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  1. I don’t care about Green Bay or Detroit but I hate seeing refs decide games. Always seems to favor the “glory QBs”.
  2. The referees seem to serve the same purpose in both sports.
  3. They have those microphones that talk official to official. They give one to Belichick before each patriots game so they can ask him if the penalty against them should be called or not.
  4. They only put the rule in to pacify a whining fan base (Saints). They never had any intention of enforcing it.
  5. I’m going Garrett if they lose to New Jersey
  6. Good call. I was thinking that too.
  7. Probably hit the ground but you couldn’t actually SEE it hit the ground. NFL really wants that undefeated pats chiefs matchup.
  8. Couple of TB12 injections and he’s as good as new.
  9. Heard Schoop and Bulldog this evening do about 20 minutes on how Josh Allen isn’t nearly as good as Lamar Jackson. I guess they didn’t see Lamar’s playoff game last year where he didn’t complete a pass until the fourth quarter.
  10. I’m not an expert but I think after that first drive our D line was told to stay in their run lanes.
  11. A division win on the road should always inspire confidence.
  12. He better get injecting that TB12 needle in his veins. He’s looking pretty frail.
  13. You’re just being a troll. Or your dumb.
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