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  1. Lol at everyone saying TE. Clay was horrible last year.
  2. Some of us were born in western NY and moved here. Trust me, it's much better here than there.
  3. It definitely needs the upgrades. Remember that the Superdome also hosts things like Super Bowls, Final Fours, CFB National Championship games, ect. It's not like Buffalo where they can put it out in the burbs, New Orleans is surrounded by swamps and a giant lake and river, it has to be downtown. Tourists aren't going to stop going there because of a little higher tax.
  4. I hope you’re joking. Jackson is a long term project that may turn into a backup QB
  5. I have to admit that the RB in the 3rd and no WR seems odd to me. A 3rd round pick should be a starter or a highly contributing backup. I trust this administration though, they really seem to know what they are doing.
  6. Can’t believe that he doesn’t have to wear that metal elbow brace everywhere since the injury lasted like 8 years.
  7. Not what I expected. I thought it would be Ohio State guys with picks 1-17.
  8. I think Zay last year was working against opponents first and second corners. This year he will be matched against third and fourth corners. I think we will see a big difference.
  9. My opinion of Rodak is that even when he's just trying to report Bills news on ESPN, he seems to constantly put a negative spin on it. I don't ever agree with telling anyone to kill themselves because some people actually end up doing it. I also don't do twitter, it's poison.
  10. They definitely aren’t shy about going and getting players they think will help.
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