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  1. You and I are the same age, so I’ve been watching football as long as you. If yesterday’s game were played in 1958 they wouldn’t have shown guys collapsing on the sidelines. The game is safer today.
  2. “Mind on my money, money on my mind ”
  3. I have no proof of this, but I still think it was the heat. Strenuous exercise in that heat will give you a headache, make you dizzy and disoriented. Put that all together and they have to put him on the protocol.
  4. Thanks, knew I was forgetting somebody. I think he is likely back.
  5. Any suggestions on what to do until then? I fixed everything during the pandemic, stuff that I ignored for 20 years.
  6. When do we get an actual injury report? I’m assuming Phillips is out and probably Benford and Kumerow. I’d be really happy if Poyer, Morse and Jackson were back. I think everyone else was heat related, am I missing anyone?
  7. I’m don’t believe that is correct. I’ve lived here for 30 plus years, this summer has been hottest I can remember and it’s not just me, everyone I know feels the same. Yesterday it was hot, humid with no breeze.
  8. I’ve been in that stadium in November sitting in the sun and it was unbearable. It was much hotter here yesterday than it was during that November game. I don’t think players should be subjected to that whether NFL or college. Guys having to get multiple IVs is just wrong. Some may remember Korey Stringer, Vikings lineman that died from heat stroke. After that incident the NFL put protocols in place for practices. Why are these not applicable to games? Why no shade on visitors side? Why no air conditioned tents? Do you think that the technology doesn’t exist to cool the field? I’ve read that the Bills new stadium’s field will be heated. I’m afraid it’s going to take another death before the NFL and NCAA to react. That game became so painful just to watch I wanted them to walk off and forfeit. If a team can refuse to take the field because the condition of the turf will endanger players (I think it was the Raiders at the Vet in Philly), why isn’t the same true for weather conditions?
  9. Bostons? There are not really any bad neighborhoods in Delray anymore.
  10. Since I’m guessing you don’t actually live on a Death Star , in what utopian paradise do you reside?
  11. How about medical research? University of Miami Jackson Memorial, University of Florida Scripps Biomedical Research and the Mayo Clinic Neurology and Neurosurgery in Jacksonville, you should give them a call.
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