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  1. So...Tom Brady goes to Tampa, the next day their division rival’s head coach gets the Corona. 🧐
  2. It’s all about Josh’s growth at this point.
  3. Sbarro? They probably thought you were yelling at the pizza.
  4. I wonder how much of an upgrade they’d deem acceptable, I’d imagine it would take longer than an off-season. And if that were the case where would we play? Toronto? UB is too small. Carrier dome?
  5. I don’t agree with the still have to hit the pitch point. A huge part of being a big league hitter is recognizing pitches by spin, or making educated guesses based on pitch count, pitcher tendencies, etc. At that level most hitters can put bat to ball if they know exactly what’s coming. If this was valid why have signs at all? Just tell all batters what’s coming.
  6. As of former resident of Boston, I hate their fans more than I hate their QB
  7. When watching live the way he was lying there I thought he was hurt on the play.
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