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  1. chris heff

    Tackle at #9, Dawkins to LG

    The road to anything goes through New England. You beat Brady with a four and five man rush with pressure up the middle. If there is a guy available at 9 that excels at that, take him.
  2. chris heff

    Tackle at #9, Dawkins to LG

    Of course he’s a back up Feliciano is 73 and blind for God sake!
  3. chris heff

    Texans sign QB McCarron to back up Watson

    It always amazes me that there is not 32 people on the planet that can competently play QB in the NFL.
  4. chris heff

    How did you become a Bills fan?

    My father had season tickets from the start. Went to a lot of games at the Old Rock Pile.
  5. chris heff

    NFL.com Bucky Brooks 2019 Mock Draft Version 3.0

    No, John Oliver the comedian, apparently he’s a good locker room guy with a high motor.
  6. chris heff

    Bortles signs with the Rams

    That may be, but the fact remains that Rosen was touted as the possible number one pick could one year later get traded for a third.
  7. chris heff

    Bortles signs with the Rams

    I’m amazed at not just how wrong we can be about QBs, but how wrong people paid to evaluate these guys can be just as clueless. I was all in on EJ and defended him for way too long. People on this site have extolled the virtues of the likes of Bortles, Barkley, Hackenberg, and Rosen who may well get traded for a third round pick. It’s one thing for us to be wrong, but people whose job it is remains head scratching.
  8. chris heff

    Ed Oliver to visit Buffalo

    You guys are making more out of the jacket thing than Applewhite. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2018/11/16/top-nfl-prospect-ed-oliver-houston-coach-major-applewhite-got-into-an-in-game-argument-over-coat/?utm_term=.08faa4f16a43
  9. chris heff

    Stefon Diggs being traded to Washington? Likely no

    Apparently not true. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2826081-nfl-trade-rumors-stefon-diggs-not-going-to-redskins-despite-brothers-ig-post
  10. chris heff

    Roster Concerns Prior to Draft

    I used to think the same thing until it was pointed out you have to factor in value. For example if the biggest need is OT, except four are already off the board do you reach, or trade down? The inverse is also true.
  11. chris heff

    AJ McCarron cut by Raiders

    Has AB changed positions? Is he a D-back now?
  12. chris heff

    What is fair trade value for Clowney?

    That is interesting and probably true, but wouldn’t that increase the value of a good pass rushing DT? Shortest distance is a straight line.
  13. Jack Kemp, he won two championships.
  14. chris heff

    Anybody know if Ansah has left town yet???

    I’m at my usual post in the bushes outside Pegula’s house in Boca, nothing to report.
  15. chris heff

    AJ McCarron cut by Raiders

    Except of course for the fact that he signed McCarron to begin with. The QB situation going into last season exclusive of drafting Allen was idiotic.