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  1. All the usual dudes who think they know football and post 50 times a day on here.
  2. Hopefully New Orleans and Nashville won't be close together. I can be at both.
  3. The best ability is availability. Sammy doesn’t have it.
  4. I’ll admit that I had to click on this thread to see who tf Jason Sanders was.
  5. While QB is the most important position in sports, you win as a team and you lose as a team. If your OLine plays poorly you’re not going anywhere no matter how good your QB is.
  6. He could always restructure for less money so they could sign better O-linemen. ( I bet he doesn't).
  7. More pressure on the QB will make our DB's look much better. We had the highest paid DL in the league and never got consistent pressure.
  8. I know we’re all saying it but why wasn’t it holding when it was against us?
  9. How many times will we see the preview for the new show where a 265 pound queen latifa runs people down and beats up like 6 dudes at a time?
  10. I've been interested in this as well. There is a very good chance that the Bills are the second best team in the NFL. The AFC was much better than the NFC this year and with the young QB's in the AFC, it may remain like that for a while.
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