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  1. I would vote him #1 but I am biased I think he cracks the top 5 though. 87th in 2020 10 in 2021 #3 or #4 in 2022 #1 in 2023
  2. Do you want Gronk? To retire? YES!!
  3. The G Men started Fromm when Jones was hurt. Webb might get in there when Jane goes down
  4. Well Jones is made of glass so we should get to see Webb's package at some point
  5. The only team with a bit of success doing this was the Cheaters. Get me the cheapest FA QB available or his Mexican equivalent ( a great Mr. Burns line) Like I have said before Josh is as durable as a Cat D8 Bulldozer He just runs stuff over and keeps going
  6. That was the Raiders...they signed also Peterbeater
  7. I'd be angry too if I had "man boobs" Throwing deck chairs angry
  8. The beach chairs were the first thing that popped into my mind when I seen the announcement. Let the chair tossing begin Welcome back coach
  9. I was kidding....but you know the NFL they could screw it up
  10. They are projecting this guy as a rnd 1 or early 2 https://www.nfl.com/prospects/jahan-dotson/3200444f-5428-2798-d9f2-9e8608edcb8a https://www.profootballnetwork.com/jahan-dotson-a-round-one-favorite-in-the-2022-nfl-draft-following-jameson-williams-injury/ I would prefer Gunners pick if they go WR in Rnd 1
  11. FA and will probably get more than the Bills can afford. Some guys have game speed and the track type testing just doesn't show it.
  12. This is why I figure a CB at 25 might be the best pick. Someone will over pay for Levi which is good for him. We have CB #1 locked up we got our slot/ nickle locked up its time to get a real #2 and 5 years of control.
  13. Once you have an established competitive roster your draft picks are going to have a harder time making the 53. That 2 were snatched off the PS on to another teams 53 speaks volumes to the quality and depth here. Nobody was claiming the PS squad in years past and the Bills did a lot of dumpster diving themselves. Pretty hard to get a day one starter at pick 25-32 unless you had major cap issues and cap casulties. JMHO
  14. So the loser gets #1 What if they tied ? I think a coin flip would be more exciting
  15. No home team has ever blown a 10 point or more half time lead in the Conference Championship Game...ever. Thats as much a choke job by the Chiefs as it is a great performance by the Bengals.
  16. They should have a mini tourney like the NHL...7 on 7 flag football 2 x5 minute halves in preliminary games 2 x10 minute final NFC 4 teams/AFC 4Teams and the winning division gets to host the Super Bowl which will be drawn from the winning divisions 4 teams. To the NFL......... please send my check for this idea to PO Box Station "A" Toronto On Ca Just read your post after I created mine....I will split the check with you
  17. He is just mad they wasted the tank on Tua
  18. I think I would prefer a trip to a tropical paradise than to a giant amusement park in the middle of a desert Happy Hour is every hour in Vegas Stays buried in the desert
  19. Welcome aboard coach Does he get the Passing Game Co-Ordinator title as well?
  20. So if no one wants him again for the big $$$ does he sign here again for $2.5m?
  21. Blue Helmet White Jersey Red Pants Blue Socks J/K White Helmet,Blue Jersey,White pants Blue Socks FTW
  22. Man let it go Teller wasn't even making the team as the swing guard and is a better run blocker than pass blocker...in case you didn't notice the Browns are run first and the Bills are pass first. KB got fat and lazy then got hobbled by a knee injury or vice versa. I thought he could be a large target with a huge catch radius for Josh. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things Playoffs 4 of 5 years buys a lot of leeway in my books.
  23. I bet he dips it in ranch BTW aren't they "The Official Pizza Sponsor" of the NFL? Might be a league requirement to have one in all 32 cities
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