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  1. I loved the stare and dramatic hat flip off at the end.
  2. https://dailysnark.com/leaked-direct-messages-suggest-antonio-brown-is-being-extorted-with-fake-sexual-assault-claim/ My girlfriend found this. Never heard of daily snark but seems appropriate to share.
  3. I’m always worried and never confident. I’ll be worried when we play the fish. Luckily I’m not on the field.
  4. I would. Who has looked their best in a mugshot for sex with a minor? Amirite fellas?
  5. I was ready to be mildly annoyed until it was pointed out it’s for fantasy. Meh
  6. Sunglasses and a baggy shirt? We need better pics. Amazing what passes as journalism these days.
  7. One of the best things I’ve ever seen on television happened on FANtv. Simon and Jim Brinson were interviewing the Nasty Boys to promote some wrestling event. One of the Nasty boys ripped off Jim Brinson’s rug live on the air. Brinson tried to laugh it off but was visibly horrified. After the commercial the rug was back in place but off just a little bit. Unfortunately I think that little piece of TV gold is lost forever.
  8. The more bills tv content the better. Reminds me of the empire sports network days.
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