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  1. Didn’t consider them, but they should put their best foot forward
  2. “This is not the way” -Brandon Beane
  3. But, in the tricycles defense, it had two riders last year who only had rode unicycles before. So, they knew nothing about tricycles whatsoever. The new Rider is a seasoned tricycle rider. They know exactly how to manage a tricycle in the way you would expect…..by cheating
  4. I was thinking the same thing, Jordan Phillips was his teammate, but not Shaq Lawson
  5. I want to see an offense that has opposing defensive coordinators up all week Trying to figure out how to game plan for it. That combo right there would do the trick.
  6. I think there’s a difference between another receiver, and an all pro receiver. The Bills may not need another body, but they sure could use an elite one.
  7. I used to live in Whistler British Columbia, and he was a volunteer snow host who guides people around the mountain. Really nice guy actually.
  8. …if he legally changes his name to William…
  9. As punishment, I sentence you to review all 254 pages and write a detailed summary.
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