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  1. Besides, what are the chances the weather report changes before Sunday?
  2. Haha. Cam looks like a mess. Hopefully next week he will be sitting on the bench with a towel over his head pouting like he is now.
  3. Not sure how the DB is allowed to ride Beasley out of bounds?
  4. Can’t let them hold the ball for 20+ minutes in the second half.
  5. Nothing to say anymore. The defense couldn’t stop a high school team.
  6. Nice stop but we can’t let every drive run 7 minutes off the clock.
  7. They pull a kicker off the street and he makes it and our draft pick kicker sucks.
  8. A little nervous about this one. Everyone is thinking we are going to roll them easily. I hope so.
  9. Has Pay Day Tre decided if he’s going to play or not yet?
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