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  1. We all know the reason that Lamar always gets hyped by the media and never gets one ounce of criticism.
  2. Marv was a hall of fame leader and motivator but unfortunately an average game day coach.
  3. Hopefully she'll actually be fair to the Bills. ESPN continually sends us guys who hate the team and are Pats* fans.
  4. What team is going to invest all those resources to make him the face of the franchise? His legal problems aren't settled yet and it would be a PR nightmare to bring him in.
  5. According to a business site, his net worth is 241,000,000. Green Bay has been pretty good to him.
  6. I love the Bills but I'm not killing anyone and going to jail for it. (Maybe a Pats* fan)
  7. How else can we pick out the one guy we think is good so we can come here and complain that he isn't getting enough playing time?
  8. Knox. Beane knows it, that's why he's not pulling the trigger on Ertz.
  9. Time to celebrate this great country. Have fun.
  10. I think it's a mistake to spend that kind of money on Ertz. His best years are behind him and he's less of a downfield threat than Knox and Hollister and he doesn't block. I trust Beane though and if he does trade for him I hope it works out.
  11. They were playing against Brady. Do you think the league wanted to miss out on a Mahomes vs Brady Super Bowl.
  12. Just when it seemed like Buffalo was on the way back. This is why good people leave for the south, most don't want to but are forced by the reality of New Yorks outrageous taxes and socialist policies. All Buffalo had to do was look 90 miles east to Rochester and see what electing someone like this will do to the city.
  13. I think they bash Josh because the Bills Mafia, more than any other fan base in sports, will react and flood their site with clicks and comments to tell them how wrong they are.
  14. I'll admit that I don't understand the cap at all. I don't even try to. Is there really a salary cap when some teams seem to always be up against it when other teams like the Chiefs pay Mahomes over 40 million a year and he counts 7 million against the cap? For years the WFT signed every big name free agent to huge contracts and never went over the cap. Why have a cap when teams can still sign whomever they wish?
  15. For those interested, the Sheraton on Canal Street has rooms for $134. Comes to $158 with tax for Thanksgiving night. Decent hotel, great location, good bar.
  16. Only an hour away. I've been looking forward to this one for a long time.
  17. All the usual dudes who think they know football and post 50 times a day on here.
  18. Hopefully New Orleans and Nashville won't be close together. I can be at both.
  19. The best ability is availability. Sammy doesn’t have it.
  20. I’ll admit that I had to click on this thread to see who tf Jason Sanders was.
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