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  1. Gotta love that Shanahan said he would be surprised if they pick up Mayfield.
  2. What kind of collusion is this?! There has to be some sort of weird back door handshake happening here.
  3. Who would’ve known that planting a few cotton seeds in Firebaugh would lead to this over 200 years later.I’m so glad I had that foresight.
  4. As an admitted non-professional in the medical field, I have done a deep dive analysis on his tumble. It appears that his spleen spontaneously combusted as he was running. Very dangerous stuff.
  5. I just always forget to take into account the fact that Edmunds is still only 18 years old…
  6. Third week in a row of riding my bike during the game and watching it afterwards. It’s going to kill me to keep doing this because I love watching live football. But, for you good people I will make the sacrifice.
  7. Well I would run 500 miles and I would run 500 more Just to be the man who’d run 1000 miles to watch Stefon Diggs score…
  8. I thought it was 4 PM the day before the game. Aren’t they usually announced on Saturdays when it’s a Sunday game?
  9. I know that it’s generally not in a teams best interest to pay attention to such things, but I wouldn’t hate this as inspirational bulletin board fodder. Dawson, Gabe, Motor, Cook, and McKenzie need to each step up their game. This is the same squad that was looking like an incredibly talented offense earlier this year, and in the playoffs and at the end of last year. There’s no reason that losing two players, both on the back end of their career, should make this a far less talented offense.
  10. That’s a true gamblers mentality. The man of logic doubles their bets and keeps the money. Since I’m an idiot, I would throw six times the amount at it, and hope that I win way more and lose a wife in the process…
  11. Add in Hines who is a slot WR in this O as much as a RB.
  12. What happened to that guy called Jordan Phillips? I had high expectations after week, one and the pressure he was putting on. Also, Tim settle has been underwhelming. Completely underwhelming. I would love to see Shaq on the interior as well, but he is needed as an end right now, due to the complete lack of DE’s they have.
  13. I need to have an attitude more like yours. When they lose it will be easier on my heart. I expect them to win every game and get worked up when they don’t. I don’t see that as blind homerism, but finding a perspective that doesn’t tell me they are the best team every week would help..
  14. Kyler Murray and Zach Wilson have the same life coach.
  15. If there was a week that screams RedZone, this is it. No early games appear to be worth watching. The 9ers/fins and Chiefs/Bengals will be though..
  16. As I did last Sunday, I went on a long bike ride during the game on Thursday and watched it when I got home. I will continue this pattern until it fails. Night riding isn’t my favorite, but I will have to do so on Thursday.
  17. I believe the mic picked up “I missed Black Friday doorcrashers for this?!”
  18. Sounds like you need something to nibble on…pizza shooters, shrimp poppers or extreme fajitas?
  19. That seems to be the case. Van rotten seems to have moved his way out of the back up center position.
  20. I think that maybe overstating the obvious. He has been the best offensive lineman on the team without a doubt. One muffed snap notwithstanding.
  21. I still don’t think we have seen stadium renderings. Those two drawings that we saw a few weeks back weren’t really renderings that offer any detail whatsoever.
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