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  1. I don’t understand what the point is with guys like Wade. If the league is really trying to expand the talent pool and league popularity let these guys dress, but be exempt from the 53. At least then you could give them some reps even if it is just garbage time.
  2. Is 116 yards per game production from platooned RBs bad?
  3. I’d like them to each get 1000 yards.
  4. I’m okay with either Sherman or Gaines. I can’t get past Norman getting destroyed by Derrick Henry.
  5. We often hear about coverage sacks. You are correct the inverse of coverage sack is also true.
  6. Or how about the 1971 1-13 campaign?
  7. Really? Shall I recap 1968 for you? 1-12-1 only win was over the Jets.
  8. I like the draft being a three day event, yes the production can be annoying (see commissioner’s leather chair), but it is less tedious that the Saturday marathon used to be. I watched NFL Network live (mostly) and recorded ESPN and ABC, only watched Bills picks on the latter two. Before Bills first pick Mel Kiper said Allen had to be both QB and RB, which tells me he never watched Bills. Since we actually watched the Bills you will recall that after about the forth game Allen pretty much stopped running the ball. Kiper also said Allen was like a single wing QB, which shows how little he knows
  9. Epenesa had a weird year, no OTAs, no training camp, lost weight, gained weight, he got better as year went on. Rousseau throwing around 300 pound guards when he was 19 isn’t nothing. He could be disruptive lining up inside on occasion. Basham is more ready to contribute. He retired
  10. I thought Lamp had rough rookie year, 2018, down the depth chart after minor knee surgery. Followed by a broken leg in 2019. Last year he started all 16 games.
  11. So you don’t think Rousseau or Basham will contribute this year?
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