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  1. If you had asked me before this post what position I was least worried about, I would have said WR. You all have upset me so much I’ll now spend my days searching the waiver wire (is that even still a thing?). Damn you! Damn you all to hell!
  2. I was at that game, knew it was over for that Bills team. Other than that game, like you, I rooted for that Chief’s team. “Leonard” could certainly “matriculate” the ball down the field.
  3. Remember when people thought Barley would be the number 1 pick in the draft.
  4. This has nothing to do with anything, but I was at a Jefferson Airplane concert at SU when some idiot stole Ernie Davis’s Heisman Trophy. It was on display at Manley Field House. It was later returned.
  5. Changed from white helmet to red helmet in the 1980s for a stupid reason, let the red helmet stay dead.
  6. Dare we say a hyper-extension?
  7. Instead of Uber I come here for that. So instead of taking a photo, out of concern for Mr. Kilcore’s feelings, you thought you would tell this group of people?
  8. How will we know what additional information was used in the writing of the book?
  9. I’ll read Sullivan and others out of curiosity. It’s not like it costs me anything other than time. I love reading about the Bills for better or for worse. I haven’t lived in Buffalo for a long time, pre-internet I’d buy newspapers to read three sentences about the Bills. If you think Jerry Sullivan is “The biggest douche bag in the world.” You need to get out more.
  10. Sullivan has made a career out of being a pessimist. He calls himself skeptical, but I don’t think he ever believed in the Bills. It wasn’t exactly going out on a limb being pessimistic about the Bills and Sabres over the last few decades. I prefer to be optimistic probably to a faulty. I find it too exhausting to be pessimistic. Being skeptical is at times prudent and not as exhausting. In this article Sullivan has six points only two have some validity, “Is the defense as good as its record?” and “Is Sean McDermott a Super Bowl head coach?”. The defense was good when playing with a lead, the run defense was at times terrible. The interior of that line needs to be better, hopefully the new additions will help that. McDermott has to own that “13 seconds”, that was bad coaching. We can try and place blame elsewhere, but that’s obfuscation. I like McDermott, but he has to win the big one.
  11. Is the new stadium going to be a dome? Has anyone thought about this or discussed it?
  12. I saw Namath play a lot, that team that won the Super Bowl was a very good team. Later in his career Jets were not good. Namath’s biggest problem was injuries. He was in the league for 12 years, I think he only played 6 or 7 full seasons. His career and stats in today’s NFL would be very different.
  13. The merger was announced on June 8 1966, Super Bowl III was played two and a half years later. Namath being drafted by and subsequently signing with the Jets had more to do with the merger than that game did.
  14. If you watch the documentary series Full Color Football the merger had more to do with the Giants poaching Pete Gogolak than it did Namath. That move set off a wave of players being signed and changing leagues. NFL owners did not want a bidding war for players.
  15. Both you and bmur66 should give your theory a try, take a football helmet or a bat, find a cop and take a swing at someone. You don’t have to connect, just take a swing. See what happens.
  16. I thought this was going to be about the guy averaging 80 yard punts or something.
  17. It makes no difference what the cause was in this case or in the Garrett incident. The second that helmet was swung at another person it became a weapon. If any of us did that to a person we would be arrested for assault. It is the same in the Gronkowski attack on Tre White.
  18. And the current stadium is a palace compared to te Rock Pile. In the late 60s the Bills were bad, so bad weather late season games were far from capacity. I swear I remember people breaking up seats and starting fires. Burning the place wasn’t that big of a deal since everybody knew we were getting a new dome in Lancaster.
  19. Setting aside the who is better than whom discussion, the title of this thread gave me a thought. Let’s add a name to the stadium, Yeates Field at Highmark Stadium. Named after Cardinal O’Hara great Jeff Yeates, drafted out of Boston College by the Bills in the fourth round of 1973 draft, spent three years with the Bills, eight years with Falcons. Just a thought.
  20. Ah the “good old days”! I went to a lot of games at the Old Rock Pile. On cold windy days it sucked, nowhere to hide, I swear it was windy in the restrooms. I’ll take sheltered heated seats any day.
  21. Oh my God! A fat offensive lineman! Stop the presses! (For those that don’t understand this reference, back in olden times presses were used to print things called newspapers, if there was was shocking or breaking news they would stop printing to add new incredible news) One week, just one more week
  22. Now a done deal, Mayfield to Panthers for 2024 conditional pick.
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