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  1. They’ve been announced for a night game.
  2. Are they at least wearing bills hats while doing it?
  3. Carpenter has earned more playing time. I get why he was brought in but he can contribute much more than they’re allowing him. Gallo is lost right now. Bring up anybody that isn’t an automatic strike out.
  4. The bats barely show up and they still squeak out a split. Not pretty but I’ll take it.
  5. I don’t need to wonder, because I live here. Yankees 1 Mets and Red Sox are a close 2 and 3, Toronto 4. I would add Toronto has creeped up a little on the Mets/Red Sox, but that’s contingent on the Bisons, which is not a permanent Sabres/Amerks type relationship.
  6. Hairy Snatchez? I don’t think that’s an insult that works for a male. You can do better.
  7. Pretty much. Cashman showed with the Boone hire he wanted a guy he could dictate to…as opposed to work with. It’s the polar opposite of what we have in McBeane. If you see something in him then fine, give him Scranton and let him learn. If he doesn’t want that then you’d know he wasn’t serious about wanting to be a manager and learn the trade.
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