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  1. I posted this in another thread, Ian Rapoport is reporting today that the Ravens have stated that they are committed to Lamar Jackson as their franchise QB and will begin working on long term deal when season is over. I can’t figure out the link, if you don’t believe me just Google it.
  2. Ian Rapoport is reporting that the Ravens have said they are committed to Lamar Jackson and will begin working on a long term deal when the season is over.
  3. When Eisenhower was President a religious cabinet member proposed they start every meeting with a prayer. The next meeting started without the prayer, which lead Eisenhower to say “we forgot the GD prayer!”.
  4. Saw on Twitter that Dolphins fans are blaming their problem and Tua’s concussions on Milano. You know “the back injury”. Milano pushed Tua with one hand on his shoulder, his head didn’t appear to hit the turf that hard. Something more is going on with Tua. No one even noticed this last concussion, again his head didn’t appear to hit the turf that hard.
  5. Except “All the Jets need is a QB.” isn’t that easy. There isn’t 32 people in the world that can play that position competently. In any given NFL season there are a handful of great QBs, a handful of good, a bunch of game managers and some guys that are bad. If it were easy to find a good QB every would have one. Sure you can win with one of the guys that fall into good or game manager category, but you have to have very good players around them. Jets aren’t that team yet.
  6. You seem to be missing the point, it is about money and winning. The NFL is a business. It entertains us. We pay for it. Whether Jackson is a running back or a quarterback is not the point. Winning is what pays. If an NFL owner thinks Jackson can win they will pay him. Haslam paid a quarter of a billion to a sexual devient. Wilson thinks he’s a celebrity that really doesn’t need football and yet he got paid. When you own a franchise I’m sure you will make better decisions than the 32 billionaires that own NFL franchises. But the fact remains you are not one of those 32 and one of them will pay Lamar Jackson hundreds of millions whether he has an agent or not.
  7. So what do you think? That Jackson will be out of the league next year? Or is it more likely that some billionaire owner will give him a huge fully guaranteed contract? Yeah he’s the dolt.
  8. I find no solace, nor do I revel in anyone’s trials and tribulations, except of course Brady and Belichick.
  9. I need to apologize, I knew who you ment. Chargers no longer in San Diego,
  10. Was there controversy over whether to build a dome? Doesn’t seem like a bad idea, maybe downtown.
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