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  1. Your presentation needs some work
  2. She must play a mean rusty trombone. 🎶 😮💥
  3. Wrong. We started wearing the white throwback standing bison helmets again when jp Losman was the qb. This was still when we were wearing our red helmets as the regular. Hence, no rule. The one helmet started in 2013 according to a quick google search.
  4. This is a good point. How about a compromise? Maybe...”The WFT formerly known as the Redskins”. 🙌
  5. What about doctorates in sarcasm?
  6. You’re a doctor and you only donated $25? Cheap bastard.
  7. He was also specifically asked about the wind. It wasn’t like he went up there looking for an excuse why they lost.
  8. He was also really gracious in his post game presser.
  9. This D is pathetic. It’s got to be a shut out next week or you have to fire Frazier.
  10. I heard in a podcast Bienemy is a really bad interview and his past issues may be coming into play. (Apparently some kind of sexual misconduct).
  11. Avp’s mask making his ear look like chewed bubblegum is driving me nuts.
  12. It wouldn’t matter. We all know Ben isn’t good at taking no for an answer.
  13. Your avatar.... I paused the tv and took a picture of that guy as well. Great minds 😂😂😂.
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