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  1. I don’t think that your talent evaluation skills are as good as you think they are. I bet you’re one of the guys that always posts how stupid a team is for taking a guy in a certain round when you had the player rated differently on “YOUR BOARD”.
  2. Reading most of these posts is very enlightening. I was born and raised in Rochester, hence the reason I’m a Bills fan. I’ve lived in Mississippi most of my life. It’s funny how people in Buffalo make fun of all the “dumb rednecks” here while all the jobs have left western New York for places in the south. I come to Buffalo about 3 times a year and it becomes more of a dump every year but you just keep pretending how much better you are than others.
  3. I agree with you Kirby. Hopefully if he has to fill in for a few games if Josh gets hurt and he looks good, we could possibly flip him to a QB needy team for a first or second later.
  4. Some of you guys need to chill. You don’t start as a true freshman and then for three years at a major SEC program like Georgia and “suck”.
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