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  1. Southern Bills Fan

    Tim Graham Defends Mike Rodak. Says Bills Fans Treat Him Unfairly

    My opinion of Rodak is that even when he's just trying to report Bills news on ESPN, he seems to constantly put a negative spin on it. I don't ever agree with telling anyone to kill themselves because some people actually end up doing it. I also don't do twitter, it's poison.
  2. Southern Bills Fan

    Thoughts on the front office

    They definitely aren’t shy about going and getting players they think will help.
  3. Southern Bills Fan

    RB Frank Gore (Dolphins) to the Bills

    Can’t y’all see what a brilliant marketing ploy this is? 2019 Bills backfield sponsored by AARP.
  4. Southern Bills Fan

    Michael Bennett traded to Patriots

    A 33 year old DE who was getting released anyway? Big deal. Plus he's a racist pos.
  5. Southern Bills Fan

    Michael Bennett traded to Patriots

    Big deal. If this were 5 years ago when he was good then it would be something.
  6. Southern Bills Fan

    SI.com: Why Antonio Brown's Trade to the Bills Fell Through

    I believe that they already said they are out.
  7. Southern Bills Fan

    Should Ian Rapaport Be Drawn and Quartered?

    From what I read, the Steelers had to give permission to teams to talk to AB or his agent. The word is they were refusing to let anyone talk to him.
  8. Southern Bills Fan

    Should Ian Rapaport Be Drawn and Quartered?

    Everything he reported looks to be true. It got squashed by AB in the end.
  9. Southern Bills Fan

    Jason Witten returning to play for Cowboys

    Laughing at all you "experts" saying he needs the money or he's washed up. His last year was 63 rec 560 yards 5 td's. That's better than our $8 million TE that we just cut.
  10. Southern Bills Fan

    Free Agency Fool’s Gold

    I disagree about the Saints. They went 7-9 several years in a row because Brees was greedy and refused to restructure. They seem to stay competitive now because like New England, they do it with no name receivers. Come down here and bring up the name Jarius Byrd and see the reaction you get.
  11. Southern Bills Fan

    Who do you see as potential risers and fallers after the Combine?

    Interested in hearing how Ed Oliver interviews with teams. There were reports that he may be an attitude problem but it might have been the coach. Also Juwaan Taylor the tackle from Florida that many have mocked to us at 9, won't be participating in drills due to hamstring.
  12. Southern Bills Fan

    Steve Tasker is horrible on One Bills Live

    To be fair, trying to come up with 15 hours a week during the offseason is pretty difficult. I do agree that Murphy seems to think he knows everything and talks down to Tasker quite a bit.
  13. I'm interested in how you know how smart he is or isn't? Have you ever talked to him?
  14. Southern Bills Fan

    Kyler Murray officially chooses Football over Baseball

    Hopefully this will work to our advantage. Some team may fall in love with him at the combine and trade up with us.