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  1. A really nice breakdown of how our 2 starting LB's are working together ...
  2. Yep No Diggs or Dirty for much of the second half too. It looked better in the first 2 weeks let’s see if it’s atleast improved over a larger sample size. Again with Cook, Dirty and Crowder added it should be as compared to last season. Hopefully we don’t see a post hurricane weather bowl this weekend Vs Baltimore like some are reporting or it could be more of that approach their defense will attempt.
  3. Overall- Agreed. He’s also smarter reading defenses than Cam and can thrive as a pocket passer. Playing with 3 freshman O linemen in and sun fatigue will hinder our options in any game just remember that too
  4. Most time outs are not optional when players fail in their assignments, or because like 4 of them on the field are completely inexperienced at their position and role due to a mass of injuries. That has zero to do with my point. Awesome point
  5. How about this? All of the dim wits that think McD is even making his “ game day decisions” by himself, raise your hands. He’s literally got a team of people in his ear for every type of situation that may arise whether it be a challenge, a 4th down decision, a clock management decision, and more. The Bills have one if I not the largest employee representation in their analytics department in the league. Does he still make the final call and does he go with his gut sometimes? Absolutely. But man o man people learn about how your own supposed favorite team operates before stuffing an agenda down everyone’s throat.
  6. Ahh ok I get you now. Yes then I would likely concur
  7. Ehh not with ya totally man on the Rams game, but I get what you’re trying to say and of course man I watch every game multiple times. I think just based on our previous interactions alone you already know that, but ehh. I watch one live and one condensed play back Then I watch film reviews in addition. And I of course watch the rest of the league too. I’m an Absolute football junkie. Odd statement for you to make about me but whatever man. You’re comparing him to typical QBs I get it. He was out there having fun running dudes over in the Rams game. He cannot be equated to the typical hit damage taken by other qbs. Getting hit when standing in the pocket is the only thing I worry about with Joshy boy. He’s farm strong. Head shots and things like that aside HE is the one out there delivering the blows. With that said I DID find it odd that he was free wheeling out there in the Rams game mid to late in the 4th I’m just not all in on the overall concern there even from last year. Again with that, it’s the games where he took shots in the pocket that concern me much more. I am aware of the lower ypa yesterday due to our blitz adjustments and whatnot. The lower ypa wasn’t there in the other 2 games so it’s dependent on the defense we face of course. I agree on the low Rac represented last season and visually that has improved thus far this year overall. Yesterday, down 3 o linemen and Diggs and Dirty at times makes the whole game tough to evaluate. I do feel like when Cook gets up to speed he will help in that area. Plus it’sa fact that both Dirty and Crowder provide more Rac potential than Bease did. Josh will need to adjust his physical nature in his career but not for some time to come, maybe by 30-31 I’d imagine.
  8. Did you mean "Going to" take a beating this year? That would make more sense to me because there were no beatings of Allen in week 1 and 2 beyond the typical contact he got here and there when he ran. Today was a beating for sure but between the heat and being down 3 lineman and multiple targets it was an off the rails game example.
  9. Its been pretty clear the last few meetings that BB respects the heck out of JA and his game. There is no chance in hell he would take Jones over Allen. Literally zero %. He may be an older coach but he hasn't lost his marbles!
  10. Way too many backups out there on both D AND O now to put this on anything but that.
  11. respectfully I'll ask you to further examine her catalogue for the oomph factor! Here's one - (more oomph than any country song if you listen through) Bonus - thats all her on guitar for all her songs. She is SLICK! Regarding Taylor I'll check out the documentary! My ex-wife's uncle in Nashville is actually the VP of the agency she was initially signed with. side note: I'll be performing some good ole' grateful dead tomorrow evening at a local craft brewery venue
  12. Check out Madison Cunningham (seriously, not trying to compare or debate I just try to share this with as many as I possibly can)
  13. Your points are well taken but its just a fact that you can be louder standing. Its how humans were built.That was my only point. And that should be the reason folks would be standing if at all (I agree that many just stand there silently even when we're on defense:) ) I am totally with the whole being conscious and respectful to those around you thing! Always. As a general rule, we just sit on O and stand on D. That's all.
  14. The same people keep “ laughing” at the presentation of the science behind standing projection. Flat Earthers? Describing why standing makes sense AT THE RIGHT TIME seams reasonable to me and not overly funny. Idk
  15. I sit down always when we're on offense (unless its a score or big play, but then I sit right back down) and I always stand when we're on D. Simple as that. If there is someone behind me that seems to not be able to stand at all for whatever reason, I try to accommodate them. And yes by the way, it does make a difference when standing up if you're going to be screaming your head off trying to help get the opposing offense to false start or have trouble hearing audibles. Why?, because the diaphragm and lung expansion and your ability to project vocally increases when standing. This is why choir singers typically stand and musical stage performers (which I do on weekends) who sing typically stand. Its just science. Folks can look it up if they like. (someone laughed at that point earlier but its true) There are zero reasons to stand up while your team is on offense outside of quick celebrations. "The standing position also assists in good singing technique. Breathing from your diaphragm rather than from your chest will maximize the amount of air you can get into your lungs. This in turn will let you get the maximum amount of power and strength from your voice, and to control it with minimum effort. Standing allows for full movement of the diaphragm, whereas sitting can squash it and restrict its movement." https://www.smartrapper.com/is-it-better-to-sit-or-stand-while-recording-rap-vocals/ , https://coolcommunicator.com/how-to-project-your-voice/ , https://standdesk.co/blogs/news/how-standing-up-when-you-record-your-voice-improves-your-presence , https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voice_projection , - Facts
  16. I agree. Blitz very little but we need to get middle pressure from the D-line. Flood the middle zones with coverage and force him to go to the outside throws.
  17. Whole lotta points in this one I don't necessarily agree with/ aren't quite accurate but that's fine - I really like to read the reports just the same and appreciate the effort you take and am glad you enjoyed the game! We were so hyped by the Bruce/Jim/Levy combo intro. That crowd was rockin' big time! The noise usually dissipates once it gets up to 335 where we are, but it sure didn't on Monday night!
  18. Point those people to the expert film reviewers. Film doesn't lie and they aren't wrong about him. It's available for all of us to see, whether we think WE know or not. I also really REALLY gotta laugh at those that say they aren't surprised he's playing better because of a contract year! LMAO. I spit out beverages on my monitor when I see that. Like what???? Have you followed this team like at all??? He isn't one of THOSE A-Holes, he's ALL about team and humility and hard work and not a spotlight guy, not shallow. seriously wtf? Will his price become too high for the Bills next year??? Its certainly quite possible! But has his play improved immensely? Resoundingly, YES!
  19. 40 plus MPH winds like the home NE game last season.
  20. I was gonna say... If I am judging their complete games, Elam was better in coverage Monday night than Benford was and he tackled well too. Not sure why the convo needs to be "Is Benford better than Wallace". Elam is the guy thats going to progress more with his talent base. Its a wonderful bonus that Benford is a ready made zone player and a great find for us!
  21. Lots of good coverage relevant to this discussion. Its funny the fiery debates that occur here when this validated source (validated by real NFL players joining the show at times and agreeing on their film review based assessments) paints the picture very clearly, time and time again. Yet folks still think they know better somehow, incredibly.
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