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  1. He was with the Vikings it was 2010.
  2. Bart was pretty good at the 2nd and inches bomb.
  3. So true, I once read War and Peace in the original Russian and I don’t speak Russian.
  4. What possessed you to become a Bills fan in the late 1960s? They were just dreadful.
  5. What? I thought drinking was a prerequisite to posting.
  6. Apparently they rarely do injury settlements with vets. I wasn’t really clear on how that works. It is concerning to put it mildly that he immediately re-injured that foot.
  7. Is an injury settlement considered being cut?
  8. I think the problem with KB was lack of effort. What I read was that they saw success with WR with physical abilities like speed. From what I’ve read about Duke Williams is that his physical ability is his strength. He appears to play with nastiness. He is going to be interesting to watch in camp.
  9. Did Kroft have surgery on that foot last year? What is the prognosis? I know he’s out for 3-4 months. Is he a candidate for an injury settlement?
  10. Kyle was 6’ 1” 303 pounds, when you’re up around 300 pounds does 16 pounds make that much difference?
  11. I’m not sure if there are positions where they got worse, but there are some that are “wait and see”. All I can think of as to Clay is him not making an effort on what would have been a game winning touchdown, even I know that when your QB is scrambling receivers are supposed to come back to him. Not sure they are worse at TE, we shall see. So correct me if I’m wrong and I’m sure you will, but isn’t Lotulelei’s job unglamorous? Isn’t he supposed to keep blockers occupied? Meaning keep guys off Edmunds. Kyle Williams will be missed for a lot of reasons, but we don’t know what Ed Oliver brings, but it’s not like the position wasn’t addressed. As to the OL, if all they did was add Morse they would have to be better, but that isn’t all they did. RB? Was McCoy’s slide a result of age or bad OL? Is Gore better than Ivory? What does Yeldon bring? Can Singletary play against this level of competition? We shall see, but sure feels better than last year. WR? It could not possibly be worse than last year. I could keep going, but you get my drift.
  12. Thought this was going to be about Tommy Tedesco from Niagara Falls and the band he played with.
  13. Winning translates to ticket sales, television ratings and advertising sales. All of those things are acutely connected. Lose and you lose your job, because it affects revenue.
  14. All of them get paid by dollars generated by entertainment, if your premise is correct the coaches should do their job for free.
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