coach of the Year. JMHO
  5. BQB who comes cheap Not a lot of cap room should be spent there JA17 has proved to be as durable as a Cat D8 Dozer
  6. They played as well as the other teams D they were all one score games except KC1 week 5 where we blew them out and dominated
  7. The Bills went toe to toe with all the heavy hitters Titans KC TB NE only one blow out and that team didn't even make the playoffs .....Indy
  8. Spiraling upward out of control....fire everyone...playoffs in only 4 of 5 years? #1 D really...... I know Wrex could make it better We need more turmoil and controversy....things just aren't the same J/K Carry on McBeane we Billieve
  9. Will the Patriots and Belliacheat come under investigation for tampering? Tweeting about a hire before it even happened and all of the interviews had not been completed is tampering. He is not a member of the media he is on one of the 32 competing clubs
  10. Oh the drama Who cares ? BTW notice how Bellicheat is involved. Can't beat them on the field destroy them off it. POS
  11. They are every where According to the Communist Broadcasting Corporation (actually called Canadian) the Russians are behind the trucker freedom protest too
  12. Or they can wave good bye and get an upgrade. The O line has been mediocre to bad but kind of picked it up a bit at the end not enough for me to care that he is NJG bound. I posted early in the season that an upgrade here would net the biggest improvement. Get to work vetting them to speed up the process you lazy bum
  13. I wouldn't be surprised if he has career bests in all his #'s Why would this regime take a step backwards? With JA17 at QB every OC that needs a job will be applying....they will have so many that they will be turning them away without an interview. The next guy(OC) takes us over the hump to the #1 seed and ultimately the SB The first two years those adjustments worked. The last two years not so much.
  14. I am excited for Joe Burrow...he could join 2 other Joes(Namath and Montana) with a national championship and a super bowl
  15. Karma is awesome They also had 13 seconds at the end of the first half inside the 10 and choked
  16. Reids poor game management in the first half cost them as well. 4th and 1 at mid field and you waste a TO to challenge...that wasted TO then costs you points at the end of the half. Just go for it on 4th down and less than a yard.
  17. Well they put a very interesting stat out there...no team in playoff history had won back to back overtime games. Then Mahomee throws 2 poorly thrown incompletions then decides to let her rip on 3rd down for some reason after being captain check down all day. To me it was an awesome ending
  18. This should age well You could be the next Nostradamus is these 2922 predictions come true I predict Joshs 30th clone will be the QB then But will it be a dome?
  19. The first half ending drive was comical. The best was Mahomees lack situational awareness after checking down to the Cheetah with 5 seconds left he tried to call a time out. Just shows that all 13 seconds aren't created equally BTW Congrats to the Bengals on reaching the SB
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