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  1. There’s no crying in football! I like Beane and McDermott, I think they are both sincere, I don’t see any arrogance.
  2. Thanks good write up. I think they signed both Gore and Yeldon because they knew that McCoy was done. They were going to try and trade him, if not then cut him. Which is what happened, both of them are as good as gone.
  3. What if a rookie WR forgets he’s now in the NFL, he catches the ball falls down untouched, he stands and flips ball to official that lets it hit the ground, no whistle. Is it a fumble or was the assumption to be his “intent” was to give himself up?
  4. He never knelt, he put his hands out to his sides indicating to his teammates that he was not coming out, he caught it, but did not kneel. He then tried to flip it to the ref who knew it was still a live ball, so he did not catch it. Why did the alternate officials become involved? Aren’t they there as “alternates” in case of injury? They are not officiating unless they replace someone.
  5. I agree, however the greater question is why in hell did you become a Bills fan in 1968? That team stunk.
  6. Thanks, the “Frank Gore Infatuation” has been infuriating. The good news is we won’t have to worry about that next season. The most interesting observation is the offense not fitting Allen, the offense has to be built around him, I hope they are smart enough to recognize that. That being said the Bills are about where I expected them to be, probably even better. Yes they should have put the Texans away, that’s been a problem all year, I’m blaming it on coaches. The Bills never quit, the fourth down stop and the drive to tie was exciting. It took a spectacular play that should have been a sack to beat them. I enjoyed this season, this team and discussing it with all of you.
  7. I’m thinking big pot of meatballs for after the win. I’m too nervous during to eat.
  8. Funny that he mentions “playoff jitters” for Carson, but not for Josh. As for the Bills, Texans, he basically says Bills defense will be up to the task and Texans will not. I hope he’s right.
  9. Heard they also reached out to Don Coryell.
  10. Guess the Dolphins will be looking for a “water bug” type running back.
  11. Duke Williams is still on the team? The safety they drafted like five years ago? Has he been converted to WR?
  12. My brother thinks a win today is important, he feels going into the playoffs on a two game losing streak would be bad. I don’t think it matters. What do you think?
  13. I was at that game. It was the beginning of the end for that era.
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