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  1. They look like training camp jerseys complete with that front shoulder patch that looks like a sponsor at first glance.
  2. Well, the stadium IS built on an Indian burial ground you know. 🤫
  3. After hearing today’s news, it makes me think the thread title is something Odell Beckham Junior says often. 🤮
  4. I see what you’re saying but I don’t think the Joker would ever serve as a side judge type character to anyone. He is the main bad guy in the Batman canon. In the first Nolan movie they billed the scare crow as a side kick to Raus Algul (Spell?). The Joker was too “genius” and “evil”. He was never meant to be a side character. He’s the main guy.
  5. Towards the end I noticed that this is the first Batman movie that acknowledges he wears the eye makeup under the mask. Where the old ones it magically disappeared when he took the mask off. Small detail but it always bothered me for some reason. Nirvana was a cool touch as well. Also as far The Dark Knight Rises not being as good as The Dark Knight. Agreed but IIRC the plan was going to be Joker again as the main villain but obviously plans changed. So who knows what Nolan’s original vision for the conclusion would have been. It was a very good plan B.
  6. There’s a documentary about him on Netflix. I don’t remember the name unfortunately. He’s interviewed on it. IIrc he’s got a really weird tic where he can’t stop blinking. I listened to the podcast about him a few months ago. What a crazy story. The dating game part turns out to be the least interesting thing about him. That’s how nuts he is.
  7. So many organizations (not necessarily sports) are reactive. To see one that is proactive is impressive. And the fact that it’s the Bills lights a fire under my butt that this team is going somewhere.
  8. That Oakland game was nuts in the lots. We were parked in the main lot across Abbott from the stadium closer to Southwestern. I don’t have the best memory but I remember after the game there was a guy in full Ultimate Warrior Bills style going nuts and a car on fire. Lots of arrests in the lots too. Tables would have been minor leagues that day.
  9. He’s got bigger fish to fry, His viewership for wrestling in prime time is at an all time low and that is with pro sports gone. It’s going to get worse.
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