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  1. How do you do that list and leave off Willie Totten? Come on man! I stopped after Charles Clay.
  2. No he should not change positions. That being said I hope the Bills keep him, his size sets him apart from the guys he’s competing against. None of those guys make that TD catch.
  3. I was about to post the same thing. It was more like a bad twenty years.
  4. What was the name of the guy that made that trade for Hughes?
  5. If you can’t have a dish or don’t get a signal you can still get Sunday Ticket. https://www.tomsguide.com/us/get-sunday-ticket-without-directv,review-3811.html
  6. I’m confused, a week ago wasn’t Ray Ray the darling of camp? Now he is going to the practice squad or getting cut?
  7. I think he meant that it is Daboll’s call as to who makes the on field call, the center or the QB.
  8. The point is that Nelson, a starting guard in the NFL got pushed around by Oliver, a rookie playing in his first NFL game. No hyperbole needed.
  9. I had to set it up with reports on Dolphins and Jets.
  10. Just watched Patriots’ game and have determined that from the owner to the water boy, they are a bunch of cheating, whiny, lying, mother hating, douchebags.
  11. Just watched Jets, Giants, not really much to see. Darnold had nice drive, as did Jones. Starters didn’t play long. No Barkley and no Bell, not much in the way of a running game. Jets secondary looks ruff.
  12. I just watched Phin’s game. Rosen had some good some bad moments. Undrafted WR Preston Williams was a highlight reel. Dolphin’s OL is bad, Fitz is going to get killed. Really sloppy game, a lot of penalties. Number 16 on the Dolphins needs to find another line of work, he signaled fair catch when no one was within ten yards twice.
  13. Well that would explain invisibility of TE. Are they just trying to get more looks at WRs? Maybe spots 3 and 4 aren’t as written in stone as some think. Or maybe the plan was to practice that formation.
  14. I’m still not convinced Zay is anything, he heard footsteps and flat out dropped that ball. I hope they don’t keep him just because they drafted him. Shaq is better than Trent. Defense is going to be good and has depth. Offensive line will be better, but it would have to be. Still worried about center. Was it just me or were TE invisible?
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